Look at the Leaves

Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan’s upper peninsula.

Tomorrow, October 3, is Look at the Leaves Day! Not that we need a day set aside to look at beautiful fall leaves, but it’s nice to have the reminder to focus on the beauty of nature. Two of my favorite leaf viewing areas? The upper peninsula of Michigan (I’m a Michigan girl so this is a particular favorite) and Tarrytown, NY, particularly the area around Sleepy Hollow Cemetery–it’s beautiful and a bit spooky! Here in North Carolina, our leaves haven’t started to change yet. We’ll hit our peak around Halloween.

Help little ones look at leaves with this mini poster resource and a leaf recording page!

Where do you like to view the beauty of fall?




Click here for the leaf identification mini poster. It comes in color and black and white!







Click here for the leaf recording page!



3 thoughts on “Look at the Leaves

  1. When I lived in Missouri, the trees along the highway between Jefferson City and Columbia were absolutely beautiful. Many people would pull off the highway to take photos.

  2. Thanks so much for these. I have a student obsessed with leaves and tree identification right now and his enthusiasm is catchy.

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