Life-Cycle Booklet Bonanza!

What do a butterfly, a goose, a frog, and a chicken all have in common? Each one starts out as an egg! You knew that, didn’t you? Well perhaps this is more newsworthy—did you know you can get your hands on a life-cycle booklet activity for each of these critters at It’s true! In fact, you can grab even more life-cycle worksheets and booklets for even more critters. How about a bee, an alligator, a ladybug, a dragonfly—well, you get the idea! To get the mother lode of life-cycle teaching resources, CLICK HERE. To go directly to one of the following projects, click the provided link.

Happy teaching (and happy spring)!


Fabulous Frogs 

Peep, Peep! Cluck, Cluck!

Fluttering Butterfly

Life Cycle of a Goose


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