Let’s Make Snowflakes!

December 27 is a random “holiday”—Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day! It seems like a good idea to me, particularly if you’re on winter break and have kids at home who need an activity. To give your snowflake crafts extra pizzazz, try this idea that uses coffee filters and water-soluble markers!

Help a child fold a coffee filter into fourths. (Older children might want to fold their filters into sixths.) Next, encourage her to snip pieces from the folded filter. Have her unfold the filter and then place the resulting snowflake on a piece of waxed paper. Instruct her to color the snowflake with water-soluble markers. Then have her mist her work with water and watch the colors run together. When the snowflake is dry, have her glue it to a sheet of construction paper. Lovely!

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