Learning so Sizzling It’s Cool! Win a Book

I swear, I felt like I could melt when I stepped outside today. Dashing from my air-conditioned workplace to my baking car, I ticked off in my head learning resources that are as hot as the parking lot blacktop on a July day. Let me tell you, these goodies sizzle enough to be cool!

A Tiger Tail

Post a comment to this blog no later than 11:59 pm EDT on July 24, 2016, to tell me which of the items below would be cool for your students. From the comments, I’ll randomly select one teacher to win A Tiger Tail (Or What Happened to Anya on Her First Day of School). You’ll have it in time to use on your first day of school!  (Update: congratulations to Betsy, who is the winner of our prize.)


Chapter Book Challenge

As the summer heats up, let kids know how they can keep reading hot. With the Chapter Book Challenge, students download a reading tracker and earn gold medals for chapters they’ve read. Plus join the Junie B. Jones Reading Club for a chance to win a library of Junie B. books. The deadline to enter is July 18. Click here to see the details.


Illumination Light Table

Light up students’ curiosity with this illumination light tablet. It has adjustable LED lights and is easy to set up and store. Use if for tracing, x-rays, leaves, Prism Bricks, and other translucent items. The surface fits up to an 11” x 17” sheet of paper, and the unit can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. Check it out here.


C-SPAN ClassroomThe 2016 presidential campaign is bound to be a hot topic when kids return to school. This electoral college map poster is free for all C-SPAN Classroom members—and membership to C-SPAN Classroom is free too! Use the poster to jump-start discussions and a variety of lessons for all grade levels. The next group of posters will be mailed the first week of August. Sign up here.


Don’t forget to tell me which of these items would be cool for your school for a chance to win the book!


PS: You can always find free materials and activities plus chances to win valuable classroom prizes at LearningMagazine.com. Visit today!

31 thoughts on “Learning so Sizzling It’s Cool! Win a Book

  1. I love the map poster. We are learning about maps and gaining a perspective of where we are on a map. This could also be used to introduce some basic election information for the fall. Thank you for sharing this – I have signed up!

  2. The light table would be amazing to have!! Am going to get my kiddos signed up for the Reading Challenge right away! Thanks so much!!

  3. It would be so cool to find out what happened to Anya on her first day of school! Reading “A Tiger Tale” to the kids during the first week of school to do some text-to-text comparison (A Bad Case of Stripes), and text-to-self comparisons would be a lot of fun!

  4. My class would benefit from any one of the above mentioned resources – they are all wonderful. I have already created an account with C-SPAN and look forward to receiving a map to help my students understand the Presidential Election better as well as improve map skills!! I am sending an email to all of my parents about the Reading Challenge so that my students can get started on that asap. I love connecting with my students/parents over the summer. It lets them know I am thinking of them and want them to continue to read, learn, and grow over the summer months! Thanks so much for providing such great resources and information and opportunities to win products like the awesome book “Tiger Tail.” It looks like a great book to read aloud!! Have a great day!

  5. I love the light table. I have my own, stationery one, at home, that I use for my personal artwork. I would love one at school as well!

  6. Love the light table, as well as, the Chapter Book Challenge. That is not only a great thing to provide my students with but my own son can benefit from it.

  7. That Illumination Light Table is just the thing we need for some STEM explorations at the library! Mahalo for the opportunity to receive it.

  8. I love the “Tiger Tail” book. This would be a great addition to our library as well as a wonderful first day of school read-a-loud. The table light would also be a fantastic addition to the science library area to use for hands-on research and investigation. Thank you for sharing.

  9. The illumination light table is awesome! I have never seen one before. Since the overhead has been replaced with Smart Boards, all those manipulatives could be used again! This is a super idea! Hope I win! I would love to have this to allow my students to further explore concepts taught in the the classroom!

  10. Love the light tablet! We could use that in so many ways.
    We start back to school August 1, so it won’t be too late to start the Summer Reading Challenge right away!

  11. Thank you for the link to C-SPAN. I signed up and look forward to getting the map. Now I’m going to check their page to see what they have to offer at the 1st/2nd grade level.

  12. I would love to have the light table in my classroom! This year I am teaching 1st grade in a room with almost NO resources! I would love to use the light table to generate some poetry writing!

  13. The Electoral College Map table would be wonderful, and right in time to help my students learn about the election process.

  14. The students would love the book A Tiger’s Tale. We could do an awesome craftivity/ writing response!

    I already have two second hand light tables so I know first hand how awesome those are! I use them for handwriting centers and an x-ray skeleton activity around Halloween time.

  15. The light table would really be a wonderful addition to my classroom. I could teach my students a variety of content with this awesome gadget.

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