Just Let Them Read!

Reflective Reading

I took three graduate level reading classes this summer and the underlining theme of all three courses was to give students time to read and talk about reading.  We have overwhelmed students with busywork:  reading worksheets, reading quizzes and reading test, all of which take away valuable reading time.  I am blocking out time just to read this year and to let kids discuss what they have read.   I found this Reflective Reading Record in Mailbox 101 Gold Language Arts Toolkit.  I won’t use this as a worksheet, instead I will laminate and use as a guide for small group discussions.  You can download at:  www.theeducationcenter.com

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One thought on “Just Let Them Read!

  1. This is a nice idea! I always struggle with ways to make my fifth grade students accountable for what they read during read-to-self (CAFE terminology).

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