Just “Leaf” It to Us!

Need some leaf activities for fall? No problem! We have you covered. (Get it? Covered in leaves!) The best thing for you to do is to click this link right HERE.  You’ll notice that there  are 1135 leaf ideas. So look to left of your screen and narrow your search by grade level. If you’re looking for something for a specific topic, go ahead and narrow your search by topic too. Like I promised, we have you covered! Here are a few of my favorites!

Lots of Leaves: Use this page again and again.

Stain Glass Leaf: A perfect followup to a nature walk.

Leaf Characteristics: An easy-to-use resource of leaf types. 

An “Unbe-Leaf-Able” Job: A wonderful example of the many leaf-themed worksheets available for fall!

Now’s the  perfect time to rake up a big ole pile of teaching resources!

Always here to help!


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