Junie B. Jones Celebrates An Anniversary: Win This Book!

I remember the first Junie B. Jones book I read—I was hooked from the start! Readers have been laughing and learning with Junie B. for 20 years now. In celebration, for the first time ever the original Junie B. book, Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, is available in a full-color collector’s edition. It even includes an interview with author Barbara Park and a peek at illustrator Denise Brunkus’s sketchpad. And you could win a copy! Submit a comment to our blog by midnight on Monday, July 30, 2012, and tell us what you love most about Junie B. One lucky teacher will win! (Update: congratulations to Nicholle, who was our lucky winner!)

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Check back soon for more fun freebies and exciting giveaways. And don’t forget, submit a comment to our blog for a chance to win this week’s prize!


22 thoughts on “Junie B. Jones Celebrates An Anniversary: Win This Book!

  1. One of my students and her sister just love the Junie B. Jones books. They always order the lastest books from the monthly scholastic book magazines. I read them to the students as well Thank you for the heads upo on the anniversary. We’ll have a party to celebrate.

  2. I love to read Junie B. Jones books. I tutor my friend’s daughter and she is an avid fan of Junie B. Jones books,too.

  3. Always loved Junie B Jones. Love sharing them with students and my grandkids.
    Looking forward to the Kevin Henkes book too.

  4. I love Junie B. Jones. I even used her book -Junie B.’s Essential Survival Guide to School, for my organizational notebook for the classroom. Her humor and antics keep me laughing.

  5. I love Junie B for how my students can relate to her life. The books are easy to read and understand and I love having conversations with kiddos about her humor and wit…they’ve learned a lot from Junie B!!

  6. Junie B. books are easy to read and hold the interest of 3rd graders. Her antics always bring a chuckle to our reading groups.

  7. I love that Junie B. captures the hearts and interest of all my students each year. It motivates them to want to read chapter books.

  8. It is one of those series that I have a difficult time keeping on the shelf. The students are always so excited that they found one to checkout. Long live Junie B.!!

  9. My kindergarteners love listening to this series after lunch every day. They can’t wait to find out what happens next! I love them too-we go to go on a field trip to see a play last year and it was awesome~

  10. My students have loved the Junie B. books for years! They are so proud to read a chapter book and discuss the books with each other.After more than 40 years teaching I can remember having a “Junie B.” type student each year, and I love them!

  11. My students and I love to read about Junie B. and her wonderful adventures. These books have motivated many of my students over the years. Happy Anniversary Junie B.!

  12. Junie B. Jones is my all time favorite! I love that she deals with real life and school experiences, yet makes me laugh every time!!!

  13. I was first introduced to Junie B. 2 years ago when my helper picked one out for me to read after lunch. I was laughing so hard the kids could barely understand me which in turn got them cracking up, too. After gaining my composure we continued. Several of them thought it was hilarious to call me Mrs. We loved the book so much I bought the whole set!

  14. Junie talks about situations that are familiar to kids and are lots of fun to read. Most kids I’ve worked with in the lower grades really enjoy her, even boys!

  15. We have a Junie B. Jones Day in our classroom. All the students bring their favorite Junie B. book and they come dressed as one of the favorite characters from the book.One of our teachers dresses in the Junie B. costume and she reads one of the books from the collection. It has been one of the students most memorable day of the school year!!!!!

  16. I have been reading Junie B. to my first graders for years. They love her! I love her! I love that we can enjoy this wacky character and I can use her as a teaching tool. We laugh about the hilarious things she does and how we shouldn’t do some of the things that Junie B does. I remind the students that silly Junie B. ends up in the Principals office when she makes bad choices and we certainly don’t won’t that to happen to anyone in our class. When my students are ready to begin reading chapter books themselves, their first choice is, of course, Junie B. Jones.

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