Jambalaya? Quiche? Chow Down on This New Book (You Can Win It)

I get so spoiled during the holidays. Cheesecake on Monday, homemade toffee on Tuesday, homemade fudge on Wednesday…. It’s one bit of amazing deliciousness after the next!

And then it ends. The holiday tins disappear, the family recipes get tucked away, and the sprinkles go back in the cabinet. Gulp. Sigh.

This year How to Feed Your Parents (Sterling) is sure to give me a lift out of my post-holiday food funk. Matilda Macaroni wants to eat exciting foods, but her parents only like grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. Matilda tries jambalaya, reads cookbooks as bedtime stories, and starts whipping up culinary delights. Will her parents give them a try?

One lucky teacher will win this book. (Update: Congratulations to Mary, our lucky winner!) To enter our random drawing, submit the name of one recipe you intend to try this year. Answers are due Wednesday, January 9, to be included in our drawing. Good luck!

Here are some junk-food–free goodies and contests that are certainly worth a try!

The Healthy Teachers Program features recipes, nutrition tips, links, ideas for modeling good nutrition for students, and info about free nutrition and cooking classes at Whole Foods. Learn all about it at wholekidsfoundation.org/healthy-teachers.



Discover what fruits and veggies are sweetest, crunchiest, and juiciest through investigations that connect the school garden to the classroom and cafeteria. Visit fns.usda.gov for a free 11-lesson curriculum for grades 3 and 4 with bulletin board ideas, veggie dice, fruits and veggie flash cards, issues of Garden Detective News, and more. Dig in!



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This year I’m going to try recipes with arugula. (Did I say that last year too? Maybe!)


PS: Our new contests are ready for you to enter! Click here; we have 73 new prizes!

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  1. I want to successfully make homemade fudge…mine always is sticky, so I have a new “foolproof” recipe. We’ll see…

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