It’s Seuss Week!

Are you ready for a week full of Seussness?

From here to there and everywhere, has ideas to share.

A search for “Seuss” on our website,

Provides ideas both day and night.

More than 100 to be exact.

That’s not fiction, just pure fact!

So check it out right away.

There is no reason to delay!  


But wait, I have a song for you.

I’ve added a verse and you can too!

Sing it loud and sing it clear.

Your audience is sure to cheer!


Read, Read, Read!

(sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)

Read, read, read a book.

We read all the time.

We love books by Dr. Seuss.

We love the way they rhyme.

Read, read, read a book.

Read about the cat.

The naughty cat makes such a mess!

What do you think of that?

Read, read, read a book.

Read about some feet.

Small feet, big feet, fuzzy fur feet,

So many feet to meet.

Read, read, read a book.

We know just the one:

Green Eggs and Ham with Sam-I-Am.

Reading is such fun.

Happy Seuss week!


PS: My verse is in blue. What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “It’s Seuss Week!

  1. Read, read, read a book,
    My Many Colored Days.
    See how the colors can change you
    In so many different ways.
    Starting my Seuss-abulous week with read aloud to tiny tots on Tuesday (birth to 4 yrs old) and ending the week reading to 1st then 3rd graders.

  2. Hears my verse
    Read, read, read a book.
    Read “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”
    It’s fun visiting new places.
    Learning things you didn’t Know.

    Mr McCabe our Principal at Columbus School read this book every year to our Eighth Grade Graduation Class.

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