It’s Raining Books—Win Them All!

Tired of April showers? This week’s prize pack will have you singing in the rain. Here’s what we have for you:

  • Hello Spring! features stunning photos of animals awakening from winter naps and plants bursting with color.
  • The Runaway Egg chronicles how tricky it is to be a big brother.
  • Rain celebrates the special charms of wet weather.
  • The Tree shows the harmony that can exist between humans and nature.

To enter this week’s giveaway, let us know which of our freebies make you want to run out and catch raindrops on your tongue. Submit a comment to this blog by 11:59 pm EDT on May 8, 2017. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win.

It’s not just raining books; it’s raining freebies, too. Take a look:


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Heading outdoors to jump in some puddles,


PS: We have other contests running too. Check out Wonder of Wonders and Music to My Ears for chances to win even more prizes!

32 thoughts on “It’s Raining Books—Win Them All!

  1. I just discovered this book “Preventing Misguided reading” I am going to have to buy it. Has anyone read the book? Does anyone have an opinion of the book? I am very curious!

  2. The International Literacy website looks like it has lots of resources I will be able to use, starting with Misguided Reading. I don’t know if I will catch raindrops on my tongue, doesn’t rain much here, but hopefully..

  3. They are ALL great reads! However I am partial to Rain, in an attempt to find the beauty in all that yucky wet stuff! I know how necessary it is, but c’mon – enough is enough already!!

  4. The Tree would be a wonderful and fun read for my preschoolers.
    It will encourage them to think about the way animals and humans
    live side by side.

  5. The misguided reading concept is intriguing, and who doesn’t love something sponsored by the NFL? The Fuel up to play looks good.

  6. The Runaway Egg sounds like a great book for students to make connections to. 🙂 Thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity to win these delightful books!

  7. Thanks so much for the link to …. awesome! I think ANY of the books would make me want to run outside and catch raindrops on my tongue, but if I had to only choose one, I think THE TREE would be a great addition to our 2nd grade classroom library!

  8. “Rain” is an interesting event in Arizona. the children do not go out for recess if it is raining. When it rains here, it POURS usually. I know the children have a different attitude towards rain than in areas where rain is a gentle weather phenomena.

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