It’s Giveaway Time Already!

CupcakeOne benefit of a short February is that the First Friday Giveaway for March is here sooner rather than later! So what’s on the prize table for this month? Drumroll, please. The winner of this month’s giveaway will receive a very special cupcake. Unfortunately the cupcake isn’t edible—however, what’s inside this pretty little cupcake is a sweet surprise that will bring a smile to any teacher!

So how can you enter for a chance to win this month’s First Friday Giveaway? It’s easy. Simply leave your answer to the following question in the comment section of this blog. Be sure to do this before midnight March 12, 2017. We’ll announce the winner right here on the blog, and we’ll also notify the winner at the email address used to submit the comment. Here’s the question:

Which school supply or supplies will you need to replenish before the end of the school year?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Sending our congratulations to Debbie H., the winner of this month’s giveaway. 

124 thoughts on “It’s Giveaway Time Already!

  1. Good mechanical pencils and notebook paper. Even though kids bring their own supplies, they tend to use mine and can never seem to find their own!

  2. My pre – k kiddies certainly go through glue quickly. I have replenished it already and will need to do so again. I also need to buy new folders since they are sent home daily. Truly, everything is running out. Crayons, markers, construction paper. You name it!

  3. Crayons, glue sticks, pencils ( they magically disappear between actitvies!), dry eraser markers, and a good pencil sharpener!!

  4. Pencils. I started with over two thousand, but last week I finished my last spare box. Isn’t it always pencils?

  5. Black dry erase markers. Our school purchases 4-packs w/red, green, blue, and black – we go through the black the fastest. Since we use our desktops like white boards, I prefer black or blue, since those two colors erase the easiest. Green is OK. Red is terrible — I keep most of those in the cabinet.
    Our glue sticks and highlighters are also dwindling quickly….

  6. So many classroom supplies…the most ‘replenished’ supplies for my class have been glue sticks, markers, and white construction paper. ?✂️???

  7. GLUE…we go through it like pencils. And that’s my other thing…I’m totally out of pencils. Convinced the kids eat them…..j/k.

  8. The preschool girls that I have in my class will only use the pink and purple markers. I have struggled to introduce them to other colors. So I will need new markers. We also go through glue sticks quickly.

  9. The children use Glue bottles/sticks on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day, we love to do crafts and projects that go with our daily/weekly theme. so I would have to say glue is something I replace multiple times through our preschool year.

  10. I will need to replace glue, markers, tissues, colored computer paper, Clorox wipes, paper towels, plastic folders, stickers, file folders, test boards, plastic containers and probably a few other things!!

  11. Sticky notes. We use them daily to record our thoughts while reading, to create story timelines in writing, so show work and solve puzzles in math. My third graders love their sticky notes!

  12. Glue sticks, the Kindergarten students put more glue on the paper the later in the school year it is. It is the strangest thing that happens every year.

  13. Glue sticks! No matter how many I order for the new school year we always end up running out before the year is over!

  14. I work as a school librarian. We are always in need of markers, crayons, mechanical pencils, glue sticks, and extra art supplies. We use these for our art station and for everyday use in the library. Good luck everyone.

  15. Glue sticks!!! Among many other things. But these are the one that drive me crazy because of how fast the kids use them. I swear they’re eating them!

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