It’s a Hat Day!


Monday morning outfit win? Not so much.

I suspect that the gravitational pull around my bed is stronger on Mondays, because when my alarm went off this morning, I physically couldn’t get out of the bed. I couldn’t do it. It was fluffy and comfy and the rain was pitter-pattering on the window. Plus I had been woken up twice last night by my cat. My cat is 15 years old but still thinks it’s fun to sing me an aria at various times during the night and then race up and down the hall like a possessed ball of fur. (To help you experience this, it sounds something like, “MroOOOOWW MroOOOOw! Thudthudthudthudthudthudthud.”) Needless to say, I was running late this morning and really didn’t have time to style my hair so I’m sporting a concert T-shirt and a baseball cap. It’s fortunate that The Mailbox has a pretty relaxed dress code. We spend a lot of time writing and doing production work in our workspaces so I’ll only encounter a few people today who will look at me and say, “Heh! Nice hat! No time to do your hair this morning?”

My coworkers know me well.

This got me wondering about your work dress code. What kinds of rules and regulations do you have about what you wear to work?


5 thoughts on “It’s a Hat Day!

  1. Hey — hat day is also for dr. seuss — should have worn a crazy hat and would be totally explainable! Our dress code is pretty relaxed too I think — I tend to dress professionally if I can, find parents treat me more like a teacher than a baby sitter when I am dressed nicely. Thursdays is our dress down day — especially if it is at the end of the month when we have to change over everything in the room — we also teach in a church so on Thursday we have to put everything away that we don’t know want them to get into over the weekend.

  2. No dress code for us. We wear jeans and tees in the classroom but I do tend to stick to the school tees. We dress up for field trips and meetings though.
    I have worked in places where they have a strict dress code. Not fun especially when you are teaching prek. I like to not worry about my clothes and wear my tennys.

    • One of the schools I recently worked in used Hat Day as a mini fund raiser. The kiddos paid to wear a hat in school since wearing hats in the building is normally against the rules. (Nothing happened if they didn’t wear a hat though.)

  3. I LOVE it when there is an excuse to wear a hat! OK so we are reading a story about a caterpillar/butterfly-I dig out my butterfly hat. On Dr. Seuss day-it’s a cat in the hat hat. I have lots of hats!!

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