It Takes a Village: Win These Community Helper Books

This week we moved to a new office space, and the phrase “it takes a village” took on a whole new meaning. Our village included logistics masterminds, tech experts, tireless movers, and patient co-workers.

So that brings me to this week’s blog prize: a set of books from the popular Tinyville Town series by Brian Biggs. One lucky teacher will win Tinyville Town Gets to Work! plus I’m a Firefighter, I’m a Veterinarian, and I’m a Librarian. And don’t miss the free teacher’s guide too.

How can you get in on the action? Submit a comment to this blog by 11:59 pm EDT on August 15, 2017. In your comment, tell us one way that your village helps you.

I like to think we’re part of your village too. Here are some fun teacher freebies that we can’t wait to tell you about:

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Super thankful for my village this week,


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18 thoughts on “It Takes a Village: Win These Community Helper Books

  1. Our school is a great village. Our principal stands by the mantra that students are a part of all of us; they are not “just assigned to one classroom.” Whenever we see a student needing help, we need to step in. A PreK teacher can help a 3rd grader and vice versa. We work as a village, and it’s wonderful.

  2. My center, is my family, my community, my village. I love being there daily with the children. I need them as much as they need me, but i really think I need them more in my life. My coworkers are my family and best friends. Right now my home life is not the best and very stressful but when i go to the my center with the children and families and coworkers i start to relax and forget my worries.

  3. Last Spring when I had to leave school in the middle of the day because my mom was very sick, everyone pitched in to help. I teach PreK in an elementary school and I couldn’t ask for better teachers to work with! I wasn’t able to return to school for another two weeks. My mom passed away and they were so helpful and comforting during this difficult time!

  4. Teaching children does take a village! When teachers and parents work together, the sky is the limit! These books look amazing and how great would it be to have fresh community helper books!!!! Love these! ????

  5. We have to be back at school in a week, and already the village is on the move! There will be another whole slew of changes in our building, but we’ve been in contact with each other and are trying to calm and support each other, so no one is too overwhelmed. I look forward to seeing my “village” family in a few days!

  6. I want these books!! Please pick me! We are going to be doing a community helpers unit this year and I would love these. My village is my teaching family. When days are tough it is sometimes my “village” who gets me through with words of encouragement or gestures. As teachers it is so important to have a great group in your “village” because some days that is what kept you going!

  7. Each of these books could be read during a story time on the carpet. The students could then locate where the people may work on a map of the town on the smart board in their community. For each book a guest speaker can come in after locating the area on the map and reading the book to explain more about what they do to help in the community.

  8. My village supports my professional growth as an early Childhood educator. My center: admin, director, office, teachers and support staff, work together and help each other to accomplish the tasks necessary to ensure a positive learning environment for our students.

  9. These books are wonderful! My school is doing a My Community and Me unit. These books would be perfect!! I would be able to share with my fellow teachers so that all the students in our school would gave the opportunity to learn from them.

  10. We’ve recently grieved the loss of a child from our Center. It has taken a village for each of us to get through each day as we continue to love the children in our care now.

  11. My village helps by working in the classroom. Selling fundraiser items so the class has extra money for all those fun items

  12. It does take a village to raise/educate a child/children! The school ‘village’ is so much more than parents, teachers, students, and principals. It’s so important for me to show my kiddos that the teachers’ aides, cafeteria workers, janitors, counselors, tech guys/gals, volunteers, peer tutors, community sponsors, grandparents, ….and the list goes on and on- are so very important as well. ANYONE, no matter how small or big their contribution, matters and I want my students to be grateful to everyone who contributes to their success.

  13. Our village is our staff of 4. We support each other in all the day to day activities and needs with the families. The parents and children come first in their needs to help make the children succeed.

  14. My village is my family. They jump in to help my preschoolers when needed with all sorts of activities. They provide loving arms and a warm lap when a preschooler needs a snuggle. They help set up the room and go on buying trips for emergency supplies. I wouldn’t be able to teach effectively without their help.

  15. Teachers need a village to truly be efficient – from fundraising for necessary supplies to parent trainings, we all want to see our students reach their full potential. These books look amazing and would be perfect for our Labor Day and Community Helper studies!

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