It All Adds Up: Win This Book!

On a scale of one to ten, how much would you like to win this book? Submit a comment to our blog by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, August 8, to let us know; you could be this week’s lucky winner in our random drawing!

100 Bugs! A Counting Book uses cute illustrations to show ten different ways to get a sum of ten. Students will love the pictures of katydids, damselflies, ladybugs, and lightning bugs amid colorful flowers and items on the farm. Post a comment to tell us your rating of how much you’d like to win, with 1 meaning “Nah, I don’t like free books with adorable art” and 10 meaning “Pick me, pick me, please, please, please, I’ll be your best friend forever!” Good luck!

Here are some other fun, math-themed freebies that add up to lots of learning.


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I sure hope this week’s giveaway rates a 10 with you!


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75 thoughts on “It All Adds Up: Win This Book!

  1. This book is a 10! What a perfect addition to our math shelf in our classroom library! My ASD students are visual learners and always enjoy “seeing” math.

  2. 10 Plus!! I love books about bugs. My students are always collecting bugs. The pictures look adorable! As you stated: “Pick me, pick me, please, please, please, I’ll be your best friend forever!”

  3. This adorable book could help some teachers (who me?) who try hard to disguise from the children our dislike of bugs. I’d love to use it as a tool for teachers and children.

  4. 10! I would love to win this book and use it with my kindergarten students. We would love to read it on our 100th day celebration!

  5. Yes, it would be great to have this book in my library especially since we do a butterfly study and release them them when they hatch. Great idea and wonderful opportunity for everyone.

  6. Ms. Diane says:

    A 10+ !!! We would simply love to add this book 100 Bugs to our science shelf, as I always have many aspiring etymologists in our classroom. We go on nature hunts several times a year, and this book would be a great pre reading activity. Of course we would also use it for math and on celebration of 100 Days of school.

  7. lOVE this book! Would be a great addition to our math library. I’m always looking for great math stories for my first graders.

  8. I spend quite a bit of my own salary on supplemental materials for my classroom every year, so it is nice to know about and apply for free things that I can obtain to advance my students’ skills and knowledge of the world they live in. Your information regarding this book and other things is a fantastic resource that I enjoy using so much! I am doing a unit on bugs first thing in September and would love using Kate Narita’s 100 BUGS! A Counting Book with my students!

  9. 10 of course – this book would make a wonderful addition to our classroom library. Our joy would be multiplied if we won 🙂

  10. 10+!!! I am a new teacher building my classroom library. Would love to add this to my science/math sections. Thank you!!!

  11. 10 times 10 = 100 percent I would love this book and would love to have a copy!!!
    Heres why I should win (please):
    My kinders would love it even more!
    We are always looking for more fun, engaging literacy to add to our math lessons!
    I can already see the math tubs and centers that would connect to this book and extend the learning!
    I can even see reading this book as part of our 100 day party, even though it will be February in Minnesota and all signs of bug life are gone!
    This summer I have already lived the 100 bug life, wasps in the attic, June bugs on the porch, centipedes under the washer, moths at the back door light, ants in the kitchen, aphids on the tomatoes, mosquitoes everywhere and the only 2 good ones: ladybugs on the windowsill and caterpillars on the milkweed!
    Thank you!!!

  12. (10) I have a neice that has just been hired at my school to teach kindergarten math and science. It would be wonderful to guve it to her when school starts! It would really be a special surprise! Would Kate Narita (author) consider signing it?

  13. Totally a 10!! My kindergartners would love this book! Im always looking for books that hit two content areas at once! Teaching a love for math and bugs… SCORE!

  14. My library is full of ripped and taped books. I would love to share this colorful book with my students. Thank you!

  15. 10!!! This fits perfectly with the numbers strand of my kindergarten curriculum AND one of my favourite themes – bugs!

  16. My scale would be 100 bugs to have this in my math library! I am an elementary Math Interventionist and I love to make math fun through books and games.

  17. I’d like to add this book to my collection. It would be brought to school and out on the shelf in our book center during Bug Theme Month. Afterwards it would put back in my Home Library which my Grandchildren call Grandma’s Library.

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