Is There a Perfect Teacher Tote?

ToteThe perfect teacher tote would be no tote at all, correct? And if you are a teacher who never has homework, I am in awe of you! My teaching experiences (and those of my teaching peeps) confirm that a night without teacher homework is a rarity. So what is the best tote for a teacher?

The teachers I know carry a variety of vessels. Some carry tote bags. One teacher I know carries a very impressive leather satchel that she snagged from a thrift store. Another carries a backpack. Milk crates are popular but backbreaking unless you have a rollie dealie. I recently noticed that a major office supply store sells a mobile folding cart with a lid that looks a lot like a milk crate on wheels. I was impressed by that!

I carry the knockoff cloth bag pictured. I love this bag because of its width. I love this bag so much that when one of the handles ripped off, I took the bag to a shoe repair shop and had the handle reattached. Actually, I had both handles securely stitched in place.

What’s your favorite teacher tote—other than no tote at all?

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17 thoughts on “Is There a Perfect Teacher Tote?

  1. I carry a tote from 31 and live its wide and deep. But has lots of side pockets and a special place for a water bottle

  2. I love the boxes on wheels because carrying things has gotten too cumbersome at times. I usually will put my things in one of my reusable shopping bags I have received for free. I think I must have at least 100 of them by now in various sizes, styles and colors.

  3. I like the Calvin Klein Saffiano Tote! It is so pretty and just the right size. Another I own and also like is Ann Taylor Mini Peppled tote. All stylish and pretty!

  4. I have a 31 tote also, and the Peppled tote. I like both and use them for different days as I find alternating helps me to stay organized better.

  5. I place a small rectangular, plastic file crate inside a re-usable grocery tote. It makes grading easier, because I just load it up with file folders. I do not have to worry about anything getting lost or out of order. Also, it sits upright on the ground due to the plastic crate.

  6. I have a crate on wheels. I also have a variety of reusable bags that I’ve gotten at grocery stores. I have a couple of Vera Bradley bags, also. It depends on what theme we’re studying as to which one I use. 😉

  7. I have a tote from Target. It’s a pretty teal color. The bottom is about 14 inches long and 5 inches wide, the sides are straight up, it has two handles, and it has a wire frame to hold a few hanging files. Two pockets on one side hold my wallet, keys, hand lotion, blue and green pens, and a few pieces of chocolate. All that’s missing is a top to protect the contents from rain and snow.

  8. I think I found the perfect one from LandsEnd. It is sold as a diaper bag. It is long enought to fit school laptop in a zippered area, has 2 pockets on sides for water and Rubbermaid container with iced coffee I make at home. It can hold files, art supplies I carry from place to place and a small purse…and be carried or over shoulder

  9. What I really love – and I just found this last year, are the Olympia bags at Shopko (found in the luggage department). They come in various colors/designs, are on wheels, have “feet” to stand up, has 2 side pockets for water bottles, wide enough and tall enough for all my school needs, water proof fabric. I love the fact that it is a bag on wheels – which saves my back. Plus when I leave school – I feel like I’m going on a trip – home. 🙂

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