International Day of Awesomeness!

africa-1854308_960_720Yes, today is the International Day of Awesomeness. And how does one celebrate this day? Why, by being awesome! And I would go so far as to suggest that we’re all awesome in our own way. So take a little bit of time today to think about your awesomeness. You help children, and by doing so, you contribute to the future. Your influence will never end! In addition, I suspect you are awesome in other ways. Perhaps you…

  • children-1139277_960_720Paint for a hgirl-403511_960_720obby
  • Volunteer to help others
  • Greet people with a friendly smile
  • Show love to animals
  • Garden
  • Bake an amazing cheesecake
  • Birdwatch
  • Dance
  • Or any number of other awesome things that make up the unique you.

So give yourself a pat on the back for all that you do. And take a moment to read about these eight awesome children and perhaps share some stories with your students. Awesomeness inspires awesomeness—and you’re never too young to start!



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