Interactive Notebooks

Recently I put on my gumshoe hat and did a bit of investigating. Okay, basically I did some online browsing. (My inner desire to be a private investigator is surfacing!) Let me say right up front, as a teacher, I didn’t use interactive notebooks with my students. I wish I had!

Blog-DetectiveIf you’re not familiar with this teaching tool, check out Jaime’s post. I love the interactive aspect of the notebooks. There’s writing, there’s cutting and gluing, there’s drawing—always in a way that results in a better understanding of the skill at hand. And all this learning is evidenced in a notebook! Seems to me that an interactive notebook is a bit like a subject specific student portfolio. I really like this aspect of the notebook as well!

Are interactive notebooks a teaching tool you use? If you answer yes, let us know how it’s going. If you answer no, let us know how we might help you get started!

Here to help!

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