I’ll Be Brief: You Must Read This Book! (Good News, You Can Win My Copy)

I tend to be skeptical of books with the word “underwear” in the title. However, hold on to your skivvies: Creepy Pair of Underwear! is a winner, hands down! Don’t miss the other spooky book in the series, Creepy Carrots!

Though I hate to part with it, you can win my copy of Creepy Pair of Underwear!. To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog and let us know what eerie item you think author Aaron Reynolds could feature in the next book. Creepy crayons? Spooky spaghetti? Glowing glasses? Submit your comment by 11:59 pm EDT on October 31, 2017.

Here’s some other fun stuff that I’m all aglow about:



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95 thoughts on “I’ll Be Brief: You Must Read This Book! (Good News, You Can Win My Copy)

  1. I am having a mind blank on ideas, but I agree with you about taking pause when the book references personal items in the title!

  2. Hmmm, how about the Mystery School Lunch? Everyday there is a surprise dish on the cafeteria tray. Is it chilling chili and franks-n-stein? Graveyard goulash? Spaghetti guts? Beef teri-yucky yucks?

  3. Terrifying Ties
    What boy rabbit likes wearing suits? I bet the reader could really relate.
    Jasper attends his older cousins wedding and has to get dressed up. And when he does, he meets terrifying ties.
    Just an idea. ????

  4. Doing the read aloud for this book is going to be so much fun!! Perhaps the next book could focus on panicked pencils or spooked spiral notebooks. Lol.

  5. Since I am a librarian and teaching students about the Online Card Catalog and I have this beautiful old wooden card catalog with all of the drawers, which now holds school supplies like glue sticks, pencils, pens, bookmarks, erasers, notecard – I think the Creepy Card Catalog would be fun. Things could glow or come out after dark and create pictures for the library. Or the ghosts of old librarians could float out of the drawers.

    Either way, Creepy Underwear will be a hit with students

  6. I love CREEPY CARROTS. I read it with preschoolers then we play a game where one child hides a “creepy carrot” (plastic) and the other kids have to find it … in the dark! (Not totally dark; we leave the blinds open and just turn off the overhead light.) Can’t wait to see what happens with a CREEPY PAIR OF UNDERWEAR. Next up? I’d love to see a creepy classroom. Or maybe creepy blocks that when left lying about build scary constructions like a haunted castle or a T-Rex, maybe seen first as frightening shadows on the wall. Who’s really building them? And how do you make it stop?

  7. cadavered candy from last Halloween! Just an idea! I just bought Creepy Carrots and we just got this one copy in the library, but I would love to have one available to myself for whenever I want to read it! Not have to wait for the kids to bring it back. ….


    Thanks for the opportunity for a fun giveaway! 🙂


  8. What a coincidence, I just saw this at my school’s book fair. All of them went really fast so I didn’t get to get one. I think it should be some kind of school supply. It seems that my students are afraid of pencils, since they don’t like to write. They are definitely afraid of homework!

  9. The kids at my school loved “Creepy Carrots” so I’m sure they’ll love “Creepy Underwear.” Next he should write about a “Creepy Classroom” that one could really lead to some fun discussions!!

  10. Creepy Library where all the characters are dressed in realistic costumes but then it turns out they were just wearing their Halloween costumes.

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