If Only We Had an Extra Day…

Wait! We do have an extra day this year. So where is it? Tomorrow is February 29, an extra day for this calendar year. Yet this extra day is our Saturday, which is followed by our Sunday, which is followed by—you got it, a Monday. Doesn’t it seem like an extra day should be an extra day to do whatever we’d like to do? Maybe the day should even have a special name. We could keep it simple and call it “Extraday.” Every four years this day would be squeezed in between February 28 and March 1. Now that would be an extra day! If it was necessary for you to work on Extraday, your work schedule would include an extra day off during that week. What do you think? Am I on to something here?

Now, if I had that extra day, what would I do?
What about you? What would you do?

It’s fun to dream!



8 thoughts on “If Only We Had an Extra Day…

  1. I wouldn’t even mind an extra school day for artsy stuff! If I were at home I’d probably watch mindless drivel on t.v. and vegetate.

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