How’s That Lunch?

Okay, it’s confession time. I haven’t always chosen the best lunches. Brace yourself for the following information: I remember eating peanut butter cups and drinking a sugary soda for lunch more times than not in high school. As an adult, I’m quite a healthy eater—so much so that I want to grab my younger self and shake her senseless for ingesting that much sugar for a meal. In fact, the thought of downing two peanut butter cups and a soda makes me a little nauseated. (Don’t get me wrong, I would never reject peanut butter cups if they were plopped down in front of me. They’re like little cups of heaven.)

This article discusses how lunches bought in school tend to be more nutritious than those packed from home. (I bought my peanut butter cups and soda at school, so this didn’t apply to me!) Do you find that to be true with your students?


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