Hooray for You!

Happy Monday! Happy Cinco de Mayo! And most of all, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! To show our appreciation for each and every one of you—for your love of children and your enthusiasm for and dedication to the teaching profession—we have planned a special week here at the blog. And you know what that means—prizes! Cheerleader-CatSimply answer the Question of the Day by posting on the blog. You will automatically be entered into our “Thank You, Teachers!” drawing. (You’ll have a chance to enter every day this week!) We will draw five different winners next Monday morning. Here’s Monday’s Question of the Day.

What subject or part of the teaching day do you most enjoy?

Have wonderful day!


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75 thoughts on “Hooray for You!

  1. As a speech/language pathologist working in a program for 3yr olds with developmental delays it is hard to pick the part of the day I enjoy the most. I enjoy going into the classrooms during free center time and interacting with the students as they play and discover. I love it when they come to me and include me in their play. I have “eaten” many plastic hotdogs and peas (and I don’t even like peas!!!).

  2. As a Curriculum Facilitator working in a K-5 school, I most enjoy the time that I get to spend in Professional Learning Communities weekly with my teachers. It is exciting to see them grow as professionals and then to see this learning translate into applicable practice with their students.

  3. I enjoy teaching writing and I really enjoy reading my students’ writing pieces. They are so creative and expressive in their writing.

  4. I do ESL small groups and enjoy when the scholars get excited that I’m pulling them because they want to share their successes they made that week. It’s also great when they remember any topic we learned in the past and use it to work out a tough problem.

  5. I teach special Needs Preschool and I love opening circle when the children have so many things to tell me. I enjoy watching them grow and learn throughout the year and getting more and more independent.

  6. My favorite subject is Math. I love to see the students faces when they “get it”. It makes my day!!! 🙂

  7. My favorite subject of the day is ELA and reading RTI! I love how my students engage in reading the stories and all of the fun ways we use to remember grammar and text. I love that they are ready to learn and are always ready for the next task at hand. I love my kids so its easy!!!

  8. I enjoy teaching reading because we can make the stories come alive through reader’s theater!

  9. I love teaching math! There are so many great ideas on blogs. I teach my class songs, poems, and riddles to help the kids remember processes, rules, etc.

  10. I like circle time. This is a time I can interact with the children. I can read, sing, ask questions, and play games.

  11. I enjoy center time and circle time. At center time I can talk to each child. At circle time I enjoy doing music and movement.

  12. I teach students with autism and really enjoy teaching social skills. I find it very challenging but also very rewarding. It gives me an awesome feeling inside when a student responds to a greeting with no prompts needed.

  13. I’m a licensed reading specialist, but I teach first grade, so normally my most favorite part of the day is anything literacy related. However, lately, I’ve really enjoyed teaching math. My district provided a lot of math professional development this year, so I’ve learned a lot of new techniques and strategies, and I’ve had a lot of fun planning and incorporating them.

  14. I love to teach reading. It amazes me to see how much my students grow as readers throughout the year!

  15. My favorite thing to teach is guided reading groups. Watching my students’ progress from the beginning of the year to the end of the year is incredible!

  16. My favorite time of the day is read aloud. I love sharing wonderful books and stories, memorable characters and incredible illustrators with my students. Mostly I hope I am inspiring a love of books!

  17. Teaching special ed. students grades 1-5 is rewarding, but I’d have to say the most rewarding part of the day has to be when they come to my classroom for Specialized Instruction for Reading, Writing, and Math. This is the time we work on their IEP goals, and help them understand the skill of the week from their general ed. classes. Seeing them making connections to learning is priceless!

  18. I love greeting my students at the door first thing in the morning. Some of them seem to have a rough start at home and I always want them to feel that this is a safe place for them to grown and learn. We love to sing our theme song “Get Happy” by the Partridge Family. It is a great way to start the day!

  19. The times my kids say wow…that is cool or I never knew that! I hope and strive for it from someone each day.. I want it from everyone no matter the level or challenges!

  20. Once a week we have a class meeting. It’s a chance for kids to talk about something that happened to them, good or bad. I get to really know my students and they get the spotlight for a few minutes.

  21. I love our English Language Arts block time. I love seeing how much my students have improved on their reading and writing skills!

  22. As the resource gifted teacher in my school, I love teaching the themed units that we cover. The units are based on the choices of the students, but cover the standards that are needed. The units are geared around science, social studies, and reading. I love teaching all of these areas and crossing over all of the areas of the curriculum.

  23. I love when the children share with you what you have taught them. Nothing makes my day better than hearing the kids sing songs that we have learned together, or “reading” a book that we have shared, or “playing teacher”, and you hear your words and voice come out of their mouth! It is rewarding and humbling at the same time!

  24. My favorite part of the day is at the beginning when class starts. The children are always so full of energy that I love to use that to my advantage. This is when I want to engage in things that make the children move and get involved.

  25. I love teaching Math! When those third grade eyes light up and they say, ” I get it!”, it just warms my heart.

  26. My last half hour of the day where all we do is interact, role model and play. All the teacher “have to’s” are done and we just sit with them and communicate. Best of the day hands down!

  27. My favorite time of the day is reading to my students. Looking into their eyes and watching their faces as they listen to the story is priceless.

  28. I love science with my preschoolers. We explore many topics like the seasons, weather, animals and the five senses. When we erupted a volcano, the excitement and shrieking was amazing!

  29. I absolutely love when I can read a book aloud to my kinderkids, whether it’;s during reading period or just for fun and relaxation! I must say that I really utilize a great deal of drama, intonation and a myriad of silly voices! Most of the time I have them in the palm of my hand and their smiles, chuckles and rapt attention are priceless!!!

  30. My personal favorite subject is math, but I love teaching reading. Whenever my students complain because the book we were reading was so good we finish, I feel like I am helping them develop a love of reading. We just finished The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and will soon be taking a field trip to Hannibal, MO. My students are incredibly excited and can hardly wait 🙂

  31. I enjoy circle time, and music and movement. I enjoy singing our Good Morning song with the children during circle and love dancing and doing fun activities with the children during music and movement.

  32. As a preschool teacher, I love circle time with my kiddos. I like being able to see them interact with one another and adults in a more formal way. We have two circle times during our 3 hour class time and I have seen a HUGE change in the students since the beginning of the year… such as being able to follow directions, answer questions and expect the normal schedule.

  33. I love reading to my students! From reading aloud a reading series book to reading a holiday book, I love the excitement my students have. They love coming to the carpet and are so involved during read aloud.

  34. I love to teach reading! I love to observe my students thoroughly engrossed and engaged in a book. Then, they’ll come up and share parts of the books because they can connect with something I’ve taught or read to them!

  35. I love storytime. I enjoy reading to the children and watching them light up with wonder over the books.

  36. I enjoy group time,we talk about how their day is going,sing songs,what book we are going to read,the child get to pick the story out , I read a story than,they get to act it out. it is the look on their face as they are acting out the story that was told to them. i love being a part of that. they put a smile on my face as i do their.After group time and reading story we off to play games. I love working with my prek and after school.

  37. I love teaching reading, especially this time of year with my Kindergartners! This is when they are really starting to ‘get it’ and take off as readers!! =)

  38. My favorite part of the day is the teaching of reading! It’s why I love what I do. It’s so much fun to help give students my love of reading.

  39. After many years of teaching I am delighted to teach writing. It is wonderful to watch first graders grow as writers. Teaching writing has made me a better writer.

  40. I love Circle time! Singing familiar songs and sometimes the preschoolers love to change up those songs with the addition of silly verses. For example instead of 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed we have had leprechauns, Easter bunnies, lions etc.

  41. I really enjoy teaching science (especially the hands on activities where the concepts just ‘click’ for the kids.

  42. I am a preschool teacher so all day is fun. Best part of day is probably recess , the kiddos get so excited about going to the playground

  43. There is nice time in early morning when the kids are done unpacking and they sit down and sing some morning songs. Their voices are so sweet!

  44. I love getting to read to my kids. I love to read with different voices or noises. Sometimes I’ll have to stop for whatever reason and they beg to read more!

  45. I love teaching other subjects with art. I incorporate art lessons to teach science, help foster understanding in Reading, and to reinforce math concepts. My favorite part is when the kids will ask me ‘When are we going to do Math’ and I can answer ‘We are doing math’!

  46. It is hard to choose because I love everything I do! However, story time is probably my favorite activity. I read to the children as often as possible. At snack time, lunch time, circle time, transition times. I love incorporating puppets, felt, and extending literature into other areas of learning. We read books, make classroom books, and my goal is to instill the love of reading to all my children.

  47. I am a preschool teacher and I love circle time. in love introducing the activities of the day, singing and dancing and telling each of what we did the day before after we left school. The stories I hear are just, ummm, amazing. LOL

  48. I love when it is time to teach math. I teach 6th grade in an Elementary School and I love to see the students faces when I relate what we are doing to real life! No more……”when are we ever going to use this”!

  49. I enjoy Language Arts. My students are blind and visually impaired and I have a lot of fun finding ways to make stories come alive without the use of pictures. We use a lot of cool objects, toys and textures.

  50. I teach kindergarten. I love the first part of the day most when they come in so happy to see you and ready to tell you stories about what happened the day before.

  51. I teach second grade. My favorite subject to teach is Math. I love sharing in the learning process with the students and seeing the “ah-ha moments” each day!

  52. I teach all of the Language Arts and Social Studies……….I love teaching reading……I love introducing chapter books to them for read aloud. I also love to integrate subjects.

  53. I love teaching science the most. I really enjoy teaching a sil set, proposing a problem and watching students work together to solve it.

  54. My favorite subject to teach in 4th Grade is Social Studies. It is a subject where history meets the present!

  55. I enjoy reading aloud to my Pre-K class. I love to use different voices for the major characters and add small dramatic details.

  56. Intervention at the end of the day. I love that I can have a few moments one-on-one with students who are struggling.

  57. My favorite time of the day is our Integrated ELA block (where science and social studies are mixed with reading and writing skills). My students are actively involved and using communication skills to relay opinions, thoughts, and ideas to each other. I love it!

  58. Read-alouds are rewarding when the children chuckle and understand the humor, or learn a scientific fact from the reading, or just laugh and enjoy the story.

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