Hooray for Flakes!

This Wednesday, December 18, is Flake Appreciation Day! We haven’t seen any snowflakes down here in the piedmont area of North Carolina, but I bet a lot of you have seen quite a few. Here’s a simple and lovely craft to celebrate the beauty of snowflakes! 


blue construction paper
large paper doily
shallow dish of white tempera paint


Lightly tape a doily to the paper.

1. Use the sponge to dab paint on the doily, taking care to get paint between the spaces.
2. Remove the doily. Allow time for the paint to dry.
3. Cut out the snowflake.

One thought on “Hooray for Flakes!

  1. No snowflakes in Kentucky anytime soon either. It’s going to be close to 70’s on Christmas Day so it’s going to be more like Christmas in Florida!

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