Honoring Our Veterans

I was touched by a recent news story about 13 US Marines returning home from Afghanistan on an American Airlines flight. Apparently it is the airline’s policy to upgrade service men and women in uniform to first class whenever possible. On this particular flight there were only six first-class seats available, leaving seven Marines in coach. “No way!” was the response of seven first-class passengers who offered up their seats so all 13 veterans could fly together in comfort. Indeed heartwarming, and indeed much deserved!

My dad (pictured in the army uniform) never really talked about pic2his experience in the South Pacific during World War II. Maybe this was because he had two daughters; I don’t know. I wish I knew more. I wished I had asked. My uncle, pictured in the navy uniform, lost his life in the war.

Who is on your heart today, Veterans Day 2013? Please share!

Sending a heartfelt salute to all service men and women,




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  1. My brother in law was in Vietnam. He made it through the war, and he is even in a book about one of the battles there. I love him to death and I am so very proud of him.

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