Hey-Ho, to Mars We’ll Go! Win This Book

It’s a long way to Mars. Along the way, junior astronauts learn they’d have to dive through the hatch, sleep in a sleeping bag tethered to the wall, grow their own food, and maybe even ask “Are we there yet?” before touching down on the red planet. This book by Susan Lendroth mixes facts and fun, all sung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell.” And you could win a copy!

To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog to let us know which planet you’d most like to visit. Send your comment by February 21. One lucky teacher will win!

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And before you ask, yes, you can opt to visit everyone’s favorite dwarf planet, Pluto. That little underdog planet is the one I’d pick!


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35 thoughts on “Hey-Ho, to Mars We’ll Go! Win This Book

  1. Many years ago in a far off state, I visiited Mars. the school entered the Marsville program,. We built a structure to use on the planet and designed a rover to run on the planet. It was a great adventure. I would love to visit again.

  2. I would go to Mars. Just because I love the color red and it’s the red planet. I love doing a space unit. The book sounds fun

  3. I am very fascinated with space! When my daughter was young, she wanted to be an astronaut and fly a space shuttle. She said she would take to space with her. Her career plans have changed over the years, but I would like to visit our sister planet Venus.

  4. I’d have to go to the dwarf planet, Pluto. I always “cry” when we talk about planets and poor Pluto is not included. At least it is a dwarf planet, but it’s not the same.

  5. I think Neptune would be an interesting planet to visit. Who wouldn’t like seeing a planet named after the king of the sea!

  6. I’ve always been intrigued by Jupiter (and just as someone posted earlier, it all started with a book report in 5th grade!!!!!)

  7. I think I would like to visit Mars. It seems to have some of the closest kindred molecules/environment that we can get to earth. If they could just thaw the ice…..

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