Hello, hello, hello! Why all the hellos? I’m practicing for tomorrow, which is World Hello Day. The day’s purpose is simple—to encourage communication and dialogue between people who may be of different backgrounds to achieve peace and understanding. On a smaller scale, it’s basically a day to offer a friendly “Hello” to others whether you know them or not. This is easy for many of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “How do you know him/her?” and my reply is always the same: ”I don’t. I was just being friendly.” If saying “Hello,” “Hi,” or “Hey” (as we say in the south) to folks you don’t know feels uncomfortable, celebrate the day by greeting family members, neighbors, and friends with cheery hellos!

Students can celebrate the day by sharing their hellos with fellow students—whether they know them or not—and school staff , including  office personnel, custodians, and cafeteria workers.

Humming Adele’s hit Hello,


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