Hello, February!

valentines-day-1947567_960_720In my opinion, February is a terrific month simply because it’s a bit of excitement stuck between the rather blah months of January and March. Valentine’s Day makes me happy! Oh sure, you may quibble that it’s a “Hallmark holiday” and that the end result for a teacher is a messy classroom covered with little student valentine cards, but I’ve always loved it. It’s all about love and chocolate. 🙂

Now that a new month is here, you’ll need some special February necessities, like journal prompts, a fabulous February song, and some brain booster cards. What a wonderful way to start this lovely month!

Val writing prompts




Check out these February writing prompts. We also have prompts available for other grade levels!


Brain-Booster Cards for February-1



These brain booster cards are terrific for upper grades!

A Little Valentine






Check out this activity and song that are just perfect for Valentine’s Day!





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