Heave Ho!

It’s a brand-new school yeara fresh beginning. This makes it the perfect time to update, replace, and give things you no longer use the ol’ heave-ho. My good buddy, a fourth-grade teacher, gave her desk the ol’ heave-ho. As she explained to me, she rarely uses the desk, which takes up valuable classroom space. And the truth of the matter is the desk had become a dumping ground for teaching resources and paperwork. This school year, she’s created new storage solutions and is using her reading table as her after-school work space.

I’m also hearing from teachers that they’re giving behavior charts the ol’ heave-ho. A popular replacement for the behavior chart is the free ClassDoJo app. From what I hear, teachers find the app easy to customize for their classrooms, students are motivated by it, and it keeps parents in the loop. Sounds ultra nifty to me!

So back to the ol’ heave-ho! What did you decide had to go?



2 thoughts on “Heave Ho!

  1. I cleared out a lot. I have a new classroom this year (I’ve moved to year 5 from secondary school) so took everything off the shelves and out of the cupboards and sorted it out.
    I accidentally tossed (or re-sorted) a lot of old paperwork a teaching assistant apparently wanted to keep, oops. Unfortunately I had gotten Mrs Smith, the teaching assistant, mixed up with a Miss Smith who worked in the classroom about ten years ago.
    Now everything is neat and tidy and sorted by subject area.

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