Happy Presidents Day!

It’s Presidents Day, which is a bit of a mixed up federal holiday. Some states call this day Washington’s Birthday, although his birthday is actually February 22. Many also use this day to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as well, which falls on February 12th. Still others use this day to celebrate all presidents. Whatever your preference, here are some unique and interesting facts about George and Abe:

  • George Washington never had any children of his own. He married Martha Custis when he was 26, and she already had two children.
  • Abraham Lincoln is the only president to ever hold a patent. His invention helped to lift boats over shoals in rivers.
  • George Washington was known for being an excellent dancer.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s formal schooling is estimated at about one year. He was largely self-educated.
  • George Washington was the only president to own and operate his own whiskey distillery.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the first president to have a photo of his inaugural address. John Wilkes Booth was in attendance. See the photo here.


Happy Presidents Day!



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