Happy Presidents’ Day!

Do you have have the day off? I’ve noticed that having Presidents’ Day off is fairly inconsistent from district to district and state to state. This is actually the first Presidents’ Day I’ve had off in 15 years. And I’m going to spend the day cleaning my house and crafting. I’m pretty excited! Although I highly doubt you need help finding something to do on a day off, I decided to create a totally subjective list in case you need assistance.  Here are the TOP 10 THINGS TO DO ON A VACATION DAY according to me. (Keep in mind that I’m a divorced introvert with cats.)

  1. Have a spa day
  2. Wine, snacks, and Netflix
  3. Read a book
  4. Sleep
  5. Go on a road trip
  6. Shopping
  7. Cook your favorite dish
  8. Bake cookies
  9. Hobbies! (crochet, paint, taxidermy, basket weaving…)
  10. Clean the house (note that this is the only responsible option in my list)

What are you doing today? If you spend time thinking about the holiday, check out this totally entertaining list of little known facts about past presidents!



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