Happy Birthday, Johnny!

You have to love a guy who spent much of his lifetime planting apple seeds, who loved animals, and who respected Native Americans. This coming Wednesday, September 26, is that guy’s birthday and his name is John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed.

Set the tone for a special day with the following circle time tune. I’ve also included a few writing prompts for Wednesday. And of course you can always cruise on over to themailbox.com and check out the apple-icious worksheets, craft projects, and more that celebrate this honorable pioneer.

Here Comes Johnny Appleseed!

(sung to the tune of “Peter Cottontail”)

Here comes Johnny Appleseed,

Plantin’ all the apple trees.

Yippity yahoo!

Fall is on its way.


Helping trees grow nice and tall.

Apples ripe in time for fall.

Yippity yahoo!

Fall is on its way.

Writing Prompts

  • Johnny loved plants and animals. What things do you like? Why?
  • One legend says that Johnny could talk to animals. Imagine what he might have said. Write your ideas.
  • Some people believe that Johnny gave apple seeds and trees to many settlers. Do you think these were good gifts? Explain.
  • Pretend you are a character in a tall tale about Johnny Appleseed. Tell your adventure.



One thought on “Happy Birthday, Johnny!

  1. I love reading the story of Johnny Appleseed to my children. We also make Johnny Appleseed bag puppets and put on a puppet show for our Director Mrs Laura and Assistant Director Mrs Rita. Mrs Rita loves that we celebrate his day he’s her favorite character.

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