Gounián Jíxiáng! Win the Perfect Book for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is on February 16, marking the start of the year of the dog. Now’s the perfect time to get your copy of Ruby’s Chinese New Year by Vickie Lee. In this sweet story Ruby makes a New Year’s card for Grandma, and she and her friends Dog, Pig, Monkey, Rooster, and others set off to make an extra-special delivery.

Submit a comment to this blog by February 1 and let us know how you’ll mark Chinese New Year in your classroom. One lucky teacher will win our random drawing! Then continue your good luck by checking out these freebies and great deals.



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Hope your lunar new year gets off to a grand start!


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31 thoughts on “Gounián Jíxiáng! Win the Perfect Book for Chinese New Year

  1. I usually celebrate the Chinese New Year in my classroom by reading a book and observing my Chinese Zodiac Placemat that I received from my favorite Chinese restaurant. (It’s been laminated) We also make paper lanterns, party poppers, and eat fortune cookies. It’s one of my favorite celebrations with the children.

  2. In our classroom we’ll celebrate Chinese New Year by decorating the room with red and gold. We will make fans and beautiful colorful Chinese lanterns. We’ll also celebrate by making a Firework Mural,making dragon puppets,playing red color games and we will learn the names of each Chinese Zodiac animal. I will set out the tanagrams for the children to put together,and we’ll also have fun ribbon dancing. For snacks we’ll have delicious rice cakes and Cheese pot stickers. We will finish with our lantern parade. At the end of the day the children take home Chinese surprise treats.

  3. I will be teaching Chinese New Year for the first time this February in my special needs classroom and I honestly cannot be more excited! We will read a few books both fiction and nonfiction, decorate a bulletin board with a giant paper dragon, eat some delicious food and celebrate diversity. We have just finished talking and writing about the things that make each of us unique so this will be a fantastic follow up. My classroom is brimming with cultures representing all areas of the globe and this will be a high interest theme for sure. I would love the opportunity to add this book to my classroom library. Thanks!

  4. On February 16 my ALC k-2 class will be having a Chinese New Year dragon parade and a feast of various Chinese foods, chop sticks included. We will parade around our school playing instruments and yelling happy new year in Chinese. We are all so excited!

  5. I love to show my pictures of the dragons from the time I went to Chinese New Year in Boston. Also, I have some red envelopes and other artifacts from Chinatown that I show. The kids made some sort of craft as well.

  6. I show gifts from China that I have been given over the years from PreK students in our bilingual class. I also have some gifts that graduate students from China have given me. It’s fun to share the items because it allows students to learn/get to know about a different culture.

  7. Whenever possible we invite parents who are Chinese to come and speak with our second graders – they bring clothing, money, foods/snacks, examples of Chinese writing, art, instruments, or other things of cultural significance. The students love learning about China from people of Chinese heritage. We also like to read books about Chinese New Year.

  8. We will celebrate Chinese New Year at Tiny Tales for Tiny Tots on Tuesday 2/13 with read alouds, fingerplays and photo ops with our Chinese lion head, then make a fan with a dog picture for the Year of the Dog.

  9. We will be having a dragon parade and enjoying lots of Chinese food, yum! We will also do a day in the life of a Chinese boy/girl on New Years day. I always look forward to this great celebration with my students!

  10. We have learned about Chinese New Year but haven’t ever really celebrated it. Reading this book would be a fun addition!

  11. We will celebrate Chinese New Year by reading to learn how people celebrate and comparing it to how we celebrate our new year on January 1st.

  12. This will be my first year celebrating the Chinese New Year in my classroom. I am a new teacher. I plan on using a unit I found on Teachers Pay Teachers to help out with the lesson as well as a website to see what each students zodiac sign is and what it means. I would love this book to help reinforce the holiday to enhance culture in my classroom. Thanks!

  13. I am planning a parent speaker who celebrates Chinese New Year. We will make a dragon craft, dress in red and gold, try fortune cookies, maybe make a special snack or sample some dishes (no allergies in my room this year.)

  14. Every year I do a unit (Month) on China and we celebrate Chinese New Year! We learn to write in Chinese, Lear to count in Mandarin, make hats, decorate the room with lanterns and dragons,eat the lucky foods, make our lucky envelopes, talk about pandas, and create on e with hearts, dress up in Chinese robes and hats, and have a big party! Oh I could go on for hours. This book would be a great addition to my Chinese Unit!

  15. I have a student adopted from China and she would love, love for me to read this book to our class. We also celebrate Chinese New Year by letting each student practice writing their name in Chinese, look at important places in China through google Earth, read books about China and we watch videos of Chinese music and dance.

  16. I celebrate it since I was a child, so I get to explain to others classes what we do during Chinese New Year, like the red envelop with mkney means and what epecial food. But we also do craft and talk about the 12 differenr animals and the cycle.

  17. We wear red for good luck, make dragon wind socks, and use party poppers I got on clearance after New Year’s Eve outside. We also clean our desks to start our year fresh and I put a chocolate gold coin to greet them on their desks first thing in the morning…..
    We make and eat Chinese chicken salad and watch Arthur’s Chinese New Year from PBS. We discuss the traditions and compare and contrast them to ours. We listen to the folktale about the Chinese calendar and compare ourselves to our animal. I spend the rest of the week reading Chinese folk tales…..any way to intro a different culture to my kids who really don’t get out of their comfort zone!

  18. Our grade each completes a project. One teacher makes homemade wonton and soup. She also reads a book while children eat. Another teacher guides classes to make a dragon and the last teacher instructs students in making a Chinese lantern and a math sheet about lanterns. The classes rotate to each class.

  19. We will make paper lantens and have fortune cookies. We’ll have a Chinese restaurant in our dramatic play center.

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