Got a Green Thumb?

greenthumbI’m working on my green thumb. I recently planted tomato, basil, and jalapeno pepper plants in a huge pot on my back deck. Plus I’m putting a flower garden in the middle of my front yard! I have no idea what I’m doing. Truly. It’s all trial and error. Every day before I leave for work, I visit my vegetable plants on the back deck and thank them for continuing to look so happy and peppy. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll get to eat fresh-picked tomatoes this summer.

Did you do (or are you doing) any planting activities with your youngsters this year? What did you plant?


Click here to get this fresh and fun garden-themed worksheet! (Clearly, this rabbit is a better gardener than I am.)


3 thoughts on “Got a Green Thumb?

  1. we planted sunflowers with the kiddos. They are great fun and you can add in such great math activities. We also grew popcorn.

  2. We planted beans the first semester. Second semester, we recycled our milk cartons and planted grass seed in them. Each student drew a face on the carton, and after the grass grew tall enough, we let the students “give it a haircut” before they took it home. 😉

  3. We got excited about planting a preschool garden! We have a few radishes, sugar-snap peas, beans, cherry tomatoes (big excitement!), sunflowers, and miniature pumpkins…all in a 3×15 piece of ground that’s been unused for years. We put a layer of new garden dirt over old soil. We water it every day at recess, and it’s really taking off. Fun!

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