“Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn”—Win this Book

In my area, yesterday was the first day of school. And right on cue, the air got cooler and the skies turned a brilliant fall blue.

That made me think of Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, new from Henry Holt. To win a copy, submit a comment to this blog and let us know what the signs of autumn are in your area. Leaves changing? Birds flying south? Cool morning air? Comments are due by 11:59 pm EDT on September 12, 2017; one lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win. Watch your email to see if that lucky teacher is you!


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Watching for the leaves to change,


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58 thoughts on ““Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn”—Win this Book

  1. In Texas it still feels like summer, except the weather has been a little cooler due to Harvey but should be back in the upper 90’s next week. Hopefully, we will see the leaves changing colors soon and cooler weather on a daily basis.

  2. In Gatineau, Quebec the days are still beautiful and no turning leaves yet. The biggest sign of Autumn is the start of the school year. Nice to hear the litter patter of tiny feet again! 🙂

  3. In Wisconsin the sandhill cranes are starting to flock in the fields. Nights are cooling down and we are greeted by morning fog. The warmth is leaving the lakes and ‘ghost horses’ appear above the water.

  4. We have sweater weather in the mornings, short sleeves in the afternoon! Hummingbirds drain the feeders preparing for their long flights. Days get shorter and leaves begin to have a hint of color.

  5. For me, it’s the cool mornings with woodstove smoke in the air and the distance chainsaw roaring and the pine needles falling and the hummingbirds have left my feeders.

  6. There was fog this morning in the chilly air above the Mississippi River. I saw a tree whose leaves were beginning to turn.

  7. I think my granddaughter would enjoy this book. She just read “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle to me and grandpa. Therefore this would be like a sequel to that story.

  8. So far the only difference between summer and fall is using the ac less in the morning. There have been two mornings on the weekend where it was cool enough to turn off the ac for the hour or so before I leave for the school to work. Arizona is still hot. As I understand it some areas have leaves turing but not in the desert.

  9. I live in the high desert in western CO. For us, autumn is signaled by school starting, by slightly cooler weather (more days in the 80s than in the 90s), and by Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations in Hobby Lobby.

    I have enjoyed my summer, but am ready for fall 🙂

    The book would be nice to read to grandsons. I will look up The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, thanks.

  10. Here in Michigan we are getting much cooler weather and a tree has started to change colors. Can’t forget the squirrels they are beginning to hide their nuts. Happy almost fall

  11. The signs of fall in western New York are falling leaves, crisp winds, covered swimming pools,pumpkins and mums on display, and scarecrows popping up in yards everywhere.

  12. The morning air is cool and crisp. The leaves turn to beautiful Tera cotta colors. The fair is in town with excitement for both kids and adults who are still kids at heart. Pumpkins glow on porches carved into whimsical faces. Cozy sweaters and warm boots come out from closets to wear to work, school, and the plethora of fall festivals with the sights and smells of the harvest season.

  13. The morning air is getting cool. A light jacket or sweater is needed on the way to school. The summer flowers are starting to fade away.

  14. One of the signs that fall is coming is the grass/weeds??? along the highway. In the spring and summer they are a nice green color. As soon as September comes around they turn a dark red. It’s very pretty to look at on your long, long, long way to school.

  15. The only sign of autumn here is school has started and it is football season. I am looking forward to some cooler weather, I love summer, but am ready for the crisp fall air!

  16. There are many beautiful signs of fall in Virginia. Visitors travel from thousands of miles to watch the beautiful rainbow of leaves that cover the mountain, taste the apples, and breathe in the cooler air of autumn.

  17. One of the most welcomed signs of autumn where I live, in Southeast Missouri, is the drop in humidity. We lovingly refer to our part of the state as “Swampeast Missouri” as it once was covered in swamps, hence the most uncomfortable high levels of humidity in the summer. Along with the less humid days come crisper mornings and cooler nights and a feeling of renewal. We’re waiting!

  18. Fall in our area is cooler temperatures and beautiful colored trees. Love being able to sleep with windows open and a light blanket.

  19. I live in the foothills of North Carolina. We are starting to see cooler mornings and a few trees have started to change colors. I have seen mums for sell which is a sure sign that fall is coming.

  20. As I walked my kids to the pick up area, I noticed the first stray leaf fall and I realize the change of the season is fast approaching. It’s the most spectacular time of year when nature decorated the world for us. It’s time to bite into an apple create a wonderful dessert with what the land provides and it’s great for snuggling at outside bonfires sharing stories. Put the phones down and enjoy!

  21. Autumn in Aberdeen, Idaho means it’s harvest time! Harvesting potatoes is a community effort. School is closed for 2 weeks to allow the students to join in the effort to bring in the crops.

  22. Leaves turning colors, there’s a crispness to the air, kids go back to school, and the amazing STATE FAIR takes over our town for 3+ weeks!

  23. Autumn in Nebraska is starting to have some low-lying fog in some areas, the apples are starting to be harvested, the cornfields are starting to slowly turn into amber waves, my garden has been visited by the onslaught of grasshoppers as the tall grasses try to engulf the tomatoes, green beans, and peppers. The decorative gourds and pumpkins are ripening right on cue, and the cucumbers are taking over! I’m glad school is three weeks in, because I can share with coworkers what won’t fit in my freezer!

  24. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! My favorite!!!! You can wear shorts/pants, longsleeves or short sleeves! You can actually enjoy being outside without baking or the humidity like we have here in PA! This book is beautiful!!!! I love the illustrations and the title and what it is about!

  25. It’s cool in the mornings, but warms up nicely. It’s definitely a time for layering. The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and my hummingbirds are emptying the feeders as fast as I fill them getting ready for their long flight home.

  26. I just moved to the South. It doesn’t feel like fall, I miss the beautiful tuning of the leaves and the brisk weather while watching football games

  27. Geese flying south in a V, leaves turning brilliant colors, evenings turning crisp and cooler, soybeans ripening, lawn grass getting thicker. Can you tell I’m from the country? Lol

  28. Cooling breezes, leaves falling, high school football games, the sounds of Canada geese flying over head and children wearing long sleeves and no longer showing their knees.

  29. Chilly mornings and chilly nights. Having the windows open instead of the air being on. Hummingbirds flying around. Leaves starting to change colors. Acorns dropping from the trees.

  30. The cool morning air is the first sign that autumn is just around the corner. I really enjoy having a sweatshirt on to go out and have a morning coffee. Also, having to wake up early to get to school is another sure sign that autumn is here.

  31. The cool breezes and air temperature have started. Soon the leaves will begin to change color. There are already mums at the garden center. School has begun.

  32. With temperatures in the high 90s in Tigard, Oregon, it feels like Autumn is far away. Even so, some of our sugar maple trees are turning beautiful shades of maroon and scarlet. There are lots of squirrels chasing around putting away nuts for the winter. School starts tomorrow!

  33. I just love Fall!! The weather begins to change to cool nights and mornings. Sweater weather after a long hot summer. You can really hear the wind in the trees as the leaves get ready to change to beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and gold. The sun rises later and sets earlier so the days are shorter. You begin to see the kids out walking to the buses in morning or the high school students standing and talking on the corners after a long day at school. Soon I will begin to see houses decorated for fall with pumpkins, corn stalks and mums. I just love Fall!!

  34. Acorns, acorns, acorns! Crunching underfoot. Dive-bombing the roof of your car. Winter treasure for industrious squirrels!

  35. The temperature in the mornings are much cooler! I’m beginning to see a few leaves change colors. There are plans being made to go to the pumpkin patch.
    Hot chocolate and pumpkin spice are on the menus.

  36. Just today I had to bust out a sweatshirt. Seen some trees with spots of changing leaves and the neighborhood squirrels have been busy gathering food.

  37. The swimming pool is all closed up, and the hummingbirds no longer visit the feeder.
    There are many apple orchards in western Massachusetts offering “pick your own” apples, and local farms are inviting us to their corn mazes, and are displaying this year’s pumpkin crop!

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