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Blog-Paperbag-TurkeyCheck out this adorable gobbler. I can’t take credit for his paper bag appearance—that idea is posted on The Mailbox’s Thanksgiving Pinterest board. However, I can take credit for stuffing the bird full of teacher goodies: pencils, stickers, glue sticks, sticky notes, erasers, a foam die, index cards, hand cream, and tissues. And this one-of-a-kind gobbler is looking for a new home!

To enter for a chance to win the turkey and his stuffin’, simply leave your answer to the question below right here on the blog before midnight ET Sunday, November 15, 2015. Gobble, gobble!

What was your very first job where you earned a paycheck?

I worked in a grocery store!


Congrats to Lea D., the winner of this month’s giveaway! Her first job where she earned a paycheck was at an A&W drive-in. Frosty mugs and yummy root beer! :+)

130 thoughts on “Gobble, Gobble Giveaway

  1. oh my goodness that was a long time ago. I worked for a catering service for the airlines that ran out of Metro Airport. I worked in the office but on occasion when there was a flight everyone had to go to the floor to put together meals.
    It was a cool job I actually got to go under the airport did you know in the basement level there is like a whole city under there.

  2. My first job was working at a local radio station the summer after I graduated high school. I worked the “traffic” desk doing receptionist-type duties and writing public service announcements and such. Fun times.

  3. My very first job was at a jewelry store during the holidays. I wrapped presents and kept the store cases clean and the jewelry polished. I guess that’s why I still have such a love for jewelry today!

  4. I started out babysitting on a regular basis for family friends. My first outside job was at a day care working with toddlers. I loved teaching them and watching them grow and learn!
    Teaching anf working has always held a place in my heart!

  5. My first job where I received my first paycheck came from The Lighthouse school in Rockwall, Texas. I started there when I was 18 in 2003. The first Monday after my highschool graduation. Many many years later I am now a 2nd grade teacher for Royse City ISD!

  6. I worked in the dining room at a retirement/assisted living place. I served the residents their meals. I also occasionally worked the reception desk so that the receptionist could have a break.

  7. I started babysitting when I was about twelve, then my first outside job with scheduled hours and an official pay check was working as a cashier at a grocery store.

  8. My first real job was at a Dairy Queen, oh so many years ago! Back when perfecting the curly Q on the top of every cone was the differance between keeping that paycheck or letting it go! I will never forget how proud I was that very first perfect cone! 🙂

  9. I worked as a seasonal sales person at The Gap. We were trained to be super pushy with the sales, bringing “a sweater to go with those jeans” or “a shirt to go with that sweater” to the door of the changing rooms, so that when the customer exited we could be right on top of them with an additional fashion suggestion. Blech! I learned quickly that working in sales was not for me, and I’m pretty sure it was obvious to my supervisors, because I was not hired on permanently after the Christmas season! 🙂

  10. My first job earning a paycheck was working at a fast food restaurant. 30 years later I still appreciate what that job taught me about hard work.

  11. I worked as a teacher’s assistant at a child care center that offered care for special needs as well as typical children. That was 25 yrs ago, so we were pretty much the only center that offered care to severely disabled children as well as their typical peers. It was the BEST job I ever had!

  12. My very first job was at a fast food restaurant. In fact the restaurant that is the home of the golden arches. I once was employee of the month for my whole state for serving (without my knowledge) a district manager a combo meal in 7 seconds.

  13. I was 15 and I worked at a place called Sub Station II. I still remember the meats that was on a number 19-ham, pepperoni, salami-this was their most popular sandwich. They also had 5 ft and 3 ft party subs that were really cool!

  14. I worked in my church’s child care center. I worked there for 5 years, now some of the former kids I watched are graduating college this year! I feel so old.

  15. My very first job earning a paycheck was working dressed as the Easter bunny taking pictures with all the little kids. I was 16 years old. I had such a great time doing it. That was when I realized I wanted to work with kids when I got older.

  16. My first job was working at a pet and garden center. I worked in the pet department, cleaning cages, training parrots to talk, running animals to the vet, and cleaning and stocking shelves of pet supplies.

  17. The first job I got a real pay check was my freshman year of college, working at the JCrew outlet so I could get discounted clothes! What a blessing!

  18. My first job was working in the dinning hall during college. Stocked the cooler, cleaned dishes, cooked etc. You name it I probably did it.

  19. I was a ride operator at Magic Mountain in Valencia, before Six Flags bought it. I worked on the Spin-Out, and had to clean up vomit at least once a week. Had an enormous crush on a boy who worked on the Jet Stream!

  20. MY very first job to bring me a paycheck was working as a Youth Conservation Corp worker in our local PA Parks System. We cleared trails, even built a snowmobile bridge across a,stream with no power tools!. Great first job!

  21. My first paycheck job was as a cleaner at a restaurant, once a week. After about 5 months I lost that job, because the health department did an inspection and said the restaurant had to do daily what I’d been doing weekly.

  22. In high school, I worked at a pharmacy and in the summer months I would go and work at a temp agency in their office and interview others to help them find work.

  23. My junior year of high school I became my third grade teacher’s babysitter. I would go after school and take care of 3 kids so she could help at the family’s newly opened restaurant.

  24. My first job earning a paycheck was at Girl Scout Camp. I worked there for 13 summers and still have great memories and friendships from those fun times!

  25. My first job was at a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. I worked for a gentleman who was a high school teacher. He taught me so much.

  26. I worked on Sunday mornings at Winchell’s donuts when I was 12….amazing! I made $1.70 an hour and most frosted and decorated the donuts….but also sold donuts at the window and made change!

  27. My first job was freah out of college. I had also just relocated in Arizona. I put in my application at many different districts. Since this was in January, i was just hoping something would become open. I got a call for a small charter school that serviced k-8. They were looking for a first grade teacher. I got the job. This charter school was just starting so there was jot much of a budget and no set curriculum. Needless to say i was thrown into a tough job where i had to create my own pacing calendar. I also had NO idea what the previous teacher was or had worked on. I basicly started from the beginning and adjusted as i went. My class was a griup of 14 first graders who all lived a tough life. I had to make everything as fun as possible as well as very hands on just to keep the kids focused and the class under control. That is thebone experiece i keep in my mind while i plan and work at my current school.

  28. My first paycheck was from cAstner Knots department store for helping with the winter inventory. I spent a week counting every pievce of inventory in the home goods department.

  29. I babysat and then worked as the janitor for our church. My first real world experience came when I was 16 at a department store chain that is now closed. Value City was the job I was able to work for my entire way through college to become a teacher. Now I’m loving my first graders!

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