Get Some Rest

No beach? Don't like yoga? You still have restful options to help combat stress.

No beach? Don’t like yoga? You still have restful options to help combat stress.

This week I’m tackling my sleep deprivation issue. Like many adults, I don’t get enough sleep—and it’s entirely my fault! I get a second wind around 11:00 and putz around instead of getting ready for bed. Then I go to bed too late, get up early, and continue the cycle of sleepiness. Sunday night I went to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual. Monday night it was an additional 10 minutes. I don’t feel fabulously rested, but I also have a geriatric cat who wakes me up a few times a night, so there’s that.

I know that you must be exhausted. I was exhausted when I taught kindergarten. And exhaustion contributes largely to feelings of stress and discouragement you might feel in the classroom. We’re all capable of handling challenges better when our bodies have enough sleep. But what else can we do to combat stress? Try adding rest to your day as well! Check out this article by Edutopia for ways you can add rest to your day. Rest + Sleep = Smiling, Energized Teachers!


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  1. Bedtime 7 nights a week is the same time and I get up each day at the same time. I have found it helps me feel better.

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