Fun Classroom Finds

Did your summer include some fun classroom finds? You know the type—a $1 roll of duct tape in a bargain bin, a 75% discounted pillow for your reading nook, or some dirt-cheap pencil pouches for storing word sorts. Maybe you found some green gloves that can become frog puppets!

I actually did find a one-buck roll of zebra-stripe duct tape in a sales bin at an auto parts store! The dude behind the counter seemed a bit puzzled by my enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it was his last roll. 🙂

What about you? Any finds this summer?



10 thoughts on “Fun Classroom Finds

  1. I was able to stock my sticker collection at Targets for a dollar each kind. They had teacher stickers that said great job and all kinds of stuff.

  2. In Canada I often go to the stores that are going out of business, On the last day you can get up to 90% off, I have found some wonderful items for the classroom this way.I got scrapbook paper for 2 cents a sheet when the scrapbooking place went out of business.

  3. I found some great alphabet cards, adding cards and subtracting cards at a Good Will. I also found some matching and alphabet puzzles for $1.00. Oh–the cards were $.50 (cents) a deck. And two great big poetry books for 50 cents apiece. I find other things ALL of the time at thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets.

  4. I found small photo albums on sale and with my educator discount they were .79 a piece. We used them for individual passports for the summer: Passport To Reading.

  5. I found a Grinch at a garage sale for .25 and a sock monkey for the same price!!! Also I am doing a monster theme this year and I picked up a monster at a garage sale that my students can autograph!!! Also I found many different monster googlie eyed stickers and pencils at a dollar store!! I love to find bargains in the summer!!

  6. I found some cute Cat in the Hat bags for Dr. Seuss week next year in the dollar bins. I also found pencils and cute erasers. I plan to pass them out after we finish Dr. Seuss week.

  7. I found a large, brand-new pocket chart at a thrift store for $1.99. I also found books to add to my classroom collection at various garage sales. 🙂

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