From the Mouths of Teachers

Kiddos say the funniest things, it’s true. But so do teachers! A teaching buddy of mine never planned on having to ask “Where are your pants?” but did just that when a youngster emerged from the restroom bottomless. I never expected to accidentally attach a teacher’s name to a missing hamster: “Please don’t step on Mr. Hansen. He’s escaped from his room again.” And, no doubt, a teacher never expected to say “Sweetie, cauliflower is a vegetable. The Pilgrims sailed across the ocean in a ship called the Mayflower.

Now it’s your turn! What’s something you never dreamed you’d say as a teacher?



9 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Teachers

  1. “Get out of the closet, you have been in there long enough!” I said to one of my high school ELL students who was in my supply cabinet too long. Not one ELL student got it!

  2. The Kindergarten students in my class create a personal Special book each year. Students dictate the special qualities of each person in the class. Students often dictate as an example “John is special because he plays with me at recess.” When it comes time to dictate a page about themselves they tend to follow the same line and dictate “I am special because I like to play with myself.” I consider it a personal kindness to slightly alter the transcript to read “I am special because sometimes I like to play by myself.”

  3. In a discussion about eating healthy, ” No, boogers are not a food. Yes, they are green and I know I’ve seen you eat them but they are not going on our list of veggies!”

  4. “How does your hair get stuck in your brother’s teeth?” I said this one day as I was trying to get a girl’s hair unstuck from her backpack zipper. She told me her hair get stuck in lots of places but the worst is when it gets stuck in her brother’s teeth.

  5. As a storyteller, who dresses up, and travels with a Bookmobile, I am now busy devising all my story time programs for Fall/Winter, for all my Pre K groups who we visit.
    So a very timely comment as I contemplate Thanksgiving- made me laugh on this Monday morning!
    Thank you

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