Freebies for Teachers: Reaching Young Readers

When it comes to curriculum, reading is king. So we’ve gathered reading resources and fun freebies to help your readers of all ages build their skills!


Which of these freebies are a good fit for your classroom? Submit a comment to our blog by midnight on Monday, February 14, to let us know. One lucky teacher will receive Miss Fox’s Class Earns a Field Trip, from Albert Whitman & Company. Written by Eileen Spinelli, the story follows Miss Fox’s class as they try to earn funds for a trip to Roller Coaster Planet.  Submit your comment today! (Update: Congratulations to Genny K., who was our winner!)


Find out what’s new at the Magic Tree House! Visit for free teachers guides and activity sheets, searchable by book title and theme; more than 60 missions that involve students in uncovering clues and solving puzzles; sample chapters; a teachers’ idea forum; and more. Jack and Annie are waiting for you and your class, so click here now to explore!


Teach reading the hands-on way! Didax offers a free Unifix reading cubes sampler when you visit You’ll find cubes for teaching consonant-vowel-consonant words, blends, onsets and rhymes, and more along with activity books and other resources too. Click here now to sign up for your free sample!


Especially for beginning readers, the popular PBS series Between the Lions has four new DVDs on topics such as exploring feelings and facing fears. Plus when you visit you’ll find free skills guides, printable posters and take-home sheets, certificates, postcards, and more. Check it out!


And, finally, here’s one more freebie that’s too good to miss: enter to win a $400 prize pack of teacher resources from the American Farm Bureau Foundation. Plus try the free interactive games; they’re perfect for your next unit on nutrition, healthy eating, farm, life cycles, and much more. Start at to enter the contest and then continue on to the main site to check out the games. Click here now!


Don’t forget, submit your comment for a chance to win our prize!


19 thoughts on “Freebies for Teachers: Reaching Young Readers

  1. I love all those, but if I had to pick one I would pick the Unifix Reading cubes. Those would be so cool in my classroom to help my kids spell and read words. Love them!

  2. I like the American Farm site and of course entered the contest. I also love the Between the lion stuff. Its great to use in the classroom.

  3. I love the magic tree house website!! I did sign up for both the free unifix cube samples and agricultural contest!!! Those are all great resources!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. I love to see the progression from reading sight word readers at the beginning of first grade to chapter books. My students especially love the Magic Tree House books!

  5. I teach the ENL cluster students in my general education class. I love Between Lions because the children can see and hear the sounds. If I have students who are a a higher level it helps them to use problem solving skills and develop higher level phonics skills and strategies.

  6. Thank you for the links. I went to check them out! I think the field trip book looks great! My kids love listening to books read aloud! Teachers, like me, I know are appreciative for companies that want to help them in their classrooms. Thanks for caring!

  7. I have used several materials and the PBS site for Between the Lions. I have been impressed with their both their educational value and high interest for the kids. My students love their site!

    I am also interested the book, Miss Fox’s Class Earns a Field Trip. I would like to use it to extend some of my math and social science lessons.

  8. Wow the book Mr. Fox’s class earns a Fieldtrip, portrays such a valuable lesson of working towards a goal and encourages students to work in school and in life a valuable lesson! This us one 5 can use in my classroom!

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