Freebies for Teachers: Judy Moody Prize Pack Giveaway and More!

The opening of the new Judy Moody movie has been on my calendar for months, and now it’s finally here! In celebration, we’re giving away a prize pack of Judy Moody items, including three books based on the movie, Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer, and the latest book in the Judy Moody series, Judy Moody: Girl Detective. To be eligible to win these, submit a comment to our blog by midnight EDT on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, and tell us which of the freebies listed below is your favorite. One lucky reader will win! (Update: congratulations to Rhonda, who is our winner! Rhonda, your prize pack is on the way!)

Speaking of, here’s a quick list of fun freebies and great offers that will ensure that YOU have a not-bummer summer!

Hertz Furniture is saying thank you to teachers! In the Applauding Teachers Across America contest, one lucky teacher wins prizes valued at over $1,000! Don’t miss out. Click here now for all of the details. (Winning would certainly contribute to a not-bummer summer!)


Wondering how to store those comics and graphic novels that so many readers love? When you order 60 or more titles from ABDO, you’ll get a free storage bin! Check it out at


Work some science into your reading time with the new assortment of e-books available from Sylvan Dell Publishing. Visit the website,, to take a test drive. You’ll see titles such as Meet the Planets, Habitat Spy, Deep in the Desert, The Glaciers Are Melting, and many more. Take a look!


Here’s a new option for finding the resources you need: the Sadlier store is now open! Visit to find product preview pages, product reviews, and more. Make your purchases online, 24/7!


Did your class enjoy The Lemonade War? In this sequel, The Lemonade Crime, siblings Evan and Jessie are determined to uncover what happened to the money stolen from their lemonade stand. See the author discuss the book and check out all of the free resources available from the publisher, Houghton MIfflin. Click here now!



And finally, if you’re looking for a new way to reach your students, tap into the power of technology. Full Sail University offers a master’s degree in education media design & technology. Complete your degree in 12 months! Click here to learn more.


Don’t forget, submit your comments to be entered into our giveaway! As Judy Moody would say, it’s totally rare!


PS: Do you know an outstanding young educator? Act now to nominate him or her to win $10,000 from ASCD! Click here now to learn more about the Outstanding Young Educator Award. (Hint: self-nominations are accepted too!)

23 thoughts on “Freebies for Teachers: Judy Moody Prize Pack Giveaway and More!

  1. I am looking forward to seeing the Judy Moody movie with my grandaughter. I love movies in te summer. I will be looking into the great offers on this blog too.
    Thanks and Happy Summer all

  2. Judy Moody was a teacher I admired in Rim of the World USD, so of course, the “Judy Moody” books are much desired!

  3. I have not read the book or seen the movie but I am definetly going to do both. It sounds like a good story. I am going to bring it over to the grandchildren’s house during mone of babysitting days.

  4. I’m always on the lookout for free books to add to my classroom library. Another Judy Moody book would be nice to add to my other books about her.

  5. Wow, choosing a favorite from these freebies was difficult; but I have to say I loved hearing from the author of The Lemonade War and can’t wait to read her new book, The Lemonade Crime. I love the learning and advanced vocabulary children get without realizing it as they read for fun. 🙂 I shared the video clip with several of my past students that loved the first book. Like Ms. Davies, I enjoying hearing from students, so I’m looking forward to their response. 🙂

  6. My children in the classroom were excited about the movie-Judy Bloom! Having the books in my classroom library would be great. Getting them free would make it even better!

  7. Kids need more fun and interesting books to help them learn more about science and to see how fun it can be to learn.

  8. My favorite freebie is from Sylvan Dell Publishing. There aren’t many easy to read books for younger children that integrate science or even some other subjects within the subject that appeals to them, or that breaks the information down to a point where it’s understandable.

  9. My favorite is the freebie from Sylvan Dell Publishing.
    These books can be integrated in all areas, especially for my preschoolers I am taking on a second class so this would be wonderful to add to the class. thankyou.

  10. I love Sylvan Dell Publishing and the books published by this company. My children would love to have new books.

  11. My fourth grade students have been reading me out of house and home, not to mention my school book shelves. I have taken my son and daughter’s childhood collection to school to share with my students. The Judy Moody collection would certainly be a new attraction to encourage my students to READ, READ, READ!! Since we are departmentalized at my school, these books will reach the hands of over 100 students!! Thanks so much for considering my classroom for your free giveaway. Mary Jo DeWitt

  12. A well organized classroom depends on the furniture you have to define your centers for the students, to keep yourself organized for the school year, and to have the storage space needed to accomadate manipulatives and crafts supplies. Our preschool classroom is in need of good sturdy shelves, and kid sized tables to replace some aging furniture.

  13. I am moving from kindergarten to fourth grade–WOW would any freebies come in handy. I will have over 110 students a day. I have been scrambling all summer to find as many supplies, books, games, and materials as I can. Thanks for considering me:)

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