Freebies for Teachers: All About Reading

Do you know any teachers who would turn down free books? I didn’t think so! In that spirit, this blog post is all about free books and reading resources. Many of these offers are good for a limited time, so don’t miss out!


Submit a comment to our blog to let us know which of these freebies are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win a prize pack of new books from ABDO, including titles from the Ready-to-Read series, the Super Simple Things to Do series, and Buddy Books. Click here now to learn more! Hurry—submit your comment by midnight EDT on Monday, March 14, 2011!


Did you know that Wednesday, March 9, is World Read Aloud Day? Click here now for free printable flyers, posters, activities, coloring pages, and more. Then keep track of how many minutes you and your students spend reading aloud. This year’s goal is 774 million minutes in honor of the 774 million people worldwide who can’t read or write. It’s all at


Turn your students into published authors! With, your students’ manuscripts are turned into hardcover booksfor free! Press dates will go quickly, so sign up now. Want to see how the books turn out? To get TWO free sample books, click here!


With the World Book Ultimate Science Instructional Collection, you could win an INSTANT library of science resources. Valued at over $3,500, the library includes a one-year subscription to World Book Science Power plus more than 150 titles from other popular World Book series. This contest is too good to pass up; click here now!


Get ready for summer reading with a free book! Click here to request your educator kit, which includes a free copy of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, a Newbery Honor book by Grace Lin. Plus let Little, Brown and Company know which genres your students love. Don’t miss out on this offer; sign up today!


Happy reading!


23 thoughts on “Freebies for Teachers: All About Reading

  1. Hey Karen! These sound like great resources, but every time I click on one of them, I don’t go anywhere! I will try again from home and see if it is just something with the school website. =)

  2. Hi Laura,
    The links are checking out okay on our end. Is anyone else having problems? Please let me know!


  3. I think reading aloud to students and children is very important especially for younger students who may not understand scientific terminology. Reading aloud gives parents and teachers an opportunity to introduce new topics for younger students as well as introduce new terminology but it also allows children and students to see how to read fluently. Reading is such an enjoyable hobby of mine and if I can foster a love for reading to one child or student then I feel I have been successful as a teacher and as a parent.

  4. Great resources and I already signed up with the Little Brown Company. I love to read in my personal life and love sharing my love of books with my kids.

  5. Reading is my favorite subject to teach. i encourage my students to read 30 mins. each night. I read to my parents and grandparents, and to my five younger sibblings as a child. I also read to my children as soon as they could enjoy looking at the colorful photos. My oldest son was able to read to me and his little brother when he was three. All three of my children learned to read at an early age.We alltook turns reading a story or a chapter from a book every night. They took out books using my library card as soon as they learned how to write their name they got their own. My daughter now does the same thing with her 4 kids. So for a chance to get free books yipee! I can have books for my students and my grandchildren to enjoy. I expecially like the high interest low reading lextiles for the upper grades, struggling and not wanting to read because they find the text hard.
    Thank you such a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to make our libraries grow.

  6. Every time I see the e-mail from this website I get so excited. There’s always great information on giveaways and projects. It’s nice to know there’s still stuff for educators that don’t cost and arm and a leg. Thank you!

  7. Freebies? Don’t all teachers love any kind of freebies?! I would be excited to win any of these offers for my students. The books would be the most beneficial, but the published writing would also be great. I have quite a crop of writers this year who would be overjoyed to have their work “published” in a hard cover book.

  8. Wow! I am in desperate need of new books for my kiddos to read. They are on fire with reading and honestly, I cannot afford to keep buying new books for the room. Yay! I hope I WIN!

  9. I would love to have a new science library…for free! As you said, anything free for a teacher is a treasure. We do so much for our students, and having access to free materials is amazing! Thank you for always having freebies for teachers!

  10. I love super simple sciece book. My kids love hands on activities. This would be a great book to add to my library and resources.

  11. WOW!! I’d LOVE to receive new books for my classroom library! Having more non-fiction would be a greater plus!
    I SPENT $1500.00 my first year of teaching and over a $1,000.00 my second year. Teaching can be VERY expensive when you need to build a class library, add all sorts of manipulatives for hands-on work,
    and purchase teacher workbooks to reinforce and approach mastery.
    Adding to my well-worn class library would be SUPER! Any free items I can receive to help my students are absolutely WONDERFUL “in my book”!!

  12. My kids love reading but they don’t read enough nonfiction texts so I would love to get a nonfiction library for them.

  13. My second graders prefer non-fiction books over fiction books. They are facinated by a myriad of topics – especially animals and geography. They learn so much by reading quality books. I’d love to have more non-fiction texts to offer them in my classroom. There is never the question, “What do I do now?” — everybody always has a book to read!!!

  14. I am a single Father raising a beautiful baby girl. Its really hard for me to raise the capital for the right books & educational material, while taking the time it requires to give her the proper education. It would truly be a Blessing for us to have the Ready to Read series for Pre K….

    She loves so much to read. I also work with my nieces and a couple of my friends children. Reading is unquestionably our favorite activity. We also spend a lot of time at the Library because we just can not afford the books with everything else we have to do!

    Thank You so much for this opportunity!

  15. My Preschool Class loves to look at books and are learning to read. What a beautiful collection of books. Thank you for the opportunity to provide more books to these at-risk children in my classroom.

  16. I am a Preschool teacher in a loving church preschool with a small budget. I would love to have free books for the kids especially the sets on Farm Pets. Your books look like high quality books and I love the real pictures in them. I just know they would be a wonderful addition to our collection and the children would not only benefit educationally from them but would also have a new world opened up to them and gain a love of reading. Thank you for this opportunity.

  17. Ever since I was a little girl I love to read. I couldn’t wait for the Book Mobile to come to my house, we didn’t have libraries then so this was the only way in the summertime we could have books to read. I have read to my children, grandchildren and my pre-school class. Books bring us to another world of learning. I would take my children and grandchildren to the library summer reading club, it is so much fun. I love to do a curriculum within a book, makes the book and curriculum so interesting.

  18. I would love to win free books for our project. Another teacher and myself work with a group of middle school students that read to kindergarteners and first graders once a week. Our Native American students, most from homes of poverty, have few if any books at home. We would like to be able to give each kindergartener and first grader a book every couple of weeks that they could bring home and share with younger brothers and sisters. We strongly believe that by encouraging reading at home, that these children are able to succeed at school.

  19. This is such a great freebie! My favorite is the World Book Ultimate Science Instructional Collection! 🙂

  20. My first graders love both fiction and non-fiction books. I would love to have a wider collection of non-fiction text and more easy reader fiction text for some of my early readers. Independent reading time is what my students look forward to the most in my room!

  21. Oh my books! Even though I teach math intervention to struggling third grade students, I always integrate and find ways to use books. Reading and math go hand in hand as they both allow students to build upon prior knowledge, solve problems through illustrations and more so starting out with a great story always makes math fun. Books help my math students get back on track as I integrate math skills into my math intervention curriculum. These books would allow my students to remain excited about coming to math while enhancing reading and math skills as one. ~ Sincerely~

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