Free Program: Get Your Students Involved in Pennies for the Planet!

What can a penny do? Teachers and students all over the country are finding out as they collect pennies as part of the Pennies for the Planet program from Audubon. Get your class involved! Click here now to download free materials or request a free kit. (Plus read on to find a special environmentally oriented prize just for readers of this blog!)

This year’s funds go to help preserve three important habitats:

    Sabal Palm Sanctuary, located near Brownsville, Texas. Nonnative plants have invaded Sabal Palm Forest, driving out native plants such as the Sabal Palm and animals such as ocelots, jaguarundis, and green jays. Many of these creatures are found in few places in the world!
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    Lea-Hutaff Island, located on the North Carolina coast. This is one of the few undisturbed barrier islands in North Carolina. On the island, you’d find loggerhead turtles, American oystercatchers, and least terns, which thrive on the open, sandy beaches with few predators or vegetation. Safe places to nest are critical to their survival.

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    Arctic Ocean, including the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. Scientists still have much to learn about the wildlife habitats in the Arctic Ocean. How do polar bears, ice seals, and seabirds survive the brutal conditions?

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As a thank you for participating, students get Pennies for the Planet temporary tattoos, a listing on the online honor roll, and have a chance to get special incentives like wristband bracelets or a classroom resource kit. Plus the group that raises the most money receives a rocking environmental celebration at their school!

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As Jennifer Costello, a teacher at Columbus Elementary in Lodi, New Jersey, said, “Our school has been going green for the past four years. This is a wonderful program to help empower students of all ages to help make a change in the planet.” Jennifer’s school raised $500. Your donation doesn’t have to be big–remember, every penny counts!

Planning to get involved in this exciting campaign? Tell us! Submit a comment to our blog by midnight ET on Monday, February 6, 2012. One lucky teacher will win a set of six books from the Go Green series from Black Rabbit Books. These informative books cover water, food, recycling, and much more. Submit your comment—and request your free kit from Audubon—today. This is a project that your students will remember! (Update: congratulations to Leyda, who won our prize)


6 thoughts on “Free Program: Get Your Students Involved in Pennies for the Planet!

  1. I am so excited to introduce Pennies for the Planet to my program and classroom! We have spent all of January learning about animals, and the kids will be thrilled to participate in saving for a good cause! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I am SO glad that I came across this today! I am THRILLED to present this to my fellow colleagues and students. Pennies for the Planet here we come!!!!!!!!!

  3. My students have been bringing in their pennies for a few months. We haven’t counted but the container is getting heavy. It is a great program. A wonderful way to give!

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