Five Important Teacher Phrases

I recently read an article that listed five phrases students should hear from their teachers every single day. I’m curious to learn what you think. There’s one phrase in the list that caused me wonder. My nose even scrunched up a bit. Let me know what you think!

  1. Good morning/Goodbye. Simply put, it’s important to greet your students each morning and bid them farewell at the end of each day. This one is a no brainer!
  2. Do you understand? The author of the article suggests using this phrase (or something similar) as students work independently or in small groups to gage understanding. I strongly agree. Few students will openly admit they “don’t get it” in a large group situation.
  3. What do you think about this? This phrase is golden in a variety of instances. Kiddos like to know that their opinions count. Just be prepared for a variety of responses!
  4. Why is this important? Questions such as this help students connect what they’re learning to their own lives and the world around them. Very important in my opinion.
  5. You’ve done so well; I’m proud of you. This phrase is when my nose scrunched a bit. I’m all about encouraging students. I believe that positive feedback needs to be both authentic and specific and I’m just not sure that these phrases fit the bill.

Okay, it’s your turn. Looking forward to hearing from you!



8 thoughts on “Five Important Teacher Phrases

  1. I try every morning to welcome my kids. I tell them everyday to enjoy their lunch. I try to make dismissal positive, but I have the hardest group I have ever taught this year. Just the way they fight physically and with their words is unreal some days. My kids are so needy for attention and praise, some days I feel that I’m one big compliment just to keep the behavior positive. Even with that said I am firm believer in earning everything. My kids are so used to getting free lunch, free supplies, free gifts from the church, they are beginning to think they are owed free everything. It is a very hard line to walk but I always explain to them nothing is free, someone is always paying for it in some way and this can have consequences and that is why you need to earn your way. Like I said this has been a very hard year to date. It’s 100% better than August, 2017 but it has taken a toll.

  2. Greeting them and their parents/Guardians enter and saying good-bye at the end of day as they exit. I also make sure to say at least one positive compliment and there are some days where I must up something out of ordinary to have one. Lol!

  3. I always greet my students when they come in. I want them to feel happy to be at school and to know that I care about them. I always tell them goodbye at the end of the day, and I share one positive thing with their parents when they come to pick them up.

    I do tell them that I’m proud of them, and I explain why I am proud.

  4. Always greet and say goodbye. I like to tell my kiddos how hard they are working and I also acknowledge how hard they are trying

  5. I have used all of those at one time or another, but I agree, after 25 years of teaching, that saying Good Work is not enough. Specific praise let’s the student know how they are doing in any given subject. I agree with Jeannie Brown, one of the other comments, turn the comment around to help the child own their own praise. Are you proud of your hard work? You have done a great job on………….

  6. I use all of these phrases as well. The last one is tough, but I agree with Laura. I try to turn it back on the difference they see with their work, especially with corrections.

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