Five Fast 40th Facts

We’re deep in the heart of our 40th Anniversary celebration here at The Mailbox. In case you haven’t checked out the special deals and sweepstakes going on right now, click here.

In honor of 40 great years of putting teachers first, here are five fast facts about The Mailbox you might not have known:

1. The first issue of The Mailbox magazine was published in 1979, six years after the company was founded.

2. In 1984, we began publishing The Education Center’s Worksheet Magazine, which later became Teacher’s Helper.

3. In 1999, during the infant stages of the Internet, we launched The Mailbox Companion.

4. Our most popular book title would appear to be the Ultimate Teacher’s Plan Book (elementary edition).

5. You are not going to believe the fabulous new changes coming to this fall!

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