First Ladies Who Were Teachers: Learn More and Win Books

Many first ladies have strong ties to education, and several have been educators themselves. Abigail Fillmore taught for six years and created a library in the White House. Grace Coolidge taught at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Massachusetts, where she met her future husband, Calvin. Laura Bush was a librarian and still supports literacy causes through her foundation.

2-14-17 DK First Ladies


You’ll find lots of fascinating facts in the book First Ladies and the companion book, Presidents, from the DK Eyewitness series. One lucky teacher will win these books. To enter our random drawing, post a comment to this blog no later than 11:59 pm EST on February 28, 2017, and let us know which of this month’s fun freebies get your vote. May the best freebie win!  (Update: congratulations to Kathleen, who is the winner of our prize.)






First Lady Ellen Wilson was an accomplished painter. She’d be amazed at what you can find at Artopia, where the characters learn about different art forms. Check out this free resource at




Lou Hoover was the first woman to earn a degree in geology from Stanford, way before STEM was a thing! Bet she’d enjoy MIT+K12 Videos, which cover fascinating science topics, such as How to Discover a New Planet, How Computers Compute, The Physics of Invisibility Cloaks, and more.




Lucy Hayes was the first college graduate to be first lady. A website she might have loved is Quizalize, where you can create fun games on any topic for free.


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PS: I bet all of the First Ladies would be enthusiastic about This site is loaded with activities, games, and videos across the curriculum. Take a look!

42 thoughts on “First Ladies Who Were Teachers: Learn More and Win Books

  1. What a pleasant plethora of resources and suggested books! GO GIRL POWER!!! I love it. I hope that more resources become available to use in the classroom to help empower young girls.

  2. I have not heard of Quizalize but it looks like a great way to prepare my students for assessments in a fun and engaging way. Can’t wait to use that in my classroom!

  3. Ohh my kiddos have been reading nonfiction and are currently using resources to write biographies. Sounds like both of these books would be valuable in our room!

  4. First Ladies would be a GREAT new addition to our school library’s biography collection! I have a 2nd grade teacher who does a wax museum each year for part of her social studies curriculum and she is always on the lookout for more biographies about women; particularly those who influenced education, our country, etc. This would be a great opportunity to add to our collection! 🙂

  5. I have always loved reading biographies and this is right down my alley! Simply written bios of the first ladies would be a good resource for further research.

  6. My class always researches the presidents, but this year I decided to include First Ladies into the mix. This would be a great resource to add to our classroom.

  7. I would love for my students to learn more about the First Ladies. They had a wonderful impact on America. They had to endure many things and even saved paintings when they White House was on fire as the president was off fighting. Fascinating!

    • Thank you to The Mailbox for the book. I will definitely share it will all the teachers at my school. My students and I are very excited to learn more about history. We all love learning and I love when we have the time and resources to make learning fascinating for my students!

  8. Both books look very interesting. I would love to have that Presidents book in my library. My students are always interested in learning facts about our presidents.

  9. Artopia was a new experience for me. Definitely need to share with my art teachers. I’d love to be chosen the winner of the First Ladies book along with the Presidents one. Thanks for the opportunity!

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