First Friday Giveaway for July!

Yes sirree, it’s the first Friday in July and that meansdrumroll pleaseit’s giveaway time! This month you can enter to win an adorable guy who routinely rocks a pair of red PJs. Okay, let me be more specific. (I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun!) The adorable guy is none other than Llama Llama, the main character from Anna Dewdney’s picture book series. Also included in the giveaway is the picture book Llama Llama Time to Share, a 12-pack of colorful pens, and a thirst-quenching $10 gift card from McDonald’s. So how do you enter to win these goodies? It’s easy peasy!

Simply leave your answer to the following question right here on the blog. Be sure to do this before midnight on Sunday, July 16, 2017. We’ll announce the winner on the blog and we’ll also notify the winner at the email address used to submit the comment. Here’s your question:

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being totally awesome, how’s your summer going?

Stay cool!


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Congratulations to Joy, commenter number 139, the winner of this month’s giveaway!

717 thoughts on “First Friday Giveaway for July!

    • My summer is great! Enjoying time with family and friends, coming up with new ideas for my classroom, and tutoring students! Overall, it’s been wonderful so far!

    • My summer has been a 10! Walking, getting things done around the house, seeing my grandkids (including a brand new grand daughter!) working on curriculum for next year. Simply awesome!

    • So far….10!!! A few family trips in the book with a few more yet to come. Mackinac here we come! Hope everyone is enjoying their families and some relaxing time.

    • I would say a 7.
      My preschool kids are great, my hours are earlier so I can enjoy my afternoon with my own kids. Just wish there was a vacation to look forward too. ????

    • Enjoying a wonderful summer after surgery. 8 weeks off and looking for interviews soon just a lot closer to home. My summer is an 8.

    • My vacation has been a 10! My husband and I took a two week road trip from Bar Harbor, ME to New Haven, CT. We collected many shells and other items for my preschoolers. I’m excited to show them next month when school starts!

  1. Awesome #9 Summer!
    Enjoying a Stay Vacation, taught Bible School, driving truck for hay hauling, being with family.
    My students and I love Llama Llama Books. I read several of them the first week of kindergarten. We would love to add this one and toy to our collection.
    Hope all of ya’ll are enjoying your break!

  2. Just finished a week of multisensory training.
    Once the rain stops I’m headed to the beach where I’ll practice writing in the sand .

  3. I would rate my summer a 9. I have spent time with family and enjoyed reading many books and worked a puzzle. I hope to get more reading in before the end of summer.

  4. It’s been a 5…. lots of manual labor (ick!) helping my husband refurbish a house to sell….I’m not a fan of manual labor! Ha ha

  5. Absolutely #10!
    Even though I have been in my classroom almost every day for the past few weeks purging… I managed to take a few days off to attend the Creation Northeast Festival with my family. Such family bonding time!!

  6. I would say a 10, although I guess nothing is “perfect!” I have learned to relax and enjoy each day as it comes, to savor the moments large and small and not to set my expectations too high or take my setbacks too hard. All this comes through the “gift of age.” My mom told me that years ago, and I never believed her at the time. She must be smiling down at me not with my realization of the wisdom!

  7. My summer has been a big 10… vacationing with family,meeting new friends along the way and tending our flower and vegetable garden.????

  8. On a scale from 1 to 10 … so far my summer break has been a 15! Lots of rest and relaxation, reading great books, browsing great teacher blogs, websites, no rush dinners with family, lunch with the girls, and sleeping in! As if it couldn’t get any better, I leave for Napa in a few days and then we’ll head to Florida at the end of the month. How could it get ANY better…? Much deserved break from a busy, hectic, year. Thanks so much for asking – it’s nice to reflect on what has already happened and what is coming up next … counting my blessings!!

  9. It has been a 9-a trip to Hawaii and time spent with the children and grandchildren. Now it is time to start cleaning and organizing before school starts on August 10.

  10. Fun, yet stressful. Looking for a new home with 2 kids and finding a new school district for all of us.

  11. Our summer has been spent traveling to 4H shows all across the United States. Lots of great family time and time with other show families.

  12. 9- I have enjoyed a lot of time with friends & family! Looking forward to a trip to Great America next week!

  13. School-wise, it’s a 5. Not ready to start working on things quite yet!
    Personal wise, it’s a 10. LOTS of time spent with friends and family!!

  14. About a 9.5. Just hanging out with family. Wasn’t able to take a vacation this year, otherwise it would be a 10!

  15. 9! I’ve finally gotten to relax, read, and send time with family and friends. Couldn’t ask for anything more! So excited to have a few weeks left to enjoy!

  16. Catching up on organizing my —– school stuff! Well, also laminating stuff I kept putting in a box for when I had time. I miss the kids but not the busy schedule.

  17. I would rate it at a 10 this week, my hubby is off on vacation and we are spending a lot of family time together and I love it!

  18. My summer was spent healing from total knee replacement surgery. I am so lucky to have the rest and the time to do my physical therapy so I can get back in the classroom for the upcoming year. I was given my freedom today (done with therapy). So I say 10!

  19. It has been a 10 so far. Enjoying my pool and new deck with my family! Looking forward to vacationing in Cape Cod soon.

  20. I would say 7. I am pregnant with my first child and I get exhausted easier. However, it’s nice having some time to check things off my to-do list.

  21. My summer has been a 10 spending it reading and playing with triplets who will be headed do kindergarten in the fall and my 3yr old headed to preschool in the fall!

  22. Mine is a 10 today because today, on JULY 7th it is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 My classroom theme is FROGS, so I say the summer is TOADally awesome!!
    EVEN THOUGH the summer is going too quickly, over all I am enjoying my summer. I have had challenges. I went through a divorce in May but I am persevering, pushing forward and moving on!!! I am moving into a new apartment next week. My teenage daughter and I shared a 1 bedroom when I moved out of the volatile situation we were in and I am SO GRATEFUL to God that we were able to get OUT!! I am in a MUCH BETTER place now!!!

  23. Summer has been a 7 so far. Relaxing and recharging getting myself ready for the kiddos and the new year! I would ❤️ this “Teacher Swag”‼️

  24. 10! My husband and I recently purchased our first home. It’s been fun, amazing, and stressful all at the same time. Working in time to plan school stuff here and there, while swimming in our new pool! . 🙂

  25. I would have to say a 10 for sure! I get to spend the summer with my baby! We have had so much fun and made so many memories!

  26. I think my summer is a 7…hoping for a get away with family later this month hopefully that will make it better

  27. Great summer! Doing summer camp with my class….. field trips, games, and even a talent show! Love doing what I do! ♡ Family and Teaching! Love swimming and hanging out with my family on the weekends.

  28. It’s a 10, I’ve managed to balance work (2nd part time job), spending time with family and friends, reading, cleaning, and relaxing!

  29. It has been a great summer – lots of outdoor time. It hasn’t been too awfully hot here (sorry to my Southwest friends). I have a big year ahead of me – going from being a math interventionist to a first grade teacher. VERY nervous about teaching ELA. Hoping I can relate everything to math in some way. lol

  30. 10
    I enjoyed a beach vacation, lots of family time, and being with friends. I also had time to read, read, read this summer.

  31. My summer has been amazing so far! Vacation to Mt. Rushmore and a trip scheduled to meet my new niece! My daughter and I have relaxed and had fun.

  32. Right now about a 7. In 2 weeks it will be a 20. I get to spend a week in a castle at Cub Scout summer camp! ????

  33. This has been one of the best summer in years. We took my boys to Diane for the first time and then we went to Ohio and enjoyed a slow trip coming home and seeing new sights. I just finished my last class to complete my masters degree and I am hoping to gain employment it’s the school system again, so I am starting all over again after 5 years of staying home with my boys.

  34. 7 –
    Awesome – time with my kiddos, chance to catch up, reading some awesome PD books – Poor Students, Rich Teaching, and Student Centered Coaching, can get to all the chores!!, swimming, beach time
    Uggh – Need to buy new AC (live in Florida) and had a leak in kitchen so dealing with insurance, bout of swimmer’s ear

  35. My summer has been about an 8 so far – yard sales are only fun for so long! But I am getting rid of some of my collections!

  36. On a scale of 1-10 my summer is about an 8. I’m enjoying every minute but it goes by so fast! Ive been to the beach that was definitely a 10 (at that moment) and I’m headed to Vegas in two weeks, 10. Summer time is for “catch up” and tackling daunting tasks such as garage clean up, house cleaning and organizing which aren’t always that fun. However, I’m so fortunate I have this time to play, ” catch up”. The best part is not having to wake up early on Mondays!!

  37. My summer is a 10 even though I am working. I have been to two conferences–one in Orlando and ISTE in San Antonio! I am ready for my son’s birthday this month and for our family vacation at the beginning of August!

  38. My Summer so far has been a big 10!!! Catching up on some sleep and spending quality time with my family!!! Priceless! ????21st

  39. On a scale of 1-10, it is a 7. There are no papers to grade, but I am doing Summer Care 5 days a week. My students are mainly 4 and 5. They have a lot of energy. I stay busy trying to think of fun activities and crafts to do and doing them. It would be an 8, but I have been fighting allergy/sinus mess for 3 weeks. I have read a lot of good books though which is my favorite way to spend free time. 🙂

  40. So far about a 10! Can’t complain! Sleeping in, reading outside, watching my kids play, and going through new ideas for next school year since I’m moving to Kindergarten 🙂

  41. 7. My summer has been relaxing, but also
    Stressful. I have 3 kids, and we are. It used to being together for 24 houses a day. It’s a lot of adjusting. Thank you for this opportunity.

  42. I’m saying it’s an 8. Unfortunately we are not able to get away, due to financial circumstances, but we are keeping busy at home and getting things done around the house. We also have done some fun activities such as picking strawberries and cherries and trying out lots of new recipes.

  43. 10…love having the time to catch up with things around the house, spending time with my nephew, a little school planning & enjoying my pool!

  44. 10! I am enjoying my time off with my son. Also, I love being able to get caught up on all the little things that I have to do.

  45. 8 – Lots of appointments to catch up on and it is flying! Wish I could be home with my sons for longer!

  46. I would say my summer is a “10!” my very first GrandSON was just born on the 4th of July! I am so in love with him already after having three girls of my own and two beautiful granddaughters!! I am already buying him some of my favorite books and can not wait until I can share them in person!!

  47. My summer is probably a 9. Spending lots of time relaxing and with family. Hubby had surgery for his sinuses the other day so that’s got us down for a couple days (hence the 9 on the summer scale)! But overall great! Beach, pool, friends, LETRS modules, family, great times!! My son would love Llama Llama! ❤️

  48. On a scale of 1-10 I’d say mostly 10! A pretty awesome summer! Make the most of everyday!! Thanks for the First friday giveaway chance to win.

  49. 10. I am enjoying staying at home with my 8 month old son. It’s going to be hard when school starts back and he has to go back to daycare.

  50. Our summer has been relaxing. We have just gone with the flow and not been on a set schedule. We found out that is the best way to enjoy. We have also worked on our summer packet that came from school and have also read lots of books. We really don’t have many more weeks before our school system starts back so we are going to enjoy every minute we have left. We are excited to get back also and be back on the school schedule so we can start the count down till the next summer????

  51. My summer has been a 9. I’m at home with my two babies, which is a 10. Lots of park and pool time. Since they are babies, I haven’t had much time to read or work on crafty projects. That bumps me down a point. We love Llama Llama and my daughter is learning to share me with her new brother, so this book would be perfect!

  52. I would say a 7. I love being home for summer, but I also have a 2 year old so it isn’t all that relaxing! Haha!

  53. I’d say my summer is an 8: I went on my amazing honeymoon and have spent some time with friends and family, but I have been working on my Capstone project and studying for my reading test to get my reading license. Not a big fan of tests so that’s been a little stressful!

  54. Summer vacation is always a 10!
    My girls have been to camp and I’ve been really productive around the house. Looking forward to turning 40 soon:

  55. Summer has been a 6. Can’t complain. Nothing too exciting. Redecorating the basement due to a fish tank fail. Pleasure reading and puzzles! Lots of Rachel n so it’s hard to get outside.

  56. My summer has been mostly a 10 with a few 8 days. An amazing summer so far. Love the give away, thanks for the opportunity.

  57. 8. We’ve had lots of rain, but sun is out today. I love having time off with my son, and I’m halfway through my pregnancy with my 2nd son!

  58. 8 I am having a great ti.e even though I am teaching ESY. I am getting some extra money and still have time to hang out with my boys.

  59. My summer is definatly a 10,000!!
    Been spending time with my kids, doing all sorts of adventures, like mountain climbing, ocean exploring and so much more. I dont want the summer to end

  60. Summer break is a 10 so far! Watched a mommy loggerhead turtle lay her eggs, went orca whale watching in Vancouver, and I’m spending lots of quality time with my sons. ❤️

  61. Just relocated four hours away from my home town so that my husband and I could begin teaching with the school district we have relocated to. We’ve been exploring and getting to know our new hometown!

  62. 7…It’s going by super fast. Need to be more productive and declutter my house before school starts back. Hopefully I will make the most of the remaining month!! 😉 Enjoy your summer!!

  63. 10, I love spending time with my girls ages 2 and 4! We have many family mini vacations we go on and soon we’ll be putting our toes in the sand!

  64. This particular summer is a 6 so far. Counting my blessings of sleeping in, a wonderful family, and reading good books instead. Hopeful things will be more positive soon.

  65. My summer has been a 10! ???? Taught summer school, spending lots of time with family, friends and coworkers, and completing lots of projects (both creative & housework)!!

  66. It’s a 10 because it’s SUMMER!!! Sleeping in, reading books, hanging in pjs til whenever, and relaxing!! Woohoo summer!!

  67. So far a 10! I typically work a 2nd job all summer, but this summer I only worked until the end of June! I leave for Florida Sunday, move into my new apartment (for my new teaching job) when I return, and then my best friends wedding! Ive loved having the freedom to spend time with friends and family (especially my adorable nephew who’s growing up too fast!)!

  68. Summer is going great. I would give it a 9. It would have been a 10 if I weren’t sick in bed right now ????

  69. Its. 10! Very productive – several projects done, books read, beach time and have even done the first 2 weeks of lesson plans!

  70. 10!! I’m enjoying cute and cuddly snuggles from my newborn baby girl born the day after school was out! We’ve been having a ton of fun with her older brother!

  71. I’d say an 8. Lots of housework, but it feels good to get it done. The summer is flying, unlike the rest of the year! Getting ready for a trip to England and Germany to see my daughter-get back just in time to laser-focus on the new school year!

  72. It’s an 8! Been spending a lot of time chauffeuring
    Kiddos to various things but our vacation is coming soon!

  73. 9 out of 10!
    This summer has been awesome so far. A lot of rest, relaxation, time with family and friends, and training to be a better teacher!

  74. Fantastic! I started my very first garden, and I learned how to make homemade pie crust. It’s been a summer of firsts!

  75. I would have to rate my summer as a 9 right now. Lots happening, and I’m so grateful for all that I’ve been able to experience!

  76. An 8! Lots of time spent reading and crafting and catching up on stuff that I just never got to during the school year. Not quite as much time spent at the lake as I had hoped, but will be there this weekend. 🙂

  77. I would say a TEN! I was able to go to New York City and attend a Teachers College summer writing institute at Columbia University!! I learned so much and can’t wait to apply it in my classroom next year in Houston, TX. 🙂

  78. 8- it’s been pretty good spending time with family and friends. I totally enjoy my mornings in my hammock. In fact it would get a 10, except my youngest was just in the hospital and we are dealing with more doctor visits.

  79. My summer vacation is a 9. Great time traveling with my son’s baseball team. It’s a great way to have mini vacation.

  80. I would rate my summer as a 8! ☺ My step son got married. My son graduated from college and my daughter graduated from high school. Now I am relaxing and preparing for my daughter’s move in day for college. It would have been a 10, if one of my coworkers hadn’t passed away.

  81. 10!!!! I’m loving not having a ton of scheduled activities. We had a few camps, but the rest of our time has been chilling by the pool, sleeping in and having spur of the moment fun! I’m returning to the classroom after 8 years being home this fall! Enjoying every moment I can with my family!!!

  82. 10! Even though it is not how I planned. Husband had surgery so I have been nurse, mom, teacher, and the list goes on but still loving every moment spent with the fam! We love Llama Llama at my house and in the classroom!!

  83. My summer is a 10! My sister is about to have her baby boy any day now! I’m visiting from FL and am out of the heat, and am loving every minute with my family!

  84. It is a good 9. Fun with family, friends and me time ! Lots of rain for the crops! My youngest got engaged. Life is good.

  85. My summer is going well, but not as busy as I had planned due to unforseen circumstances, so I’m going to give it an 8.

  86. My summer break is an 8 just finished up a trading class and now I get to spend some much needed time home with my family.

  87. Definitely a 10!! I love teaching my new Pre k kiddos and enjoying the summer at my new house with my family!!

  88. I’m giving my Summer a “10”; because aside from being busy with my daughter, while she was showing at our county fair, we have managed to go on our a few fun trips, and are enjoying a lot of family time, as well as relaxing at home. It’s been great!

  89. Well my summer could be a little better since I am taking Master’s classes and it rained most of June! But overall, its been going pretty good. Probably a 7 out of 10.

  90. Enjoying as best as I can with two little running around and destroying the house! Already planning for next school year with mini projects….the teacher brain never shuts off!

  91. 10! I get to be a mom to my boy! Soccer, swim lessons, hanging and playing with my favorite three year old. I try to schedule lots of fun things during the summer so that weekdays are spent with lots of fun!!

  92. Although I do work in the summer, I am making the best of it. Just finishing up a week off! Spent lots of time with my 2 yr old daughter, at the beach and visiting pools of friends/family! Summer is going great!!!

  93. One 🙁 my summer has been pretty boring. Cleaning and sitting around. Car problems and an unplanned pay cut (school I’m at didn’t inform new teachers that they wouldn’t be getting summer pay) has left me without being able to get out of the house much.

  94. A 10!! Spending time in my garden, and getting ready for canning season. Also having fun with my daughter before her senior year.

  95. It’s about at an 8! My family has done some fun stuff, but my 2 year old is not sleeping so well in her new big girl bed! It’d be a 10 if I could sleep.

  96. 10 is how I rate my summer. Everyday is all in what you make of it, I choose to make the best of everyday.

  97. It’s been a “10” because it’s the first summer in 4 years that I didn’t have to pack and move to a new campus! I’ve actually been able to get some things done at home that I put off for the last few summers and now getting ready to start preparing for next year!

  98. It’s going Great! There’s nothing better than leisurely enjoying a cup of coffee every morning and spending time with my family. Whether it’s just a board game, movie night with pizza, or an extended trip with whitewater rafting, it’s special when you’re with the ones you love!

  99. 5
    Had to put my Grandma on Hospice and traveling every couple of days 2 hours each way to the Nursing Home to spend as much time as possible. My Grandma has always been so very important to me! I am so blessed to be 51 years old and still able to love and be loved by my Grandma. Thank you, Jesus!

  100. My summer is a 10 because we just moved into our dream house, and I get to enjoy it all summer with my kids!

  101. 8 I’ve had lots of time to get things done , a great vacation, and read lots of books. Huge hail storm has made it a crazy summer though.

  102. 10!!!! I had to take last summer off due to my husbands illness. This summer all is well so we are enjoying every day! The kiddos are enjoying our beautiful summer in the pool, sidewalk chalk, playground and our inside activities on rainy days ⛱ ???? ???? ☀️ ❤️

  103. So far, so great!!! I’ve enjoyed my time off, spending extra special time with my daughter (who’s headed to college in about 6 weeks!), chaperoning youth events due church, and hanging out! So, I’d give my summer a 9 – only because traveling means laundry when you get back!!! By the way, my students love Llama, Llana!

  104. Our summer is going about 8. Been a little different then expected My Dad passed away ins some respects unexpectedly and different things going on with our second pregnancy which is set for c-section on August 14, 2014. But overall a fairly good summer.

  105. 10 summer time is my time to pack up the family and drive across the US visiting beautiful spots and spending time with family and friends

  106. My summer has been fabulous so far! Relaxing, reading, napping, walking, tutoring, and playing with my 14 month old! We’ve read LOTS of Llama Llama books! Beach trip planned for next week!

  107. My summer has been amazing! I got to see my kids, my mom, my four grandsons, and go to a wedding for one of my extra sons. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give my summer an 11!

  108. I’d say a solid 7. Lots of wonderful, fun, relaxing times, but those don’t come without their fair share of stresses. Trying to enjoy my last summer with no children. I’m due with my first baby in December!

  109. I would have to say an 8. I always have big plans for my summer and I haven’t done one of them. And I only have 3 weeks left!

  110. My summer is a 7. I’m enjoying the down time to relax! I’m also getting things done that I put off too long.

  111. My summer is an 8. Spent the first few weeks getting healthy. Looking forward to spending time with family before I go back to school.

  112. 7 or 8 because I am working part time through the summer however… 2 of my students at summer school had ‘knock it out of the ball park’ kind of days and mostly I’m getting to spend more time with my own little boys & making their summer a blast 🙂

  113. On a scale of 1 to ten I would say my summer is a 10!! I get to be home with my amazing toddlers!! Working on potty training my 34 month old now! Headed to Maine next month!

  114. It’s a 10!!! I’m having a kidney transplant on July 11th thanks to my BIL donating his spare.

  115. I’d say my summer has been a speedy 8…going fast, but getting lots done. Plus having some fun with fam and friends!

  116. My summer has started off awesome! It’s a 10!
    Having great weather in my area helps!
    I’m finding fun new ways to teach while I sit and relax in the sun????

  117. My summer is fantastic! Boys swimming and me sitting poolside and reading! Also, just returned from a week up north (Michigan) boating!

  118. 6, I am relaxing more than during the school year. I am going to the gym, going to doctor appointment, regular check-ups, working on summer cleaning the house, caring for my 88 year old father, with my sisters help. What I am missing is my usual vacation. Maybe next year.

  119. A big 10. Although the real fun starts tomorrow when I journey from Wisconsin to North Carolina for a camping square dancing convention then home for week a d then head to Door County Wisconsin.

  120. Summer is going well so far! Spent some time reading, cleaning, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends!

  121. Summer has been a 10! Haven’t read as much as I planned, but I’ve been finding cool ideas for my 6th graders.

  122. 6, having lots of fun, doing fun things with the kids but not accomplishing much on my to-p list. Summer is my catch up time, so far it’s failing LOL

  123. My summer has been about a 7. I am enjoying the nice weather and got to attend a few concerts, but most of my friends are busy working during the day, so I spend a lot of time on school stuff. Haha.

  124. I have had a blast with my kids this summer! We go swimming, bike riding, go to farmers markets, movies, the Y, and family game nights twice a week! I love getting my teenagers out of their rooms!

  125. About a 9 so far! My son is at camp all day, I am painting my deck, and I have the time I need to read up on WHATEVER I WANT!

  126. This summer is surely not going as planned…son in law had a stroke and it’s been hectic with watching grandkids,helping my father and trying to get things ready for school!!! Would love to win something! !!!

  127. I would give my summer an 8. Just finished a training class now it’s time to spend some much needed time home with my family.

  128. 10
    I am spending time with family. There are trips to fun places. And of course, a few school trainings.

  129. It’s been a 9! Traveled to Tybee Islandin Georgia with family then took a 2,700 mile road trip from North Carolina to Texas in 6 days!! We saw some amazing sites! We are back in town for me to teach summer camp! I can’t wait to teach kids again!

  130. My summer is probably and 8.5. I’ve accomplished a couple of goals, but have some more to do yet!

  131. I’d have to say a seven. Haven’t done anything fun but it’s been nice to be off and spend time with my son.

  132. 8.5!! A few great family trips already in the books, lots of time with my little one, and tons of relaxing. Life is good!

  133. First summer off in 10 years! Accomplishing a lot to simplify life and prepare for the next school year! It’s definitely been a 10!

  134. I would have to go with a 6! Everything has been pretty great with the exception of stress fractures in both feet!! Other than that it’s been a great relaxing summer so far!! ????

  135. I would say it is an 8. Summer so far has been a good balance of relaxing, volunteering, school work and other responsibilities.

  136. It’s a 10. I will be starting at a new school with an amazing principal, and can’t wait for school to start.

  137. #8 out of 10 – lots of fun family time! If it weren’t for the over 100 degree weather & a friend passing away it would be a 10!!

  138. My summer would rank a solid 10 even though I’m recuperating from surgery! I’m thankful to have the summer to do so! This is an awesome give away that would make this summer a 10 plus if I win!

  139. 9 – Love spending time with my boys. There have been a few bumps but we are having a great summer!

  140. Enjoying the Summer off with my 5 kiddos !! I would have to rate it a 9 , besides the heat & rain the past couple days , it’s been a fun filled summer making memories ❤️????!!!

  141. 7- I’ve been taking care of my parents, so they have been keeping me busy. I have also joined a fitness bootcamp and that has been keeping me tired. Not much relaxing but now I have a chance to take care of myself and others.

  142. I’m really having a wonderful summer! I love spending time with my 3 year old and 9 month old.

  143. My summer has been an 8!! Relaxation and spending time with my two daughters have been my top priorities! 🙂

  144. I would say between 7 and 8. Haven’t done anything exciting but it is a nice time recharging after a long year!

  145. Mmmmm…. I’d give this summer vacation an 8.

    The week after school let out, I had a week and a half of professional development workshops; most were worthwhile. I then had a whirlwind five day out of state vacation, attending three music concerts. Although we flew up and back to New York, we put almost 2,000 miles on the rental! Since coming back, I canned over 50 jars of different flavored jalapeño jams and scrubbed the house top to bottom. I still have a few DIY home projects and OF COURSE, task cards and other stuff stuff to print, laminate, and cut.

    I’m only giving it an 8, because I haven’t seen my grands once so far this summer. 🙁 And it’s been too stinking hot outside (I live in Florida) to enjoy being outside anytime during the day.

  146. My Summer has an overall rating of a 10! I’ve had the opportunity to teach summer school in addition to spending time with my great family and friends. Crossing my fingers this free give away finds its way to Houston, Texas.

  147. 5! It’s been nice but my toddler just got the stomach flu sooo I assume it can only go up from here! ????

  148. So far I would rate my summer an 8. Summer school starts Monday so it may go down to 6. It will go back up to 10 the first week of August when I go on vacation!

  149. So far I would rate my summer an 8. Summer school starts Monday so it may go down to 6. It will go back up to 10 the first week of August when I go on vacation!

  150. My summer is an 8 right now. I’m enjoying staying home with my 2 1/2 year old who loves the Llama Llama books. We have been going to Storytime, toddler gym classes, and the town pool. We live for the summer months!

  151. Summer is the best season of the year! I have spent every waking moment with my 3 year old and we have swam…played…painted…shopped…every fun thing! We love summer????❤

  152. I’d rate the summer a “9” up to this point. I have had some fun crafting time and I was able to get my shoulder replacement surgery done. I am rehabbing well. The only reason it is not a “10” is that I have not yet been released to drive. Being stuck at home is no fun!!!

  153. 10! I am refreshed and ready to begin my first year of teaching kindergarten! We’ve spent lots of time outside: camping, swimming, etc.

  154. My summer is a 10! I have a new group of kiddos in my class for the summer. They love to explore and learn and excited to come in everyday. I started couple summer courses with some coworkers and we are having a great time continuing our education.

  155. 10 & going great! I love having my son home! One more yr with much middle child & goes to Kindergarten. Only 5 more weeks of summer & we are going to make the best of it!!

  156. 5…husband had surgery on his brain at the end of May and my son leaves for college soon. Bittersweet summer. Hoping to get a little vacation weekend in soon!

  157. 10!!! Best summer ever, I delivered my first baby at 31 weeks! He’s in the NICU sand will be for a little while. My husband and I spend eveynight at the NICU staring at our perfect son. Slowly preparing to get back into my kinder classroom!

  158. Enjoying my summer. Traveling a lot with family and working on revamping things for the upcoming school year.

  159. #8 It’s mostly a stay at home relaxing summer as we anticipate daughter leaving to tutor English in Hong Kong for 10 months. I am thinking about Around the World 1st grade classroom theme for next school year so travelling now through books and blogs as I plan. Llama llama would make a great reading buddy in my room.

  160. 9…it will be a 10 as soon as my daughter comes home from the beach with her friend. Summer is all about family, relaxing, and catching up.on the peesonal books I have been dying to tead ❤????

  161. My summer is off to a 10! Already got to take a roadtrip to Mt. Rushmore, Montana and Yellowstone!!

  162. 7.
    I’ve been completing many projects, spending time with my immediate family, and extended family celebrating my grandfather’s 92 years of life.

  163. I’m giving it a 7- love summer activities and being home with my 4 kids, but we’ve had some rough patches this summer. Looking forward to family vacation though!

  164. Summer is a 7 so far. Relaxing and fixing up the house to get it ready to sell. Starting at a new school this year and excited about it!

  165. #8 I am enjoying a quiet summer with my family, reading books, watching movies, going on hikes/walks, and enjoying the outdoors.

  166. Busy, busy and busy!
    As a toddler teacher i dont get much of a break unless i take days off without pay. But i try to do fun things on the weekends!

  167. I’ll give it a 7. Not relaxing, I am teaching summer school and reorganizing around my house. While it would be nice to vacation, it feels GREAT to accomplish the small projects I had been putting off.

  168. 9!! I’ve been able to read several books, for fun, in between chauffeurinf my kiddos around. I had a “to do” list I wanted to get done this summer but haven’t gotten to that yet. I’ve been taking my summer to relax before I have to get back at it!!

  169. 8
    I’ve been working on projects for this coming school year. It will be much less stressful to have things ready to go as I need them throughout the year.

  170. Having fun doing activities with my 3 grandchildren! Our favorite is reading! I get a thrill when my 2 year old granddaughter commands, “Read a book!”

  171. I would say this summer has been a 9. Enjoying spending my time with my littles and my family. The summer is just going too fast!

  172. On a scale of 1-10, it is 10, Spending time with my husband, son, and dog-daughter is priceless!! Surfing the web for new instructional ideas, reading “teacher” books, organizing resources is reinvigorating after a long school year. Cleaning out closets, donating the “treasures” to organizations like AM VETS, and finally have a clean house (if only temporary) is liberating. Sitting on the back deck and just taking in nature – comforting and relaxing! L❤️VE SUMMER!! ????

  173. I think it’s probably clocking in at about an 8.72! Nice & relaxing, but that means I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted to in terms of unpacking & organizing my new house. And now I’m getting ready for my new job as a K-12 librarian, so the house is on a semi-permanent hold!! 😀

  174. 9 , awesome summer with my family. Celebrating my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday, my parent’s 51 wedding anniversary , spending time with all my nieces and nephews. And of course my child care children. Life is great!!!!

  175. 8- had to finish coursework for teaching and lots of catch up on but am enjoying time with family and fun with friends 🙂

  176. I’d rate my summer an 8. Getting multiple summer appointments and other TO DOs crossed off my list. Not too many meltdowns from my special needs bio kids or their teacher momma. I love to see Llama Llama books to teach my school kids and bio kids social skills.

  177. 11! I have a 3 year old and 10 month old so I am seeing summer through their eyes…swimming lessons and splash pad, picking strawberries, boat ride, sparklers, and parades galore!!! So much fun to help them experience so many firsts!!

  178. My summer has been a 10+….the beach, my kids, great weather,
    good books, good food and lots of wonderful company! What else
    do you need! Happy Summer Everyone!

  179. My summer has been a 10! So amazing! We took my 1 1/2 year old to Disney World, my first time as well. It was the best! Now we are enjoying our time at home with the last 3 weeks of summer vacation left!

  180. My summer is a 9! I love to spend time with my kids, we just got a kitten for them but it’s going by way too fast!!

  181. Nine! I got a good week of relaxing in and I’m finishing my last two masters classes. I have been working out for two weeks straight!

  182. 10! I’m getting to spend quality time with my daughter before the school year begins and I go back to my 1st grade class and she begins preschool.

  183. My Summer has been an 8 so far! I’ve had a lot of time to relax and travel, but still have work responsibilities keeping me busy. More traveling and time visiting family soon so by the end I’m sure my summer will be a 10, and just what I needed to recharge.

  184. I give it a 10 even though I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. Being able to spend my days with my son is the best gift ever making new memories.

  185. A perfect 10! Spending a relaxing summer at camp, boating and reading some of the many books that are on my list (I’m a crazy book lover!)

  186. It’s an 8…catching up on summer reading & household stuff that all gets neglected during the school year! Hoping to get some camping in when they lift the fire ban!

  187. This summer so far definitely deserves a rating of 10. I am a teacher and have the summer off to enjoy with my baby girl. There is nothing more special and rewarding than spending my summer days with her. ????????

  188. Mine goes to 11! I’m getting a lot done and getting a lot of rest and in 3 weeks my husband and I are going to Las Vegas to celebrate our 20 year anniversary! ♡

  189. This summer so far definitely deserves a rating of 10. I am a teacher and have the summer off to enjoy with my baby girl. There is nothing more special and rewarding than spending my summer days with her.

  190. 10. Working with a student who is making incredible process! My son is home on leave from the army before he deploys to Europe for 9 months. We are having a great visit with him- first time we have seen him in a year.

  191. My summer has been full of ups and downs! New baby girl arrived in April (so we’ve had an extra long summer). Her big brothers love having her here! So lots of cuddles for this summer break!!

  192. 9. Summer has been AMAZING. Going to Disney in 15 day for a family vacation. But I miss my school family so much.

  193. 10! It’s been great so far being able to stay home with my kids. We are finishing up a week long family trip to the UP and it’s been a blast!

  194. 9, making progress on the outside of our DIY home remodel/addition we started 3 years ago. Still not done, but we’re getting there!

  195. My summer has been an 8 so far, I just had much needed surgery and we are moving in a couple weeks. Not the most traditional fun but both positive things that will help me in the long run!

  196. My summer is a 10, Busy getting things done for my classroom but having fun with family and friends at the same time.

  197. My summer is going by totally too quickly!!! But, it has been good!! Getting some more remodelling done on my house, and preparing to start back to school soon!

  198. I would say my summer is a 9. I worked with some great kids during the month of June. Came home to spend time with 4 1/2 year old son and husband. We would play ball together, blow bubbles, and play trucks. We took him to the county fair and he rode a pony for the first time. We visited a children’s museum and he got to be an explorer. We visited Newport Aquarium as an early birthday celebration. He turns 5 tomorrow and starts kindergarten next month. The time has flown by for sure. He has this new love of reading and I look forward to all the things he is going to learn and all of the new experiences he will have. The only reason my summer isn’t a 10 is because it is almost over.

  199. My summer rating as of today is a 7. It’s been s different kind of summer. My oldest is working full time to get college $$. I sent my son to camp-I don’t know why I never did that before-we’re both loving it! My not so young, youngest of 11 is home helping or hanging with friends. Sooo, I actually have time to do stuff-yay! I’m catching up on housework, Walking & going on day trips with friends, trying to organize/perge things, and reading for pleasure. Oh, and taking time to read blogs, of course. And then there’s grilling, fires, baseball, softball, or shopping at night w/my husband & kiddos. I don’t mind, I ❤️Being outdoors and they’re only young for so long. There’s a lot of summer still to go and we don’t go on vacation until August so I’ll make it to the 10 yet! Growth mindset always knows there’s room for better to come ????

  200. Nine! I have done some relaxing, spent time with my family and helping my mom eliminate things to move!

  201. Awesome #9 summer! Sleeping in, blackberry farm, smores, fire works, gin and tonics, Chicago cubs baseball, watching my son play awesome baseball, late nights outside, receiving a pedicure, boat rides on the Illinois river, sun, swimming, camping, and fun family time!

  202. Having a wonderful summer! Moved and busy unpacking. Would love a day in my red pajamas! Thinking about ways to get my classroom ready for fall.

  203. I’ll give it a 5…I’m still doing office work but am hoping to get some time off to organize at home and take a vacation! It’s a beautiful day in MN today though so I’ll make today a 10 🙂

  204. 7- moving classrooms and grade levels so lots of unpacking and prepping- went for a week to visit a friend and now (2 days ago) my son broke his foot so my 10 went down to a 7…

  205. Summer’s a 9
    Started off amazing with a trip to Costa Rica
    But now it’s back to reality ~ most days are spent driving my daughter around and limiting the amount of time my son ttys to play video games

  206. I’m giving it a 9. I’ve been able to spend my summer with my two little boys. We love reading Llama llama books!

  207. I’d say my summer so far has been a 7. My hubby and I went away to VA for a few days to relax in the mountains and I’ve spent time with my kids at home. I go back to teach 20 1st graders next week in an arts integrated program for my school district. I am very excited to work with these new little ones, but I will miss my own kiddos.

  208. Oooooh! My summer has been a 10 !!! Lots of rest, lots of fun times with family and friends, 2 new adorable kittens, and front row pit tickets to see Rod Stewart on concert! Happy happy happy ???? summertime!

  209. Drumroll, please….. our summer has been a…. 10!!!

    We made a summer fun list (because if we didn’t it would be way too much TV and video games, which it still is some days!) and have had fun packing in the memories! I love having my kids home with me!

    Happy Summer everyone!!!

  210. Drumroll, please….. our summer has been a…. 10!!!

    We made a summer fun list (because if we didn’t it would be way too much TV and video games, which it still is some days!) and have had fun packing in the memories! I love having my kids home with me!

    Happy Summer everyone!!!

  211. A definite 10!! Very relaxing!! Making time for myself, my boys, and my family. I am loving every second of it!!

  212. 10! I enjoy being home with my kids. We have been swimming, hitting the library, went to the beach and are about to go on vacation! I am also very excited to change grades next year! I will be teaching first grade and would love this book gift set. Thanks!!! I love the mailbox! I’ve been reading your magazines to get ready for 1st!!!

  213. My summer has been a 10! My first granddaughter was born Saturday, July 1! Nothing better than that!

  214. This summer has been a 9…9 because I had my little baby boy in May and get to spend all summer with him and his big 2 yr sister and we moved into a new house… however, because of the move, we didn’t get to go on vacation this year… maybe next year!

  215. I would say my summer is a 9. I love not having a schedule and the time to help friends and family!

  216. Probably an 8 ???? but it’s getting better! Enjoying relaxing and getting stuff done around the house.

  217. My summer has been a 9 so far!! Lots of time spent with family and fun activities with the kids…hoping to get some more swimming in before summer is over!

  218. 10 for sure. Just moved into a new house, and finally have the time to paint and tile, refinish, and paint some more!

  219. Summer is a 10! Fun vacation to see a long time friend, doing things for others, 11 days of workshops, and spending time with family and friends! Blessed!

  220. I have read four, that’s right, four summer novels. That is four more adult books than I get to read during the school year. It is a much needed mental break before I start planning for the new school year.

  221. 10! My summer has been wonderful spending time with my 6 month old baby watch8ng her grow and learn! It gives me a new appreciation for the learning process my students go through.

  222. Right now it’s a 8 but ready to kick it up to a 10 when I have my vacation at the end of July!

  223. It has been a great summer. Went to two conferences, then went on a vacation. Now beginning to start planning for the school year.

  224. I would say my summer is at an eight at the moment . I have enjoyed walking each morning with a friend and drinking my coffee on the deck listening to the birds as the sunrises . I am hoping to squeeze in a road trip to visit my mom before school starts and that would definitely bring my number up to a 10 !

  225. My summer is a 9 since I have been able to spend a lot of time with family, including a vacation to Colorado with most of my family!

  226. Summer is a 10. I’ve been enjoying my 2 year old daughter and getting to bring her to exciting places. She sleeps in, which is nice, because then so does mommy!

  227. 8… spending a lot of time purging in the garage! Ready to make it a 10 when we visit out of state family soon!!

  228. Mine is a 10, spending time with family making memories. Will be going back in a few weeks to start the new school year and would love to win.

  229. My summer is a 10 so far! Taught at an amazing preschool summer camp and traveled across the country to visit family. The beach is up next! Enjoying the relaxation and sunshine!

  230. 10! My summeryl has been very relaxing so far. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my daughter who is 4 months old!

  231. Rockin the summer hols! Spent three weeks in Cairo and heading to Myrtle Beach soon! Have my eldest back from college so have all 3 kids with me! Love having my summers with them!

  232. I would say about 7. My mom has ALS so I have been taking care of her this summer. It’s been great spending time with her, but we have our good and bad days. Happy to report they have been mostly great!

  233. ????5! So much to catch up on at home and the days are going fast! Haven’t even had time for fun and vacation yet. ???? Thank you for the opportunity/chance to win this fun book and other goodies! Love Mailbox ideas!

  234. I would say that my summer is a 6. I have a lot of yard & house work to catch up on and it’s not what I want to do, but it needs to be done.

  235. 8 – Enjoying summer but missing my kiddos! Ready for an amazing school year but love having some family time!

  236. Súper mega 10 the best summer ever in my life enjoying this summer with my kids and the daycare kids, a lot of activities, visit new places love it I can complain at all

  237. It’s a 5. Been taking classes and working my classroom
    for next year. It’s going to be wonderland themed. I also got to go to the county fair and spent 4th of July. Usually I am lucky enough to travel but this summer has been more home based.

  238. My summer has been a 9 so far. I have been relaxing, went on vacation for a couple of days, and have been really enjoying my time off from work.

  239. 10!! I get to spend time with my family and just relax! I’ve been up to my school a few times hrlping a new teacher set up but I’ve enjoyed every bit of it! Only a few weeks left!

  240. On a scale of 1 to 10 my summer has probably been about a 5 or 6. I had to work an extra month. I live in the state of TN and all across the state we are doing the Read to be Ready summer reading camp. That’s what I did during the entire month of June. The kids really enjoyed it and (even though I was working) I did too. I got to meet and work with some new people and go on a field trip every Friday, so I had some new adventures as well. I’d say that was the highlight of my summer.

  241. My summer has been a 1 this year. My mom in and out of the hospital 4 times the first month and then my boyfriend had a stroke.????

  242. I would say it is a 10. I haven’t done much which has been great! Snuggling with my dog on the couch reading some wonderful books.

  243. I’d rate my summer as a 9, we’ve had a wide variety of fun activities. My favorite has been taking my kids to the children’s garden at our local botanical gardens!

  244. I’m having a #9 summer so far!! It’s been beach days, pool days, and movie days. I’ve committed to run everyday or walk everyday starting in July and at Day 7 I’m at 21.5 running miles!!

  245. Summer is going great! Spending time with family & friends, cleaning the house & doing some gardening ????. Fitting in some professional development & a book study-always thinking about my classroom!! July is so relaxing. As soon as August hits, it’s time to get things ready for my little 1st graders!!

  246. Hopefully it’s going to be wonderful starting Sunday. Worked summer school to pay for the SDE Conference in Vegas next week!

  247. My summer is a 10- spent time at the beach, have read two novels, and am having lots of “Nana” dates with the grandkids! They love to read books with me!

  248. I’ll give it a 7 thus far – lots of quality time with my kids but we’ve yet to figure out vacation, and I’m still struggling with a few personal things. But at least a 7 is good and has room to be great!

  249. So far my summer is a 10. Spending time with my 9 month old grandson. Creating learning activities for him and of course reading him lots of books!

  250. #10 by all means!!! I’ve escaped to the mountains to cool off and enjoyed the sands on the beaches near my house. I’ve spent a lot of quality time with my nieces too! Who could ask for more??

  251. About a 6. I’m teaching summer school and going back to school myself! Lots of things to get done!!!

  252. I’d say pretty close to a 10! We went on a vacation to Vegas to celebrate my master’s, told people we were expecting our 3rd baby, and have spent lots of time doing fun things with my kids!

  253. My summer is going great. I am traveling to a dance competition for the next week with my daughters . Just girl time. Re arranged my classroom offfice and expanded space for props and craft stuff. Feeling accomplished !

  254. My summer has been an 8 so far! I’m loving my time at home with my three kiddos and another child that I babysit for the summer. We enjoy the simple pleasures of summer – community pool with friends, sprinkler play, taking walks, etc. I am applying for teaching jobs and hoping for some good luck to come my way! Happy summer everyone!!

  255. 8- This is the first summer back to work after staying home with my youngest for the past 4 years. I miss being at home with my kiddos but we have done lots of fun activities! We just got back from a long weekend camping at Yogi Bear’so Jellystone Campground. It was so much fun! We will have another long weekend getaway coming up at the end of the month

  256. My summer is about an 8! I’ve been having a lot of fun, but I start teaching summer school on Monday, so I’ll have less time to relax. 🙂

  257. Summer was great until now. I have to go back to work from 7/10-8/8. I work year round with special needs students. Hard to be at work during the summer months.

  258. My summer is a 10. My kids and I have made a summer bucket list and are currently visiting Chicago to go to the Brookfield Zoo.

  259. My summer is definitely a 10! I am enjoying some family, friend, and beach time. I am also enjoying working a few hours a week at a clothing consignment shop – Whimsy in Harwich, MA.

  260. 7. I am still working as my childcare is full time and we gave recent new ones. We are getting outside a lot and staring water play, which is always fun! Pool time, family time, and me time too.

  261. It’s a 9…… summer is going amazingly Well! It’s been filled with lots of fun stuff and lots of relaxation, too.

  262. I can’t complain. My summer so far is a 10. I am grateful to be able to spend summer again with my daughter. She was in Iowa where she attended her first year in college and attempted to commit suicide in April. She was hospitalized and wasn’t being released due to fear that she would try again. We brought her home to Texas and she’s making progress. So, 10 it is!! Blessed!

  263. It has been fantastic! I have spent time with my family and worked on beginning of the year projects!

  264. My summer is a 7. I work year around as a teacher. This prize packet would really help make my summer brighter. I am a huge fan of the Llama Llama books.

  265. My summer is amazing!! I am enjoying time with family and friends and soaking up lots of sunshine ????. My favorite part is sleeping in ????

  266. Summer has been about a five. Wish I could spend more time with my family ! Love seeing giveaways for teachers they are the best!! Thank you!!!!

  267. My summer be summed up to about a 3 so far. I’ve gotten so many home projects going I haven’t had a moment to decompress. Hopefully, August will be my month of relaxation. Fingers crossed!

  268. My summer so far is an 8. I am in the midst of switching schools and have been spending lots of time with my family.

  269. 7: Breast cancer surgery done and working on prepping my class for the new school year and packing my oldest up for her freshman year of college.

  270. I’d rate my summer as an eight. I’ve spent time with family, gotten projects done around the house, and organized closets. Hopefully it will hit a ten in the next week – I have a grand baby expected any day. So very excited!

  271. 8 out of a 10. It’s going great spending time with my boys. I’m just ready for them to be back on a schedule lol.

  272. Going well…mellow, which is just what I needed to regroup from a stressful spring!! I would give it a 7.5 overall!! ????????

  273. My summer is awesome. Taught summer school for 3 weeks and now I got to travel and meet my new grandson. Nothing better.

  274. My summer is going as planned! Super busy of course but lots of fun! Anxiously waiting for July 22 for our gender reveal party and we will be able to find out what our little blessing #4 will be! We are hoping for a girl but either way we already love him or her 🙂

  275. My summer is a 9! Lots of family time, an anniversary trip, and community theatre. And still a few weeks left ;o)

  276. Well, only about a 3. :(. Not going anywhere for vacation this summer and health issues. Last summer was fantastic, though! Can’t win them all!

  277. 9 – I’m having a great summer so far with lots of time at the beach! Also taking my last two online classes to earn 30 credits beyond my Master’s degree, so getting some work done as well. 🙂

  278. Thoroughly enjoying my summer, especially during my son’s 2 week pre-deployment leave from the US Marine Corps!!!!! OOOOH RAH to summer!!!!!!

  279. I’d give it a 9. I had a 2 week roadtrip with my husband to start my summer, go some exciting news a few days ago, but now I’m trying to make a very hard decision.

  280. Summer is going great! Reading, catching up on things I don’t have time for during the school year, and de stressing! A total 10!

  281. So far, my summer is a 7. Vacations always bring on some illness! Once the mind and body relax, the germs do their dirty work! Bad News: sickness . . . Good News: no lesson plans needed, no worries about what the kids are doing. Looking forward to a great summer with family and friends AND some time to read and wine!

  282. 11! I just finished my 2nd year of teaching and now get to spend the summer with my first child who is 8 months old! We’ve also recently got guardianship of our 7 year old navy ececso we will be trying to make her first summer ( she just finished Kindergarten) fun!

  283. I’d say a 9! It’s been a great summer for vacations! Cruising, lake trip and short beach trip soon. But also, moving from 3rd to 1st…big kinda scary, kinda exciting transition. But moving rooms is the pits! Lol

  284. I would say a 9. We have had an extremely busy summer already, and the crazy will only continue! We sold our home in SC and are moving into a new home in NC. And somehow we have still found the time to spend plenty of time on the lake with our two sweet boys!

  285. Summer, so far, is a 6. Working as a tutor at our Sumer Camp. Attempting to stop the dreaded Summer Slide! Would be a 10 if I could spend some time with my baby granddaughter who lives far away!

  286. 9! I am having a wonderful summer. I am in my last class to get my associates in early childhood education which has me in a preschool setting 15 hours a week. I am loving every moment of being able to teach. I gabe my summer a 9 ecause even though I’m enjoying the practicum it is taking away hours from my work. It’s also summer time so having to do schooling, internship at preschool and work isn’t much of a summer. But make the best of it.

  287. I’d rate my summer, a six. It is going way too fast with two part-time summer jobs and planning our wedding! Yikes! Can’t believe it is already July!

  288. Summer is always an adventure with my two little guys (third on the way in Aug)! We’ve been swimming in the pool, to the beach, fishing, playing outside, and generally keeping busy so our home is still standing at the end of the day! 🙂

  289. 10! I’m preparing to move from 3rd grade to Pre-K! I’ve been reading so many books and some awesome blogs about early childhood education. I’ve also spent a little too much money purchasing things for my new classroom….but I’m so excited about this new adventure that I don’t even mind!

  290. My summer has definitely been a 10! I love playing outside with my littles and spending time doing fun stuff with my husband 🙂

  291. I’ll give my summer an 8 so far. Hoping a little time at the beach will bring that number up soon!

  292. More like an 8. I’ve been busy doing so many things, and I feel like my summer is quickly coming to an end.

  293. My summer is an 8 even though I haven’t really done anything special- just spending time with my son and husband! Plus, I don’t have to worry about lesson plans 🙂

  294. Probably a 7. Its not too bad but looking forward to our house warming party and when we get to go camping.

  295. I would rate it an 8: Lots of baseball, time with family, and a trip to Mackinaw Island. Lots of rainy weather though!

  296. I would say 10! I have loved having time with my kids! We have had a great vacation to Disney World and some weekend getaways to the lake! ????????☀️

  297. It’s a 9???????? I am now officially the mom of a teenager-my oldest just turned 13 and we’ve been enjoying our “staycation” ???? Pool time, movie watching, and reading…it’s been good!

  298. 9- I hope to get a little travel in before school starts, but enjoying family, home, and friends for sure! Lots of me time too! Reading and exercising fit into my relaxed summer schedule 🙂

  299. My summer is a 7.5. I’ve been very busy doing many thing, while it has been restful here and there it’s almost over.????

  300. It’s an 8 so far. I’ve been out of school for eight days. Feeling great that I’ve accomplished a lot around the house (especially the backyard). Looking forward to completing many more maintenance tasks, organizing my teaching materials, visiting family and getting to the beach a couple of times, before I begin lesson planning and preparing for school starting the first week of August. We return on the 25th of August.

  301. Pretty close to 10. Just returned from a trip to Chicago. Leave for the beach in a week. Also, will be attending baseball games, prof. football training camp, and have a huge birthday party for the hubby!

  302. Touring the USA southwest with my hubby and loving the scenery and friendly people. My second graders enjoyed Llama Llama read aloud a the last week of school. I’d love to have a copy of this book.

  303. Teacher llama having fun. Running playing in the sun! Summer rating 21, but so much to get done. Cleaning, organizing dont you know? Getting ready to say hello!

  304. 10! Took my boys to NY for the tourist treatment as my oldest has graduated and is heading off to college soon. Now we’ve traveled across the country to where he’ll be attending to spend the month with him and family before seeing him off on his new chapter in life!

    • Amazing!! Soenfing time with my baby who loves llama llama!! Having great mommy and me time!! Preparing for a new school and school year as well.

  305. 6
    Fractured my fibula the first weekend in June stuck in walking boot until at least the first week in August.

  306. It’s been a very fun and exciting summer so far. Looking forward to see what the rest of the summer brings. Love working with children.

  307. My summer has been a 10!!!! I have spent my summer with my family, which is much needed since I devote so much time to my work when school is in session.

  308. On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d say about a 7. Enjoying my time off, but I’m recouping from surgery, so slow going. Also, we have had so much rain that it’s hard to get out and enjoy summer.

  309. So far our summer is a 10! I’m two weeks away from my own week vacation. I run a day care and we’ve been going on fun field trips to the park and other fun places. This also gets my own kiddos out of the house and having some fun during their summer break. We’ve also been having fun summer themes. We just finished red, white and blue week with lots of art, fireworks art, and flags. However at the end of my vacation I will have my wisdom teeth pulled so my summer may go down to a 2! ????Hope every one else has the same great summer!

  310. I would rate my summer enjoyment at a 10. I am participating in Camp Reset for the month of July. Just a little reorganization and fun lined up before my girls return to school in the fall. Planning self-care routines for the remainder of my summer.

  311. My summer is about a 6 right now and will be a 10 by the end. I’m a surrogate with twins, I will be having them by the end of the summer so I’m excited to help a couple start their family. Also planning for next year, which is fun as well.

  312. I’m enjoying my summer with my family. Me and my husband are expecting our first child in November. I was also hired for my first teaching position in 1st grade. I’ve been working on getting my classroom together. I’m really excited to see how this school year goes. Overall I’ve had a wonderful summer.

  313. On a scale of one to ten I would have to say my summer is an 8. I am enjoying not being in school and doing fun activities, but I am working Camp all Summer so I can’t do all the things I would like to.

  314. My summer is a 7. Having a good time waking up without an alarm clock and rushing my kids out the door…Cleaning and decluttering the home not so fun but necessary…love playing with water balloons or just relaxing and reading on the hammock with my 2 kiddies…thanks for the opportunity to win great goodies…

  315. Today was a 10. Drove to las Vegas with a stop at Hoover dam. Fun in Vegas and on to the next location. Anytime I get to spend vacation with my hubby and kids it’s a 10.

  316. 10!!

    I am currently at the beach ( been here since last Saturday). I get to spend everyday with my four year old son! And We also leave for a five year anniversary trip to California in two weeks 🙂 Best summer!

  317. My summer has been a 6. I have enjoyed time on lake. I am waiting to have my gallbladder removed. It is causing me a lot of stomach and back pain and unfortunately the soonest they can get me in for surgery is August 24, so I have to take a leave to start the school year.

  318. I’d say it’s an 8 for me. I’m a Pre-K teacher at a child care center, so no summer off for me. But we’ve had some fun field trips and in house events. It’s been pretty fun overall! 😀

  319. I’d say an 8! It’s not perfect, but I’m enjoying the break! Just wish I could force myself to be more productive!

  320. Definitely a 10! Loving the weather. Walking with my dog. My daughter is building a house so that is exciting. And preparing for our family vacation to Cape May at the end of the month! ????☀️????????????

  321. An 8 so far, but next week my step-daughters will get here and our family will be complete, turning it into a 10! Having a blended family with 5 kids can get a little crazy at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We’re all at our best when we’re together!

  322. 10…VBS, 6 national parks, Kid’ Church Camp, time with grand babies, organizing my library, and a new teaching position….and it’s only been a month????????????????

  323. So far we are at a 7. Im hoping for a 10, if I get my dream job I applied for it will be a 10 for sure!

  324. Definitely at 9! Just not a 10 because hubby starts police academy in 3 weeks so he will then be gone Monday through Friday for 3 months.. but we’ve been doing lots of traveling so far!

  325. My summer is going great so far, and I would give it a rating of 10. Just looking forward to hitting the beach now!

  326. This summer has been a 9!!
    I taught summer school to incoming kindergartners in June. I was so much fun and I was able to accomplish a lot in my classroom in for this coming school year. Now, I relaxing at home home and binge watching lots of Tv. I am so glad that for the down time so I can go back to school relaxed and refreshed!

  327. My summer has been a 4. I am working this summer,but not with the children. School is out so I have been doing manual labor around the school such as caroet cleaning, sanding down a metal fence in the blazing hot sun, sanding shelves and whatever else that needs to be done.

  328. A 10!!!!!! Spending time with my 3 daughters while we are out of schoo! Sleeping late and doing our own thing when we want!!!!!

  329. It is a 9 now I’m almost to the beach with my family. The beginning of summer was awful all in the same week I had 2 surgeries, my husband was in icu, and my dad was in the hospital. So it is finally getting better!

  330. 9. Missing all the students and m my own have not forgotten they are siblings. But it’s great spending time with them learning every day.

  331. Between 8 and 9. My kids are old enough to be fun without having to bring the entire house with us when we go out!

  332. My summer has been an 8 so far – extra time with my sweet boy doing Mommy & Me things, but BUSY running all around! He’s obsessed with Llama Llama!!!

  333. I give my summer an 8 so far. I teach preschool year round, but had a great vacation last month in the Outer Banks with friends and family. I would love this for my classroom.

  334. I’m having a great summer with my daughters, husband, and friends so I’m going to give it a 9. If we had more money to spend, then it would be a 10! Lol ????

  335. Enjoying the summer with my class going on field trips, having water play, making beautiful arts and crafts, and last but not least making sure all of the children are drinking plenty of water!!!!!
    Stacey Priest

  336. 10 I love having 2 and a half months off from teaching. It gives me a chance to relax and create new things for my students.

  337. Enjoying my summer with my kid especially before my oldest leaves for college. Relaxing and planning for the upcoming school year. Rejuvenation! !!

  338. 10!!!!! Enjoying my summer with my kid especially before my oldest leaves for college. Relaxing and planning for the upcoming school year. Rejuvenation! !!

  339. My summer has been fantastic! I always look forward to a quick recharge before school begins in august. I have attended some wonderful professional development. One of them being a leadership training. I am so excited to bring all of these ideas back to my wonderful teammates. In the summer I spend time focusing on my health and wellness. This year has been a long weight loss journey for me so I am excited to keep my head in the game! Thank you for taking the time to ask about our summer and to share this wonderful treat with us.

  340. Hello Mailbox! My summer has been a 10! I’ve spent it visiting with family and friends, going to the pool and museums, relaxing and recharging! ????????????

  341. I would say a “7”. Working over the summer and trying to fit in some fun time for weekend get-aways. Looking forward to a fabulous teacher conference coming up (SPLASH), and a long weekend at the beach planned. Wish I had more time for summer relaxation!

  342. Actually, it has been a mix of things. I have gotten a lot of my supplies organized and such, but I am not under contract and desperately seek a position for the fall. That has been extremely stressful, with the interviews, demo lessons, waiting to see if they will call back…

  343. I’m at a 6. Having lots of car problems. But I get to be home with my kids. Plus I’m starting a business. I am hoping to have a great time with that. I pray the car stuff goes well and I can start getting out of the house.

  344. IT IS A 10!
    Summer break is great! Got shoulder surgery done so that I could be back to 100% for my students and they wouldn’t have to have a sub. LOVE MY JOB THAT MUCH! making Differentiation Kids on the computer with One arm.

  345. Enjoying my easy time. I can work on new activities without being in a rush and work on my classroom when I choose. Been doing professional development sessions and enjoying my family.

  346. 9 – Spending time with my kids and doing the big summer clean. I knocked a point off because we can’t afford to the beach this year. However we are still found awesome family activities! I love summer!

  347. I’d rate it a 9. I’m enjoying having time to relax. I’m also getting things done around the house and yard. The only problem is that it feels like summer is going by too fast!

  348. Getting to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday with him automatically makes this summer a solid 10!

  349. Enjoying family time on the beach! Also getting all the things done that I didn’t get to during the school year!

  350. My summer is a 10! I had vacation with my family in St. Augustine and learned a lot of history. Now, I’m teaching Reading Camp with 3 more days to go! Then it’s two more weeks of fun!

  351. My summer has been an 8, I’ve gone to a couple weddings, caught up with friends, and enjoyed a little bit of relaxing! However I took 2 points away because I am taking 3 grad classes and the summer is just going too fast!

  352. Hmmm…maybe an…8…hot weather but there are cooling tradewinds, crowded beaches but cool blue ocean, some time to read great novels and to paper craft, 8 hours of work a day that’s fun due to the people with whom I work; it would be a 10 if I could visit my family on the mainland.

  353. 10 I am working in the church nursery so I am around children and that is a blessing. I am also working as I am opened year round. Life is good.

  354. I’d give summer a 9! I love being able to wear sweatpants during the week, going out to lunch like a “normal” person, being able to chew and taste my lunches as I have longer than 15 minutes to eat, taking naps in the middle of the day, going to the bathroom whenever I want, and not knowing what day of the week it is sometimes 🙂 Although, I will admit, I only gave summer a “9” because I DO miss the routine and my students… but soon enough!

  355. My summer is a solid 10! I’m having awesome quality time with my husband and new puppy. I’m also teaching summer school and will have my car paid off with that money! Yay!

  356. My summer has been full of spending time with my family both far and near. (Today I attended my son’s Army graduation and now I’m preparing to send him off to his new base. ????) I’m also recharging my batteries by the sea and doing some prep for next school year. It’s been good so far! I’ll put it at a 9.

  357. My summer keeps getting better. I taught summer school the first 4 weeks. I describe summer school as “what you thought teaching would be like”- pick a theme/topic, and design a class around that idea. It was wonderful! Since then, I’ve been spending time with friends and family, and cleaning out and organizing my house. I’d say my summer has been an 8, but it might be a 9 by this time next week!

  358. I say a perfect ****10**** because it’s SUMMER… nothing else matters. Even though it hasn’t been perfect, it’s all what you make of it, right?! I’m enjoying every minute of it!

  359. Awesome summer, it ranks a 10. No stress, no worries. Just relaxing and catching up on household things like painting the living room.

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