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Blog PhotoY’all know I love trivia. Well, here’s my latest find. September is the only month that the number of letters in its name matches its month number—nine and nine. As soon as I learned this, I began to check months in question, such as August (seven letters, eighth month) and April (five letters, fourth month). Feel free to transform this into a nifty spelling activity!

Now about that giveaway. To enter, simply share the grade(s) you are teaching or will be teaching during the 2016–17 school year. If you aren’t currently teaching, no worries. Just tell us that. This month’s winner will receive the mailbox pictured (contents included!) and two packs of stickers. Just be sure to enter before midnight, September 11.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Congratulations to Teresa H., the winner of September’s First Friday Giveaway!

290 thoughts on “First Friday Giveaway

  1. I teach grades 6, 7, and 8th. I work with a special group of students who need some extra help in reading and math and getting to grade level in both subjects. I LOVE my job!

  2. I homeschool my son, he’s 6 we are doing mostly first grade except in math, he’s doing 2nd grade math and science.

  3. A new year approaching and it would be nice to start fresh with some new stickers. Mailbox always have great ides to share.

  4. I am a certified elementary tutor. I taught in a classroom for 25 years, and now I tutor students ranging from Pre-K to 6th grade- I currently have 13 students and LOVE what I do!

  5. I am the Children’s Librarian at an urban public library w/ 12 elementary schools (K-5th) and twice as many preschools; I present twice-on-Tuesdays storytimes for ages 0-4. We love stickers!

  6. This school year I will be teaching 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades. Also, 12 and 16 year old teens. I work in a private school and we all have experienced different levels. (I know, that’s a lot of levels and a lot of work, but I can’t choose any as my favourite one if I am asked. Each of them has something special). I’d love to receive the pack!!

  7. I am teaching Pre-K in the beautiful state of Maine. My 24 year of teaching. I just love Mailbox Magazine and all of your other wonderful publications.

  8. My name is Kia welch, I’m 23 and I teach PRE-K! I love it with my whole heart! I love looking at the faces of my students when they learn something new. It’s a very rewarding career!

  9. I teach a 3rd, 4th and 5th grade special education classroom for children on the Autism spectrum. We love earning stickers on our token boards!

  10. I am in my 36 years of home child care. I get my children from infant to start kinder… I am now teaching 2nd generation… Am blessed and love my career…..

  11. I am currently going back to school to become a teacher and love this site to get ideas for when I have my own classroom. I am an early childhood major. Also my birthday happens to be on Sept. 11th. This would make a great birthday present.

  12. After teaching elementary school for 8 years (3rd and 4th grades), I’m now teaching preschool – 2 yr olds to be exact. This is my second year and I’m LOVING it. Never would’ve dreamed I would like it, but I do.

  13. I have been teaching for twenty six years. Twenty two years I taught tree, four, and five year old. I have been teaching three year old for the past four years. This year I will be teaching the three’s again.

  14. I teach Prep in Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia. Prep is the equivalent of kindergarten in the states. I am from Texas and taught 2nd grade in the states for 6 years before I moved to Australia. I have been teaching here for 13 years.

  15. I am a 5th year long term substitute teacher for Williamsburg James City County Public Schools, where by which I teach any grade from K to 12 for 6-8 weeks at a time various subjects, grading them and encouraging them in every way.
    My main role for the past two years has been homeschooling my daughter like I have both my children in the past in WA state. It is going very well. She completed 7th grade last year and we will complete 8th this year. I believe learning takes place in a positive safe place, filled with laughter. The end of the year test (Standford 10) I had her take. Showed she needed to be in college already in most subjects. She is learning every subject at a far rapid pace and in a fun/unique way through field trips, and more.

  16. The only class room I am in right now is my sunday school classroom at church. I used to teach preschool but went back to school for Early childhood myself, so I am home with my own preschooler and studying. My Sunday school class has 15 Kindergarten and 1st graders in it though! FUN!!

  17. Right now I’m student teaching in 1 st grade. I would love to win and start building my supplies for my future classroom. 🙂

  18. I teach n preschool and we use stickers ALOT for different activities and behavior management! I would love to win some more to add to our collection!!! We go through SSSSOOOOO many on a week i am constantly buying more and more.

  19. I teach K-5 alternative school! I’m not a traditional alternative classroom, as I focus on learning self-control and respect. It doesn’t loonor feel like punishment to be in my class! The more positive the environment, the better!!!

  20. I’m a 2nd/3rd aide at a small charter school. If the school grows I will move into teaching 1 of the 2 classes and the current 2/3 teacher will teach the other grade.

  21. I’m a veteran 1st grade teacher but have been out of the classroom for a couple of years to stay at home with my now 4 yr old. Stickers come in super handy at home, too!

  22. I’ll be teaching the “littles”‘. This is my 3rd “official year teaching Pre-K! I love this age and the wide variety of abilities and growth. ?

  23. I just finished a long-term assignment with 4th grade. Even though I am a substitute teacher, I can’t help feeling sad that I will not see the students again. Unless, of course, I’m called to substitute for the teacher. The students were quite an interesting group. I will miss them terribly. Now I’m waiting to hear what my next assignment will be.

  24. I teach TK2 Rocks! this year. By that I mean transitional kindergarten and kindergarten. It is awesomeness! Best year ever!

  25. Thank you for doing giveaways…how neat! I’ll be hired as a reading interventionist beginning in October… Can’t wait! In retired-taught for 35 years, paying for everything out of my own pocket as everyone is! Will be teaching grades Kindergarten through 5th grade! Here’s to a fabulous school year 2016-2017 to everyone out there!

  26. I work with children with autism. Sometimes they are nonverbal and can only communicate by drawing. The markers would be great for this. I could use the mailbox to incent them to communicate with letters to each other. What a blessing that would be.

  27. I am a very busy teacher. I teach 3 & 4 year old preschooler’s this year. I also proctor a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Spanish class. Then on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons I monitor a first grade class. I love my teaching jobs!

  28. I teach 5th and 6th grade Science. I love stickers! I’m one of the only middle school teachers who puts stickers on their quizzes and tests. Smelly stickers are the best!!

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