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Hip hip hooray, it’s time for a giveaway! If you’re new to The Mailbox Blog, you may not know that we celebrate the first Friday of every month with a giveaway. It’s easy to enter. Simply leave your answer to the question of the month right here on the blog. So are you ready for this month’s question? Drumroll please…

If you could decide which day of the week the new school year should begin, which one of the following days would you choose:

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday? (Please share your reason too!)

To be entered for a chance to win, you must leave your comment on this blog before midnight EDT on Sunday, August 16, 2015. This month’s prize is back-to-school swag. Here’s a peek!

Good luck!


Congratulations to Michelle (comment 112)! She is the winner of the back-to-school goodies below! 


485 thoughts on “First Friday Giveaway

    • Wednesday! Starting on Wednesday will give students enough time to adjust back to life at school, as well as for the teacher to go over rules and regulations. 3 days is good because it’s not too long for students to be bored and enough to go over rules. You then can start teaching on Monday!

  1. I like when school starts on a Wednesday. 3 days is perfect for spending on class routine instruction and you can dive into academic instruction Monday of the next week.

  2. I think Wednesday. It gives the kids and teachers a couple of days to get things started but it is not the full week where everybody is falling asleep by Friday. Starting on Monday is too much and Friday isn’t enough.

  3. i think Wednesdays are the best day to start the new school year because then it makes the first week short. It helps younger children to start a routine and they aren’t as exhausted as when the year starts on a Monday. My school district finally started on a Wednesday instead of Monday last year and I could see a huge different in my students behaviors throughout that first week.

  4. I think the new school year should begin on a Wednesday. This way students can still get into routine, however are eased into beginning school again after being on break for so long. This also benefits the teachers in the same manner.

  5. I like starting school on Wednesdays. This way, I have a couple days in the week to get ready before they come. 3 days is also the perfect amount of time for get to know you activities and introducing them to the new grade!

  6. Wednesday, that way you ease into it…you have three days to introduce and practice classroom practices and procedures. If you start on Friday, the students might forget things by Monday morning. I think Wednesday is s great starting day!!

  7. I’d like to start on Wednesday. It would only be a three day week enough time to get use to going back to work. For the students it would be enough time to get use to getting up and being at school.

  8. Wednesday
    It is nice to have a few days to teach routine and then have a few days off before the first full week.

  9. Monday so we can get right into the swing of things! Teaching Kindergarten, we have so much to cover it is great to have a whole first week.

  10. I would choose Wednesday. This is the best day because it gives enough time to get introduced to the class and get all preliminary things completed. Plus it’s a short week! And short weeks are the best!!! 🙂

  11. I think school should start on a Wednesday. My main reason for this thinking is our school starts the Tuesday after Labor Day and some people like to travel over the Labor Day weekend so this would allow them to come home on Monday and relax Tuesday and get things ready for school on Wednesday.

  12. I would pick Wednesday. We have many procedures to cover but I believe the kids will get overloaded and grumpy if we started on Monday! Okay, I will too! Lol

  13. Wednesday! It gives you enough time to get introduced to the kids for a few days & then you can be ready to jump into curriculum the following week. It also eases them into a new school year when those first few days are overwhelming.

  14. I would start on a Wednesday for sure! Mondays are just never energetic days and Fridays are definitely less productive.

  15. Wednesday. It eases kids back into the swing of things. They get 3 days to get use to the idea that school has started. As a teacher you then can spend those 3 days on getting to know you activities.

  16. Even though Mondays seem to be a dreaded day for everyone, I think the school week should still start on that day. It helps me get a jump start to my week after a day of rest and church on Sunday.

  17. I like Wednesday because it eases me into working again. A few days for fun activities, and then we get to the hard work on the following Monday.

  18. Wednesday, this is the day of week we have started at our school the last few years and it helps the students adjust well to a new school year.

  19. I would choose Wednesday because just when you are tired of going through the rules and want to get down to learning with your students it is the weekend and you come back on Monday refreshed and ready to learn!!!

  20. Monday, because the beginning should start at the beginning. However, I would prefer if the beginning started on the first Monday in September.

  21. I think Wednesday is good. It gives the teachers a chance to prepare and the children have a short week to start adjusting back to the school schedule.

  22. Wednesday. I like Wednesday, because need those few days to get routines and procedures taught and it also gives students to practice routines and procedures.

  23. I would start the school year on a Wednesday. That gives me 3 days to set the stage for the rest of the year. Kids really struggle to get back into a schedule! This would allow them to get started … have a weekend … and then dive in!

  24. Friday, because you get all the supplies put away & the getting to know you things done. Then on Monday you can start fresh with regular schedule. I know you’ll still be teaching procedures but you will teach & keep practicing those for weeks.

  25. My vote would be Wednesday. I think this would give us the opportunity to transition back to school with baby steps. 🙂

  26. School should start on Wednesday, because it gives teachers a couple more days to get ready. With the weekend coming up, it allows to teachers to touch up on lesson plans, classroom management/setup, etc.

  27. Friday, because then you can get everything put away and go over rules and routines. Then you can start fresh on Monday with daily routines.

  28. Friday for sure. That first day is long for students as it is. Why not get to know them and give them a weekend to recover.

  29. Wednesday, it is great to get all the rules and routines started and then everyone has a break of the weekend.

  30. Wednesday , because kids can go for 2 days to get used to scadule and to know teachers and then take the weekend to get organized for the new week .

  31. Wednesday. It gives the kids (and teachers) time to “work into” the school year and start working on routines.

  32. Wednesday, this way you just have a three day week and it warms you up for the new year! Have a great year everyone!

  33. I like Wednesday because it’s a three day week. The next week is usually Labor Day so that makes a four day week. The next week is a full week. That eases my Kindergarteners into school more gently.

  34. I would choose a Wednesday. Gives you a few days to get to know students before jumping into the curriculum full blast. For those of us that don’t work during the summer, it is a great way to ease into a 5 day work week.

  35. Wednesday, to give the students a nice smooth transition into the school year without overwhelming them with a full week of school.

  36. Wednesday: we start the Wednesday before Labor Day, so it’s nice to start the year with two short weeks to ease into the post-summer routine.

  37. I think the school year should start on Wednesday. The few before weekend days are perfect to get to know eachother and go over rules and procedures. Then everyone is ready to go when Monday rolls around!

  38. I choose Monday for the first day of school BUT it must be a short week with Friday off! The four day week gives you enough time to get a few routines under your belt. The slightly shorter week gives your students a chance to breath and rest.

  39. Friday so that we can get all the prep work and rules taken care of and on Monday jump in and get the year started!

  40. My favorite student starting day is Friday. This gives you a day to pass out books, present your class expectations, and do all the first day “housekeeping” things that need to be done. Students have the weekend off and can hit the ground running on Monday morning. Friday is also a nice “ease back into the school schedule” day for teachers as well as the students. We usually have two days of teacher in-service, which starts a little later than the normal school day and does not have a rigid schedule.

  41. I would want it to start on a Friday. This way we could have a day where we are all just hanging out, getting to know one another, and spending the day just having fun without the beginning first day of school stresses. Then by the next Monday we can start in the year.

  42. Monday. It’s the beginning of the working week and the new school year should begin when everyone is rested, fresh and ready to go.

  43. Good luck to everyone going back to school! I like beginning on a wednesday. My school has half days on the Wednesday and Thursday and full day on Friday. It helps ease the kids (and teachers ) into the school year!

  44. Wednesday. It gives you one to ease into the idea that school has begun and to start to prep and get ready for the routine.

  45. Wednesday- Spend the first few days getting to know each other and learning procedures and expectations. You can continue the next week with a fresh full week of learning.

  46. I like starting on a Wednesday because that gives you three days to establish routines and gives you a chance to connect with your class before the first full week. It also helps the students become more adjusted to the classroom environment.

  47. Wednesday is the best day to start. It gives you a short week to introduce procedures and get to know each other without feeling like a wasted week.

  48. I would choose Wednesday for a beginning day. We can establish routines and procedures, and be ready to move into content and “regular” class on Monday.

  49. Wednesday allows kids and teachers to ease back into a routine and see some of the fixes to scheduling etc that need to be made.

  50. I think Wendnasday it the better day to start the school year, because its the middle of the week and we only have 3 more days and then a lil break. So we can gat our bodies back to the routing.

  51. Wednesday. This gives us 3 days to go over rules, routines, and procedures. After a weekend rest we are then ready for Monday to hit the road running with full blown academics.

  52. Monday, then the kids have a good week to work on procedures and rules. Just jump back in with both feet and get started!

  53. My school district always starts back Wednesday. It’s perfect because we have a couple of days to have meetings and finish getting ready and it’s just enough time to get the students back into the swing of things without overwhelming them! We start back next week. Have a great year everyone!!

  54. I would choose Wednesday. I teach kindergarten and sometimes it’s very hard for the little ones to adjust. We could take things slow for the first three days and then they could have a nice little break.

  55. Wednesday. It gives the kids just enough time to get back into the swing of things and still ease them out of summer & back into school. It also gives them weekend time to buy any supplies they need.

  56. Wednesday! Give teachers and students a few days to go over procedures and get in a routine. Then you are ready for a full week.

  57. I think school should start on Wednesday. This gives the students and teachers a way to ease back into the routine of school, especially after not having a routine.

  58. Wednesday. I like being able to introduce procedures and ease into a new year. Monday would be too much, too quickly. Friday mag not be long enough.

  59. Definitely Wed. It gives you 3 days to practice, practice, practice (and practice 🙂 ) routines and expectations, while also easing into the school year. Remember most kids have had the summer off and need that structure to be taught to them. And personally for me as a teacher, it’s nice to work 3 days and have a weekend follow. Those first 3 days are exhausting for me too!!

  60. I would continue with Monday because this gives you five days of learning . If school started on Wednesday then you would get into a groove and boom it’s the weekend then with Friday it would feel like a waste of a day.

  61. I would choose Wednesday. It allows both students and teachers to ease back into the school year. Students and teachers can get to know each other while going over rules and procedures.

  62. I prefer Wednesday. It leaves just enough time to establish routine and expectations. It also allows for easing into a full week after a glorious summer!

  63. We usually start on the Wednesday before Labor Day so the children can ease into the routine (3 days week 1, 4 days week 2 and finally a full week)
    This year my kids start on a Monday. It will be tough.

  64. I would want to start on Wednesday. Gives us as teachers a few days to finish last minute details in the classroom and then gives all of us (teachers and students) a few days to ease in to the beginning of school. “A gradual release” you might say of summer and entry into a new grade, new routines and everything else new.

  65. I would chose Wednesday. My district used to start on Thursday. No the he students and I need to ease my way back in. That way the next Monday I can get started on content.

  66. I would love to start on a Wednesday! Perfect for the students to ease their way back into routine without the long week of getting started….their little bodies need to get in routine. Its perfect for teachers to know if they will need to make changes!

  67. Wednesday, that way the kids have 3 days on and 2 days off to rest up for the 5 days the following week. It gives teachers time to see if adjustments need to be made also.

  68. I would like to start on a Wednesday, this way the students can ease into the school year. I’ve started on a Monday before and it made for a very long week and the kids were so tired come Friday.

  69. Wednesday because it allows everyone to ease back into the new school year. We can go over all of the policies and procedures, then have a little break and not feel so overwhelmed, especially with the younger grades (kindergarten, first).

  70. Wednesday…that gives us three days to review rules and procedures. We can hit the ground running the next week.

  71. I’m in PreK, and prefer Monday. You can have staggered entry, then all come together at the end of the week. When you start staggered on a Wednesday, the break is too long for the first and second groups.

  72. I think Wednesday because it is a short day. It would also give us two more days of planning which is always good and it makes for a short week to ease the kids back into the routines of school.

  73. Our school year starts on a Monday. I think it’s better because it gives them a full week to get used to the schedule (especially with kindergarteners). They aren’t coming for a few days getting into the routine and then staying home for the weekend then having to get back into a routine.

  74. Wednesday! Perfect day to ease onto a new school year with only three days then a break. I know I am usually exhausted and need a break to gear up for a full week. 🙂

  75. Wednesday for sure! I have taught 23 years and have started on different days of the week. A Wednesdsy allows the teacher and students to ease back to the school routine. It gives you a few days to get to know your students then use the weekend to tweak and change things where needed.

  76. Ok, looks like the first message didn’t post. I would choose Wednesday. The shorter week would allow us to ease into the routine..

  77. I would choose Wednesday to start school because it gives the students time to ease back into the school routine. It also gives them a chance to start learning all of the routines of the classroom and what the expectations are. Then when the students come back on the following Monday, it will be easier to start off the week with the routines already in place.

  78. Wednesday! Gives you a chance to ease in and do getting to know you, rules, and routines. Then the next Monday you can jump in!

  79. I think starting on a Friday would be great! I think kids would be less nervous, and I know I would be less nervous too! I could focus on building community while also taking care of all the housekeeping stuff that happens on the first day. Then, after getting to know my students at least a little, I could use the weekend to plan for the next week.

    Oh boy, the Tuesday we start this year just doesn’t seem appealing AT ALL now that I think about it. 🙂

  80. I think the school year should start on Wednesday! It gives the teachers a chance to ease back into school year but more importantly the kids. Being a kindergarten teach I get kids who may not have any school experience. Starting on Weds would be a good transition for those kids who have never been to school. Enough time for routines and schedules to be introduced.

  81. I like Wednesday to begin school. We normally have a half day then and full days on Thursday and Friday. This gives the students (and teachers) a chance to ease into the new year. Wednesday is a great day for “get to know you” information and talking about classroom expectations.

  82. I think I would go with Wednesday! It gives a half week adjustment period, just long enough for the kids to get used the school routine again. I think Friday would make it seem more like an intro day. Monday with Kindergarteners makes for a long week without breaks when they are just learning what this school thing is. 🙂

  83. I would start school on Wednesday because it gives teachers two days to do PD and meet with P LCs to develop a curriculum plan for the upcoming school year. Additionally, a 3 day week is a gentle way of getting students acclimated to a school schedule.

  84. Wednesday is the best day to start the new year…a few days to get back into the routine of school, Monday and Tuesday for all the last minute prep you end up needing to do as a teacher.

  85. Thursday… I think 2 days of getting to know you and diving into a new routine is enough to start. Everyone is exhausted and it’s the perfect little push to get back on track.

  86. I think it would be fun to Start on Wednesday. Spend three days just getting to know the children and help them fill there way around the classroom before going right into the crazy intense school year.

  87. Absolutely start school on a Wednesday…2 days to finish prepping, three days of school to meet students, begin routine of day, have some fun, then weekend to recuperate before full week.

  88. Wednesday is a good start day. It gives the students a couple days to begin to learn classroom routine and then have a weekend to rest up.

  89. Monday–intro day getting to know your teacher and classmates, Tuesday–bring in your supply day and organize your desk, cubbie etc., Wednesday–time for the class rules, schedules, etc., Thursday & Friday–begin your lessons. That way they have 3 days to get used to the fact they are back to school and starting to get into a routine and getting used to getting up and the last two days they are starting to learn again and should be ready to go.

  90. Wednesday! This way we can ease into the new year. We get a taste of it and then a weekend to get ready for the full week.

  91. Wednesday would be the best day for school to start. It would be great to ease into school and spend those three days getting the basic classroom routines down and getting to know each other a bit. It is also hard for the kids to come back full time after having had a break so it eases them on without overwhelming them.

  92. Wednesday helps students and teachers get a feel for the new year! We can set the routines and get to know each other in the first three days and then we can have a break before the first full week!

  93. I teach pre-k so weds is perfect. We have an hour day on Weds to get the kids comfortable from being away from their parents. Thursday and Friday we start a 3 hour day with not much out but some toys and coloring pages and they can just explore and get familirized with the classroom and their new friends. Then Monday we can jump right in with lesson plans.

  94. Wednesday! It’s perfect! 3 days is a good amount of time to cover procedures and rules. 5 days is too long for kids to jump right back into routine and 1 day isn’t long enough. Plus it’s hump day so it’s close enough for everyone to look forward to the weekend! A Wednesday start would be a good way to ease everyone back into the routine, with a weekend close enough that the kids can see break/rest time coming.

  95. Wednesday gives a soft start, time to get all that paperwork organized before really starting content. We need to start working on procedures, and give the kids a chance to make the classroom theirs.

  96. Wednesday!
    Who wants to go back to school on Monday?! Also, if you go back on Friday, you can’t focus because you’re thinking about the weekend. Additionally, it gives teachers a few days to get things done without cutting their summer short or coming in on the weekend!

  97. I think school should start on Wednesday. Starting during the week gives for an easier start to the school year and we can ease ourselves and the students into the daily schedule and routines.

  98. I would choose Wednesday. I teach in an online program and it is nice for students to have a short week as they get back into the virtual school routine.

  99. We really should start on Monday. Parents who work start on Monday so we should accommodate them. Teachers and students would have more time to get acquainted with each other, school rules, and classroom procedures.

  100. I feel the first day of school should be on Wednesday. It gives students, families ,and teachers an opportunity to get back into a routine, without enduring a full week.

  101. I would like to start On a Monday. This way the kids get right into the swing of the school year. Many of our kids take summer classes and do better with routine. Coming back on a Friday would be OK too. Wednesday too. 🙂 I’m ready to go back!!

  102. I would want start on a Monday!!! That way the kids have a whole week to adjust to the teaxher, classroom rules, and even making friends!!!

  103. I think Wednesday is the best day to start school. You have a few days to get students adjusted back from summer vacation. Then the week is already half over so by the time you are exhausted from getting back into the routine, it’s already Friday! Then the students AND teachers have the weekend to recuperate before diving into the new year completely! 🙂

  104. I like Monday. The first week is long, but it gets the kids and me back into the routine. The first few days is still all about teaching procedures and expectations, but there’s plenty of time to get lots of information for grouping students as well as time to start learning what the daily schedule is. .

  105. I prefer Wednesday. It gives us all, teachers, kids ad parents time to ease back in to the routine or set up a new routine and make sure all the last minute stuff that needs to be done, is done. There are just those three days, then a break, then return and get serious about the new year!.

  106. My vote is definitely for Wednesday. Up until a few years ago, our first day for students was on Wednesday. (Now we begin on Monday.) It was nice to get everyone back in the swing of things for a few days, have a weekend, and then be able to hit it hard the next week. Teaching kindergarten, I also saw less meltdowns when Friday rolled around because the students were not so tired right off the bat! It was a nice transition for students and teachers.

  107. Monday, because it’s the start of the new week and we would have each day of the week to have students transition into the new year easier. I teach pre-k and staring on Wednesday or Fridays makes the transition hard because of the weekend.

  108. Wednesday! We have always started on a Monday. The kids, especially the little ones, are exhausted by Thursday… And so are the teachers!! Wednesday would make the transition from summer to school time so much easier!!

  109. I’m excited to say that this year we are starting on Wednesday.. Three days for my first graders to get to know each other, and practice routines, expectations, and rules. Three days is also the perfect amount of time to do an integrated reading/writing/art activity, do fun math activities that review previous skills and begin simple science inquiry activities.

  110. I would choose Wednesday. A regular week, beginning on a Monday, would be way too long. Kids need a lot of rest to process all of that new information and internalize their new routines. Friday wouldn’t give them (or us) much time to go over anything, and it would mirror more of an Open House feeling. Wednesday would be ideal- an abbreviated week that allows us time to share information without being faced with total burn-out.

  111. Wednesday would be the best day to start because both the kids and ourselves (teachers) will need a few days to adjust to coming back after summer. We will have a few days to get to know one another and then have the weekend to clear our minds, and start the whole week with knowing what to expect from each other.

  112. I think school should start on Monday. I think it’s best for teachers and students to get into the routine. Beginning rules and routines need to be taught and practiced many times before they are fully learned. School beginning on Monday lends itself better to that.

  113. Wednesday! I’ve done all 3 as a kinder teacher. Monday’s the first week is too long for my littles (and me!). Friday the week is too short & it might as well be like starting on Monday the next week for the kinders. Wednesday is a happy middle.

  114. Wednesday – I like when our schedule starts with a 3-day week, then 4 the next week, and then 5 the week after. It doesn’t always happen that way but it’s nice when it does!

  115. Monday We have a 4 day school week always so starting on Mondays allows the class to work on weekly routines from the start.

  116. It depends on if you are a “rip off the band-aid” or ” slowly take off the band-aid” person. A Wednesday start gives you 3 days to go over rules and schedule and then you can start the full 5 day week at the beginning of the 4th day. But starting on a Monday sets up the weekly process and routine for the year.

  117. Wednesday – mini week start building routines and procedures in those 3 days then ready to go the next week!

  118. Wednesday! It gives enough time to ease into full time learning without overwhelming the kids (and the teachers) with a full week right off the bat.

  119. Monday is when school should start. Students need to start learning the routines right away. You don’t have to get too intense with jumping into lessons right away. We have a lot of students who don’t even show up on Mondays but come in Tuesday here.

  120. Wednesday is the best day to start school. Especially for the upper grades it provides a sufficient amount of time for get to know you activities, expectations, procedures,etc.

  121. I like it when school begins on a Wednesday. This gives children some time to ease into the new school year before a full week begins. They have time to learn and review routines in order to learn what is expected of them during the school day.

  122. Wednesday. We have a chance to meet the students, learn routines, have a couple days to ease back into things and be ready to roll the following Monday!

  123. Wednesday! We start the Tuesday after Labor Day. It would give us time to get supplies organized, set the tone, teach routines and ease the children into the school year. Getting to know the students these three days!

  124. Wednesday. It is a good way to ease in to the school year, get routines, rules and students ready for the next full week..

  125. Wednesday! It allows students and teachers a few days to ease into the routine, get a lot of the necessary informational days out of the way, then have a couple days off to absorb it all, and then have jump into a full week!

  126. Wednesday! You have a few days to begin establishing routines, but you don’t have a full week and you get to ease into things a bit.

  127. Why Wednesday, hump day, of course. 3 days are just enough time for teachers and students to break the ice, establish routines and get the jitters out. Then back on Monday to dive in to curriculum without being exhausted from the week before. Plus, everyone loves a 3-day week!

  128. Wednesday. We have slow start for our kindergarten and Somali the kids come Wednesday, half come Thursday and all of them on Friday to learn the routine, get them through the lunch line and to meet a small number of kids at a time. Makes it easier for us to get to know the kids as well and to go over all of the procedures for a day. Plus these little ones are tired by the end of one full day and need a break to adjust to being at school a full day! Then we just in on Monday knowing what to do, well, some do and are ready. :)his would be a great package to start off with!

  129. Wednesday would be the best day for a few reasons. First, it is not a Monday. Monday’s tend to hit like a brick wall after summer. Secondly, you are already half way through the week if there is too much happening. I saved the best for last. The kids will have a shorter first week back to adjust to us as well. It is always nice to have Friday come sooner to ease into the week.

  130. Out of these 3 options, I would have to go with Wednesday! Helps the teacher and students get a few days in to get back into the swing of things. We are starting on a Thursday this year for the first time since I have been there and I think it’s a great idea! =]

  131. Wednesday! It is the perfect amount of time to spend on routines and expectations. Then Monday you can get started fresh with curriculum.

  132. I also like Wednesday. It gives just the right amount of time to set the tone, then jump right in to begin the next “real” week on Monday. As an upper elementary teacher, I have found that kids are not happy to really begin during their first week – they are always surprised 🙂

  133. It is so much easier to start on Wednesday to ease into school. It is difficult for everyone to start out with a full week.

  134. Friday-reason is that I would have the weekend to make sure everything is labeled and ready for The next week.

  135. Wednesday is best! That way you can do intro stuff and set the routine for a full start the next Monday. Friday is just pointless, in my opinion.

  136. Wednesday would be my choice. The frist days of school are so exhausting for teachers and students. As short week would help everyone slowly get back in the routine. Also a three day first week would give time for doing all the beginning of the year activities and then really get going on the following Monday. We start on a Tuesday and have Friday off which makes for a great first week.

  137. I like the Wednesday before Labor Day. You can ease kids, parents and teachers into school with a 3 day week, then 4 day week and finally the dreaded 5 day week.

  138. Wednesday… A day to get acquainted, learn procedures etc and then 2 days To work together and get to know your students. Then a weekend to rearrange lesson plans etc to better serve your students, and of course to refresh the teacher!

  139. I believe Wednesday, it gives you three days to go over the rules and expectations in your classroom and you gear all of the aquward feelings out of the way . Then children are ready to learn on Monday.

  140. I vote for Wednesday. This gives the little ones a few days to get a feel for school, but then allows everyone a break to recharge and begin fresh the following Monday.

  141. I think Wednesday is best. Teachers can teach procedures and expectations for three full days. Content can be started on the following Monday.

  142. In my opinion, Wednesday is the ideal. In getting my own kids back on track with bed schedules, it can be difficult. If you have a full week to begin with, the students, and teachers, are stressed and tired. They definitely dwindle quickly. A Wednesday start gives several days to review procedures, pass out and discuss materials, get a sort of class procedure system set in the beginning stages, and iron out loose ends before a full week the next. Then, everyone gets a weekend to recover, rest, review the expectations, and adapt for the real work to start!

  143. Wednesday is my choice. It gives both teachers and students a shorter week to break into the early to bed, early to rise way of living. And no matter how fit you are, you are exhausted by the end of the day for the first week!

  144. Wednesday because it’s in the middle of the week and it gives the children time to adjust to the new year and that week can be more flexible and easy going. It also eases teachers back into the flow of things.

  145. I would choose Friday. I could get all of the first day stuff out of the way and be able to start my content on the following Monday! Mondays are hard because the kids are still in summer mode, as well as the teachers. It just takes a little little time to get back into school mode!

  146. Monday works best for me. It allows a full week for procedures and scheduling. I also encourages families to begin school. Short weeks sometimes mean entended summer break.

  147. Wednesday. This will be my first official first day as a teacher (I started my just Oct. 21st, 2014.) However, from a student perspective, not jumping into a full week would have been a much smoother transition for me at all stages of life. I’m not a morning person, so starting in the middle of the week would be like a wake-up practice week! Haha

  148. I would choose Monday. I think it is really important to have structure and routine for the kids and also for me as a teacher. We can ease into the curriculum, but it is nice to get started at the beginning of the week and have a whole week back just to get into the routine, talk about expectations and procedures.

  149. I’m a preschool special Ed teacher and I say Wednesday! It makes it not so overwhelming for my little ones who’ve never been in school before.

  150. I’ve never considered because we always start the Tuesday after Labor Day – it’s a beach district, so traffic is too crazy to start earlier, haha – but a Wednesday start sounds luxurious!!! Three days really does sound like the just-right amount of time to enjoy and learn about one another but not be totally spent. Happy new year, everybody!!!

  151. Wednesday

    I used to teach only 4 days a week so I would have said Monday because you need a chance to teach kids classroom routines before they have a long weekend. Now with a 5 day a week program, I would start on Wednesday and still have adequate time to get the children off to a good start before the weekend arrives.

  152. I think Wednesday is a good day for school to begin. A few days ahead to do the final prep, and 3 days to work on getting to know each other and establish routines before a well deserved weekend.

  153. Monday because I like having the consistency of a routine to start right away.

    And since no one has chosen it yet…. Friday would be fun too! Just meet the students, tell them about the school year, and enjoy the weekend. That way you can come back on Monday and start your week like you would the rest of the year.

  154. Wednesday. It will help ease everyone in. Give 3 days of school after 2 months off. Go over schedules, rules, etc and then start the teaching on Monday.

  155. Wednesday! My little guy is starting preschool on a Tuesday and I would love to be there, but we start that day too. Bummer!

  156. I think school should start on a Wednesday. Just enough time to set a routine and ease everyone back into the swing (both at home and at school)!

  157. Wednesday-you get a few days to start learning routines, to organize and the kids get to gradually get back into those routines too. A whole week for the first week of school is too exhausting, for the kids and teachers too!

  158. Monday, students need to have that routine and regardless of what day of the week it is it won’t make a difference. It will be an exhausting week, but then again we just got back from summer vacation and all should be back energized and excited to get back to our students!

  159. I would start school on Wednesday because it gives you a few days to focus on getting to know your class as well as helping them to become familiar with the school, classroom expectations, and each other.

  160. I would choose to start school on a Wednesday. As a special ed teacher, it would be so much easier for my kids to slowly ease back into the school routine, not to mention the quick arrival of the weekend would allow everyone to recharge their batteries.

  161. Wednesday is great! No Monday gra=oans, three days to get things established and started, then diving in on Monday.

  162. Wednesday is the best choice to start school. I’ve seen the difference that starting on any day of the week has on not only behavior but also on student interest at the beginning of school. Wednesday start provides just enough time to ease back into school and just the right balance for introducing routines before jumping into the curriculum

  163. Wednesday for it is a little easier for kindergarteners and the other children with beginning with only a three day school week. If it is before Labor Day, the following week would only be a four day week.

  164. I think Wednesday is a good day to start…spend three days introducing the classroom, new friends, and set the routine & expectation. I know the first few days are exhausting so its nice to have a couple days off to start BIG on the following Monday! Have a great year everyone!!!!

  165. Hello my name is Cindy Gonzalez and i am a Special Education Teacher. From my experience, I would definitely say Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week when usually adults and children are more upbeat because the weekends around the corner. Kids can transition slowly into the routine again. It’s a win, win…

  166. I would love if our week started on Wednesday. It would ease the students back into the routine and give us enough time to establish the learning environment. Then give us the weekend to recharge before going full blast.

  167. I think Monday is a great day to start because it can give a full week of getting to know the classroom, rules, teachers and students before starting school work.

  168. Wednesday because it would ease everyone into the routine. A full week is hard as the kids need a little time to adjust to the new schedule.

  169. Wednesday. Gives teachers a few days before to get last minute stuff done and gives children a ‘short’ week to get started. There is so much at the beginning of the school year that children need a few days to adjust and there are always things to resolve for teachers those first few days. Then, next week Monday you can all hit the ground running!

  170. I think Monday is the best day to start back up with school. Give everyone (parents, students and teachers) a routine and to get rid of that First Day Jitters as soon as possible.

  171. I would love to have the first day be Friday! I think it would be a great opportunity to learn their names and get to know them. You could go over your classroom expectations and have them come back on Monday pumped and ready to go!

  172. Wednesday. It gives a few days to ease into it, learn the basic rules and routines for a few days and then can start right away Monday. It would give a few days for new ones to get used to the school, staff and peers and others time to get reacquainted.

  173. Wednesday, hands down. A brief week for getting to know your students (and students getting to know you) and then getting to dive right into the school year the following Monday. Aahh.. if only..

  174. I think Wednesday is the best day to start a new year. It gives you three days to begin establishing a routine and get to know the children before the first full week of school.

  175. i would definitely say Wed it slowly eases you back into the schedule.
    You have 3 days then a break for two days then back into the swing of things!

  176. Wednesday – This gives me Mon. and Tues. to do any last minute things in my room before the kiddos come. Then I have a short week with the kiddos for get to know you activities and teaching of rules, expectations, and routines.

  177. Wednesday is perfect for my Kindergarteners and me. It gives everyone the time to get adjusted and know one another and then 2 days off to rest and restore ourselves. It is really hard on everyone when its hot, a long day, and the children no longer have their freedom to do as they please. We start on August 18th and the humidity is uusually high also. The children and teachers have a hard time .

  178. I love to start school on Wednesday. My first graders need time to get into the year. We are able to create a classroom that is both fun and everyone knows the rules.

  179. Friday – I want the first day to be fun and fabulous so they can’t wait to come back! Friday would build anticipation!

  180. I think that Monday is a good day since we only go 4 days a week anyways. That gives teachers Friday to get ready for the weekend and be able to start again on Monday.

  181. Wednesday, it gives you time to get all the paperwork taken care of, allows students to get the wiggles and giggles of excitement and nerves out of their system, and allows you time for the “getting to know you” activities, therefore allowing a fresh academic start on Monday.

  182. I think Wednesday is the best day to start back. I feel that this gives my first graders three days to learn where the room is, say hi to their friends, and meet their new classmates. More importantly, it gives me time to learn names as well as review classroom rules and procedures. After resting up on the weekend, we should all be ready for a full week of instruction.

  183. I would say Wednesday that way the kids have a short week back but they would still have enough time to get into the way the class is run because lots of kids when they come back just aren’t ready to start back so giving them a short week right away might get them back into better.

  184. School should start on Friday. That gives you a fun day to get to know the kids and for them to get to know you. You can get the rules, behavior, and paperwork stuff out of the way. Then on Monday the kids and you are ready to go!

  185. I would choose Wednesday because it is in the middle of the week, gives a taste of what’s to come, and right when you get to the point where you may become overwhelmed, a weekend arrives!

  186. Wednesday- 3 days of getting up early and long days then a break is a nice transition- then Monday is more on schedule!

  187. I would start school on a Wednesday. That way the students have a shorter first week and they will ease back into academic rigor.

  188. I would love to start on a Wednesday, so students can ease their way back into school and get their routine started.

  189. Wednesday because that would give a few days to begin to learn routines and then a weekend so they could take a break and rest up.

  190. Monday! Then we have lots of time to get to know one another and how things should go with routines and other things.

  191. I agree, Wednesday is the best day because it allows everyone time to get acclimated and ease into the school year. Although, I think Wednesday should be just the teachers so they can be prepared (especially for new ones) and then the students on Thursday and Friday. No assignments either, other than getting things signed and school supplies brought in. Classtime should be spent learning the rules, getting to know each other, etc.

  192. Wednesday – We spend all week the week before in meetings and running around trying to get everything together in our rooms. There is no time for prep-work or to breathe before you have students in your room.

  193. Wednesday so that we can ease into a routine. That way it gives the students a little taste of what is to come and not have to endure a full week.
    Thank you for your offer!

  194. I would pick Wednesday as a starting day because it gives just enough time to get to know the kids and to do house keeping things. Come Monday morning you can start going over all the routines and things with the younger ones.

  195. Wednesday!! That first week is always exhausting for students and teachers, so a three day week would be the perfect intro to procedures and get to know you activities. Then that first full week you could jump right into content!

  196. I would like to start on Monday. Both the students and myself can start the year with routines and getting off on the right foot…

  197. Wednesday. This would give us a chance to ease into the school year (without doing a full week), while as the same time giving us a chance to set and practice routines.

  198. I think School should start on Wednesdays to ease into the transition. Personally it should be half days on Wednesday and Thursday and then full day on Fridays.The children have been off all summer and they need transition time. That is my opinion but also because I teach School Agers in the summer and I think they need some little help with getting organized.

  199. Wednesday, because kids aren’t off of summer yet and it allows everyone to learn procedures, schedules, and some new material without it seeming overwhelming. Plus, it allows teachers to prepare for curriculum. It also allows for any incoming students to ease in and not feel behind.

  200. Friday. It gives you a chance to meet students, go over routines, and get supplies and things put away. On Monday, you can dive right into your routine.

  201. I think the new school year should start on Monday so that the children can have a full week of school.

  202. I vote for Wednesday. That allows 3 days to get acquainted and learn expectations. The following Monday, you will be ready to get down to business. Starting on a Monday leads to a very long week!

  203. WEDNESDAY all the way! It makes the most sense to start in the middle of the week so they students (AND STAFF!!) get used to getting back to school that first week! Monday is too long of a first week, Friday is too short! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  204. Wednesday. This gives the teacher and students a few days to get their feet wet without jumping in and stressing over it.

  205. Wednesday, I like to ease it a little at a time. You have 3 days to get into a routine, then you are ready to get in a full week’s work starting on Monday, and everyone is on the same page, ready to go!

  206. Wednesday, especially for high school. This would give them plenty of time to get schedule issues taken care of, learn policy and procedures, know their way around campus for ninth graders, and any other issues they may have!

  207. Wednesday (well, Tuesday, but that wasn’t an option) — Our school has the Meet-and-Greet on Monday morning and then slightly shortened days the rest of the week. This gives everyone a chance to “ease” into the school year.

  208. Friday! You get a day with your students to get to know them. The first day is overwhelming for both the students and the teacher so you put in a community building day and then have the weekend! 🙂

  209. Wednesday… Feels to me like the weekend is right around the corner, and only two days of homework for the kids to get back into the routine!♥

  210. Wednesday would be the best day to start school. This gives the students a few days on and a few off for the first week. Enough time to review rules and routines and get them (and yourself) back into school mode.

  211. For the past few years we’ve started on a Wednesday. It’s worked out pretty well. We have time to get to know the kids a bit, do some team building activities and go over polices and procedures. It also gives parents an extra weekend to get supplies together. Then kindergarten starts a week after everyone else.

  212. Wednesday is the day I pick …last year we started on Monday and seemed we jumped into every subject there wasn’t much time for community engagement…which I missed! Our reading is 5 days so we felt the need to stay on track…am looking forward to starting we have assemblies to attend on the first day..just simply a better fit!

  213. Wednesday, I think that give enough time for going over rules and such. Plus it eases kids back into a routine.

  214. Wednesday definitely, I think a complete week is too long after summer break. Three days get you back in the swing, plus adjusting to getting up earlier again.

  215. Wednesday. It gives the kiddos a start but isnt so hard coming back and getting 2 days off after 3 days. I like that we also do a short first day it gives me extra time to do more housekeeping chores.

  216. Wednesday. This way we can spend a few days setting routines, let them soak in over the weekend, and come back Monday ready to run with it!

  217. I think Wednesday is a great day. Then you’ve got a few days to go over routines and the day to day, as well as have some time to assess, do some fun ‘getting to know you’ and other things. Then it’s the weekend, and the kiddos can come back on Monday ready to go!

  218. I have to go with Wednesday. Monday would make the first week back too long and Friday is just a tease. Wednesday is just enough to get things started.

  219. Wednesday is great because gets students slowly back into the routine and then they get the weekend break. It also gives teachers Monday and Tuesday to get the classroom ready for the students.

  220. I always start day one in full swing, so to me it doesn’t really matter what day of the week that is. However, I would guess students would prefer Wednesday, so it’s a shorter week getting the routine/procedures/get to know you things done. Starting on a Friday would be a “waste” because on Monday everything would need to be repeated.

  221. Monday (only because Tuesday’s not there)! I would not want it any other way…it’s a good routine to prepare kids and adults in conjunction with the work force routine.

  222. i would want school to start on Wednesday. This way the students can have 3 days and not feel overwhelmed. Then 2 days home and back to start a full week.

  223. Wednesday works great. It makes for a short first week to help all of us to ease back into a routine. It also helps Teachers have 2 extra days to prepare. Our district starts on a Tuesday. I wish we started on a Wednesday instead!

  224. Wednesday….A full week is always overwhelming for both students and teacher. It is better to ease back into the routine.

  225. I would prefer to start on a Monday. This will get the students and myself a chance to acclimate to a full week of school.
    There will be plenty of weeks that are short weeks throughout the year. Plus there will be more full days of school before the winter.

  226. Friday,
    I think students need to get into the start of the year slowly. Plus more time for teachers to get everything they need together .

  227. Wednesday is when we start back to school and I love it. Just enough time to teach routines and procedures, plus do some fun activities.

  228. Mondays are my favorite the children are refreshed and always excited to talk about what they did over the weekend. I feel I’m at my best as well ready to start teaching

  229. All of them. I think all elementary grades should do a staggered start like they do in Kindergarten. It gives the teachers and students a chance to get to know each other!

  230. I love easing into the year on the Wednesday before Labor Day. That way we get a 3 day week, followed by a 4 day week, and our third week is 5 full days. The students’ stamina gets built by this schedule too.

  231. Monday. Might as well start a full week! It’s easier than giving us short weeks and starting over the following week!

  232. I prefer Wednesday. We have the time to really practice our rituals and routines, and get our pre-assessements out of the way BEFORE we begin teaching the first units of the year. Plus the extra time to ease back into school with fun activities that are non-threatening and help everyone acclimate is really nice to have.

  233. School should start on Wednesday. Everyone is coming off of summer break. Wednesday would ease students and teachers into the new school year. The beginning of school is going over rules and procedures, collecting paperwork, and getting used to each other and getting into the new routine.

  234. Definitely Wednesday! That way, you can spend the first 3 days on procedures and routines. You are also not exhausted by keeping a school schedule all week. The kids get too tired after being in school that long when they’ve been out for summer. I get too tired, too!

  235. Great question! I would LOVE to be able to start on a Wednesday. It’s not only an adjustment for the students, but the teachers as well. I get up at 4:30AM and need to ease myself back into setting the alarm. 🙂

  236. I would choose Wednesday that way you can ease into the new routines and schedules and then students have a little time to recoup! Monday’s make for a really long week and Fridays just give one day for a routine and then it’s like starting all over again that next week!

  237. Wednesday would allow everyone to ease into things. Those first few days could focus on fun and getting to know everyone.

  238. Wednesday. Three days is enough time to ease back in to the routines and procedures of school but not so long that we’re exhausted at the end of the week.

  239. I would say Wednesday. Being able to develop the class rules, routines, and initial get to know you activities the first three days and being able to start the next week off ready to go with the curriculum I think would be best.

  240. Wednesday because it is easier to ease the kids into the school routine. Also as a mom it is easier to get the kids up for just a couple of days knowing that they will be exhausted and a bit cranky but only for a few days & then they will have the weekend.

  241. Wednesday. It gives the school administration to get children into the correct classrooms. It gives teachers an opportunity to find appropriate seating and class configurations, before passing out materials for missing students. Wednesday gets out feet wet!

  242. Wednesday so you can ease your way back in! If you time it right with Labor Day you can do a 3 day week, 4 day week and then a 5 day week.

  243. Wednesday because it’s a shirt day and it starts the kids out on the routine but also allows us to do ice breakers to get to know the students. I would start instruction fresh on Monday.

  244. I would choose Wednesday. It takes about 3 days to go over rules and procedures, do some team building activities, and tackle all the supplies so then when you are ready to begin instruction it is also the next week.

  245. Wednesday hands down! We always start before labor day, so it gives us a 3 day week, then 2 four day weeks then in the fourth week of school we have our first full week. Teaching Kindergarten, I find it helps students and families transition to what school is and all the changes it brings to their lives.

  246. Friday is the best day to start school because you can go over policy, procedure, rules , and get to know each other, and then, begin on Monday with curriculum.

  247. Wednesday is a good starting day. The short week could be used to establish procedures and routines, so we could ‘hit it hard’ on Monday.

  248. Monday, because I believe it is the best to start students on the routine that they will be following for the rest of the school year.

  249. Wednesday – so you can go over the expectations and tour the classroom/school, get to know each other for a few days and then start a full, fresh week the next week!

  250. When I was in school, we started the year on Wednesdays more times than I can remember. At the time I didn’t think it made sense, but now that I’m a teacher it makes perfect sense to me. Three days is plenty of time to get students acclimated to a new school (if they are moving to middle or high school or they moved), get into a new routine, and get out of that summer mood.

  251. I prefer Wednesday. It gives us a few days to get to know each other and go over procedures . Then, we get a break and I can dive right into the routine on Monday.

  252. Wednesday. …that way they have some time to adjust to bring back but not be stressed out too much. The following Monday will be soon enough to get right to work. First, we need to establish a trustful atmosphere and make it a place that they want to come to….a few days would work for that, then a full week of “getting it done” would work afterwards.

  253. Wednesday because it gives you enough days to get an idea of your students and have the weekend to reassess anything you need too. Plus , it’s the middle of the week so it eases you back in!

  254. I never considered a day other than Monday for starting school, but what a great idea it would be to start on Wednesday! Let the students (and teachers) ease back in for three days of learning procedures and then start “fresh” the following Monday!

  255. Wednesday gives you time to give kids information and practice procedures for a few days before letting the decompress. Especially transitioning into middle or high school, where it is a little overwhelming.

  256. Wednesday. This way the students can ease in a little slower and it would be a little easier on the teachers, as well. Coming off summer break is hard enough for everyone.

  257. Wednesday because I feel like it eases everyone back into the school routine without becoming overwhelming, especially for the younger kids.

  258. Wednesday… This gives the students (and teachers) time to adjust to being back at school without being completly worn out on Friday. This is especially true for pew k and kindergarten ( even 1st grade) students. Trying to do the full week marathon of back to school can leave everyone tired and cranky.

  259. On a Wednesday. I think that way the kids and teachers don’t feel so overwhelmed. It’s a short week where, at least in elementary school, the main goal is to get them fed and home the right way. Lol. I just think it gives the kids an adjustment period. Three days at school then the weekend to decompress. The kids need to get back into school mode. Teachers need t get caught up in their rooms after team building and other trainings. I’m originally from NYC and we would start school the Thursday after Labor Day. I now live in Florida

  260. I would also choose Wednesday, this gives enough time for set up and gives a good amount of the week to see what a full week will be like.

  261. We are starting on a Friday this year, but I think Wednesday would be better! It gives us a start, but slowly, and we still get to appreciate Friday!

  262. I think in the beginning of the school year, school should start on a Wednesday so the kids and myself are able to get our “feet wet” with the new school year. I teach kindergarten, so it is very hard on them at first.

  263. Wednesday for sure! Ease back in, introduce new parts of your classroom, and be ready to go with learning the first full week.

  264. I want to say Wednesday, because it gives us a few days to ease into the routine, but I keep going back to Monday. No sense putting a toe in the pool; we might as well cannonball righ in! Best of luck this school year everyone!

  265. Wednesday! Ease the kids into a routine. You can pass out materials, practice procedures and get to know them. Then after the weekend….full on learning!! 🙂

  266. Giveaways are so fun! They remind us of things we must have and possibly some forgotten items!
    We start on a Tuesday but at least it’s the end of August! I’m ok with starting on Tuesday because my husband has Monday’s off and Wednesday is our early out days.

  267. Id like the first day to be Thursday so we could do rules and procedures for 2 days, have the weekend to do extra planning and anything we missed then hit it hard on Monday!!!

  268. I believe Wednesday is the best day to start. This gives teachers enough time to get routines in place, establish expectations, and get to know a little about their students before the following Monday, when they can hit the ground running and dive into learning. After a long (not seemingly so) and relaxing (Haha!) summer both students and teachers tire easily, so having a short week eases everyone back into a routine of early mornings and longer days. There are a lot of after school naps those first few days for students of all ages (and teachers too!). Everyone appreciates easing into rigorous routines.

  269. I would say Wednesday since it’s the middle of the week. Mondays are too tiresome and Fridays are too close to the weekend.

  270. I think we should start back on a Wednesday. After being off all summer, students, parents and teachers 🙂 need to ease our way back into the year. Starting on a Wednesday allows everyone to get acquainted, learn the rules and have a fun start to the new year. Then on the following Monday you can start with routines and lessons. 🙂

  271. Wednesday – I think it’s nice to ease the kids into it especially for Kindergarten and First grade because they aren’t use to go every day or all day depending on the district.

  272. Wednesday – a short week is a great way to ease back in for the kiddies, teachers, and the teachers’ voices!

  273. Wednesday because starting back to school in a short week is an easier way for student to transition back to school. I also like to plan a lot of fun back to school games with my students and really get to know them before we jump into all the academics.

  274. Wednesday….you have three days to go over routines and get used to early mornings. Then when the next Monday comes you are ready to start with the real deal!

  275. Wednesday! It gives you three days to get to know each other and establish routines so you’re ready to hit the curriculum hard the following Monday. The kids also get eased back into a school routine. It’s hard to have played all summer and go back to sitting at a desk for 5 days straight.

  276. I like out school days to start on Wednesday. You only have 3 days and I like to use those days to introduce routines, get small crafts done and even see where they are in their writing, math and reading. Three days gives you time to ease in, but not overwhelm everyone!

  277. I have to agree with the majority here…Wednesday is ideal. It allows for a few days to get rules and procedures down, with a fresh start on Monday for getting down to rigorous work.

  278. Wednesday because a 3-day school week for the first week of school would help with the various back-to-school transitions of students, parents and staff.

  279. I would like to start Wednesday. That would give teachers Monday and Tuesday to prepare before students arrive.

  280. Wednesday. I think a half week gives enough time to ease into routines without overwhelming students or teachers.

  281. Wednesday, preferably before Labor Day. My special needs preschoolers, especially the new three’s, could use a 3-day week, then a 4-day week, then a 5-day week to ease into things. Oh, and easing in is nice for me, too!

  282. Wednesday has alway been a good start to a new school year. The kiddos are tired and it gives you enough time to get those first getting to know you, classroom rules and expectations up and running. It then gives the students time to rest up and get ready for a full week of fun filled learning.

  283. Wednesday. It gives the students and teachers a few days to adjust from the summer break. It also gives the teacher the opportunity to lay out her expectations and rules and allows that information to soak in over the weekend so students return in the right frame of mind. They will hopefully return on Monday ready to learn.

  284. Wednesday–It’s just enough time to ease into getting to know each other and setting up routines and procedures 🙂

  285. Wednesday would be the day to start back to school because we have extra time to prepare things for the kids and get back in the groove of things for school. And it would not be long for the weekend to enjoy again! 🙂

  286. I would love to start on a Wednesday. Two days for prep and three days of orientation to ease into the school year. This year we start on a Monday, no time for orientation as I have to teach 3 math lessons on that first day back!

  287. I prefer Monday since we’re on a four day week, and if there is a Monday holiday, we have regular school on Friday. If we start on Monday, we have a planning day the first week to meet with teams, do long range planning, talk about data, etc. The kids like it better, too, and we DO start on a Monday this year!!

  288. Mondays work best for me because I wouldn’t want to spend all week waiting until a Friday. Let’s just get it going, so we can all get into a routine!

  289. Wednesday! It is just enough time to get a routine going, and having the weekend arrive so soon would give teachers a chance to catch up on things.

  290. Monday. As much as I would like a shorter week, starting on Monday just makes sense. Helps get the kids into the routine. As a preschool teacher, I think it helps giving them a full week. Less tears the following Monday.

  291. Monday – only because in our district, our Kindergarten Meet the Teacher is the first day of school for 1-5. Then the next 3 days are staggered entrance. So if school begins on a MOnday for everyone else, staggered entrance for K’s, the first full day will be Friday – have a chance to meet them all the weekend to PRAY up and get ready for full speed ahead!

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