Isn’t it interesting how something can catch your eye and you’re off and running with an idea? This happened to me.

I recently read that July 28 is the day the first fingerprint was taken. I tried to verify this bit of trivia but couldn’t. However, I just can’t let go of the whole notion of fingerprints. I mean, in the classroom, there’s fingerprint art and there are fingerprint science investigations. There’s even fingerprint math!

So no, I’m not going to ask for your fingerprints; however, I do think it would be fun to share fingerprint projects, including management tips and cleanup suggestions.

Let’s do it!


5 thoughts on “Fingerprints

  1. I have children add their fingerprints to weather pictures. If you make a snowman add fingerprint snowflakes. It you make a duck or a umbrella add raindrops made with fingerprints.

    I think it makes simple pictures special for parents when children add that special touch a part of themselves.

  2. For math, fingerprints are good for teaching AB patters.

    For art, multicolor fingerprints make a nice border on a picture frame.

    For science, fingerprints are good for making the head, thorax, and abdomen for insects.


  3. My kinders make a tree with fingerprints: 10 of each autumn color. I love Darlene’s idea of snowprints and rainprints, and Ruth’s idea of making patterns with fingerprints.

  4. Oops, forgot to tell you that I first draw a tree trunk with limbs, then the children add autumn leaves with their fingerprints as they count by ones and tens.

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