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I was shy and awkward when I was younger, particularly during my junior high years. My complexion was spotty, and it took me a good long while to grow into my face. Plus, I hadn’t really found my niche. Then, during my eighth-grade year, I joined the school choir. This is where I belonged, and these gawky singers were my people. I felt pride in hitting the correct alto notes in an vintage-1418517_960_720“Ave Maria.” And my eyes were opened to the beauty of music that wasn’t the stuff I was listening to on the radio. Choir led to doing school musicals, which led to friends and fun and acceptance. Where would I be if I hadn’t found this musical niche? I don’t know. But I certainly wouldn’t be the creative risk-taker that I am today.

What simply makes me feel ill is the thought that some students need that niche and it isn’t there for them. That’s why I get super excited when I see activities that help little ones explore this art form. For example, check out this neat way to introduce classical music to youngsters by putting it with the lyrics to popular music. 

Here are some of my favorite music activities for the classroom from our website!

stop and go




Click here for “Musical Stop ‘n’ Go” 







Click here for “Musical Mornings.”

One thought on “Find Your Niche

  1. Kim,
    You are a wonderful teacher to share what makes you happy with your students! Who knows? Maybe one of them will be a future Katy Perry or Frank Sinatra?

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