Fill Your Stocking With Freebies Like These! Plus Three Lucky Teachers Will Win Books!

Do you have a few eager readers on your holiday shopping list? How about fellow teachers who are eager for fresh ideas and fun programs? Skip the sweaters, neck ties, and fruitcakes. Instead, read on to find fun freebies and special offers that will fit everyone on your list!

Our giveaway this week is extraspecial: three lucky teachers will win a five-book set from the Secret series. These whodunnits have a big-time twist. Written for grades 3 and up, the books feature young detectives Cass and Max-Ernest and are packed with lots of secrets that your students will want to unravel. Submit a comment to our blog today for your chance to WIN! Comments submitted by midnight ET on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, will be included in our drawing. Plus click here to learn more about the Secret series and to check out the suspense-filled website and the mysterious author. (Update: congratulations to our winners, Gail, Rita, and Barb!)

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If your young readers aren’t quite ready for a mystery series, check out the latest resources available from PBS Educational Media. New DVDs featuring Between the Lions episodes follow the cubs as they sing, dance, and teach important early childhood skills. Visit to purchase the new DVDs or visit for free video clips, games, stories, and more. Click here!

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Enhance your career online with University of Phoenix Continuing Teacher Education Courses. Ready to get started? Apply before February 22, 2012, and pay no application fee. To take advantage of this great offer, complete a quick entry form. Click here!

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Here’s a program that your whole school will thank you for! With the Great American Can Roundup, you’ll turn empty cans into cash for your school! Plus you’ll be demonstrating the value of recycling and sustainability to your students. Join the Great American Can Roundup today. Click here to get started now or visit

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A penny goes a long way—that’s one of the lessons your students will learn with Pennies for the Planet from Audubon! With this free program, students collect pennies to help save important habitats and the animals that live there. And you’ll get lots of free lessons and activities for teaching students about those habitats! Request your materials now and plan to implement the program in the new year. Click here now to learn more!

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Don’t forget, we have three sets of books we’re giving away this week, so submit a comment to enter our drawing!


16 thoughts on “Fill Your Stocking With Freebies Like These! Plus Three Lucky Teachers Will Win Books!

  1. Love the can recycling! I found out about Terracycle from you, and I can’t wait to add this to my list of recycling and upcycling projects that have led students to call me the “chip bag freak!”

  2. Wow! I can’t believe all the great stuff you have to offer! Love the can recycling. Awesome resources and ideas that I can also tweak for more ideas. Thanks for such a great site!

  3. Okay, just the name Pseudonymous Bosch is a classroom conversation starter! Pseudonym and anonymous – why would an author choose a name like that? And if he/she is that creative in the naming, what in the world will the stories be like??? Coincidentally, I just discovered the word “portmanteau” last week….I think I want to read these, but I could share them with the kids, too. 🙂

  4. Love the can recycling. It is so important to our environment. I will pass this information along to our school recycling representatives.

  5. I want to share the Great American Can Roundup with my students. Its such a shame wee have become such a disposable society. I have recycled since I was about 7.

  6. I’m not sure why but this weblog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end?

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